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Thu Nov 25 01:35:45 2010 +0000
0a29ac059eb580261f1b9401161a4c095d0c1becTimothy Nikkel — Bug 593491. Load an external file instead of data URI to see if anything changes for random orange. a=test
015f5aa6ede2db5e8c376255c8686617f1668aaaTimothy Nikkel — Bug 559993. Scroll the whole selection into view, not just the focus point when finding on a page. r=roc a=blocking-final+
c6a2526886f959b6923e93aa5578945140dca1f9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 607494. Don't create frame construction items for content that has a primary frame. r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
a352c0afa63175292938f9392e2c5fb39ec58251Timothy Nikkel — Bug 607494. Add assertions to catch creating frames for content nodes that already have a frame. r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
9cc9952ecc898cc258a50ac8074dc7fa54dfa7f1Timothy Nikkel — Bug 597031. Correct comment about the docshell passed to createTaskbarTabPreview. a=comment
c198cabd2743bc3b417461e1ce0da960d02eea0aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 607857. If caret is in a frame that needs reflow we can wrongly position the caret rect. r=roc a=blocking-final
f86215099b30cd1e5a68d15a66f989aabc70dd12Timothy Nikkel — Bug 606432. Check caret content for wrong document. r=roc a=roc
3c680a3b987f43f02d57d37909ac3f9b000f6337Timothy Nikkel — Bug 539949. Keep trying to scroll content into view even if it is clipped out. r=roc a=blocking-final+