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Fri May 09 11:54:47 2014 +0000
5700a88f895f615a735b79e20475af388c8df3bbCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 9899ea7e3a32 (bug 995943) for m-other test failures
94b4b376c70d876240104cf8869b32e05566d944Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 96dbf1ff169c (bug 995943)
b3213ee2a85d8439be8811805410e67598ba7529Mason Chang — Bug 979949 - Expose compositor fill ratio to JS for automation. r=benwa,mrbkap.
8d2f08a256a7221a6b2f67f6e4e06bd806ed0aceFrédéric Wang — Bug 1007093 - Merge the *.properties tables for the STIXGeneral set. r=karl
c648f92111725f6a8580aa7f1b39844b2ab25368Chris Peterson — Bug 990764 - Replace MOZ_ASSUME_UNREACHABLE in webrtc/signaling. r=jesup
e69f4a011613aac0afae6ec1eeb64f3528caf4a6Chris Peterson — Bug 990764 - Replace MOZ_ASSUME_UNREACHABLE in mfbt. r=Waldo
8c25478e68dc2068baeb3fbca9701d855c989eafChris Peterson — Bug 990764 - Replace MOZ_ASSUME_UNREACHABLE in ipdl. r=bsmedberg
db13bb9473cc40c42900c1d0afd841fe6ea378e2Chris Peterson — Bug 990764 - Replace MOZ_ASSUME_UNREACHABLE in dom. r=smaug
335bd3cd08025f412bf4f26ab43a5bb74e8f0755Chris Peterson — Bug 990764 - Replace MOZ_ASSUME_UNREACHABLE in content. r=smaug
5153021485badc4e0cadb12b3835439cf0352b8aChris Peterson — Bug 990764 - Add MOZ_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE and MOZ_MAKE_COMPILER_ASSUME_IS_UNREACHABLE. r=Waldo
10bf5fc4bfc3b839a37925a440f1b67363860025Chris Peterson — Bug 1007525 - Mark xpcom/typelib/xpt/ as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=bholley
0759f8afcf557c8f21fcc71e84d6e73a91ec49daChris Peterson — Bug 1007741 - Fix -Wunused-function warning in ipc/glue/ and mark ipc/ subdirectories as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=bsmedberg
c80cc079cbc874dd1a58ab8f5765e97bce8f3dafGeoff Brown — backout 520df0a03a00 (bug 1004668) for breaking Android robocop
96dbf1ff169ce9215a9d787dc2c133a8289c6515Bobby Holley — Bug 995943 - Allow access to file:// URIs from pref-whitelisted sites. r=bz
9899ea7e3a328e2aaa44c8eaf4a7f2fbfd72fdc5Bobby Holley — Bug 995943 - Clean up some silly stuff surrounding prefs in CAPS. r=bz
8b70092ccb1183725c97f051f6d327675d599e69Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1007512 - Propagate construct flag correctly when failing to link asm.js module. (r=luke)
1233366d80f37490f086a9a3871cce7831fb7943Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1007164 - Throw on touching sentinel values in DebugScopeProxy by default but allow Debugger.Environment.prototype.getVariable access. (r=jimb)
520df0a03a00b089f090110a9fad1b7823fe96e8Geoff Brown — Bug 1004668 - Update robocop testUITelemetry; r=rnewman
61747f0ab82e8576208f5cf346b1408a51f5ae47Geoff Brown — Bug 984523 - Update manifests for Android mochitest-gl; r=jmaher
dd268ed37fd2a8fe4310bd6a2f46612b73ae9379Geoff Brown — Bug 1007417 - Skip one more webgl-conformance test on Android; r=jgilbert
47a31d79d01fbe7e63d75729ee8c4ab9a3633dcbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1007790. When compiling the <body>'s onerror handler, do give it all five args. r=smaug
1c5877af35e1091c0d174df3806818f9357b27c2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1007458. Actually check for errors when converting a Value to a variant in showModalDialog. r=smaug
e3d739f77aaab793e6c4c91bc4bc91c93cf1c3b7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 990289. Make running a single mochitest run it in a way where the subtest results can be accessed. r=ted
c69b5ce078fe461777fde4b10e670f6fb70b0ccdWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
b66e279688a1c90afa9f95c9259059df3a7bfa97Dan Gohman — Bug 998580 - IonMonkey: Generalize RangeAnalysis truncation to handle other kinds of paths to integer types. r=nbp
fbef254f0aa5c1eb8b6c635d1f3a1d8a41b89c1cBenoit Jacob — Bug 1005658 - Don't pass stack pointers to the GL for buffers, and have GLContext try to guard against it - r=jgilbert
b347f6eb2239cf0c08eef7af4f6d9eb36a0eda99Benoit Jacob — Bug 1004098 - Make nsTArray use size_t in its interface (32bitness is fine as an internal detail) - r=froydnj, sr=bsmedberg
36ba501f5585c84cdbe8b7597bd1f92c03bfb57eShashank Sabniveesu — Bug 692922 - Fix use of posix_memalign() avoiding typecasts. r=BenWa
7dd80b7cee40fe56a5dee6696e7998f3c3e4e2e9Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1007850 - Don't reset seer if it's not enabled. r=mcmanus
41ae09162dd75d31058848dc7f8e12f791a1ebabNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1004790 (part 2) - Make FreeList contain a FreeSpan instead of being a subclass. r=billm.
21332f87ca195f11c024b003f6b049d46289b957Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1004790 (part 1) - Split off a new class FreeList from FreeSpan. r=billm.
4e33e9729ab697044b31283bbb2d7455de3c1ecaWes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 969012) for gc bustage
f5421fcfb39c75d22d17b92a3b4b4e662ae3c562Bill McCloskey — Bug 978892 - [e10s] Avoid racing when creating PJavaScript object (r=mrbkap)
28c41be02b211e5b07594002c81f62dd6fdfc7e5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 994964 follow-up: fix --disable-webrtc builds; rs=jesup
01f27ad85b1bae4b6b8f8b4acebd8623684d2cc1Marty Rosenberg — Bug 969012 - Not only flag an oom, but also, don't continue running the current function; r=terrence
f844291b895bd36b104f6d00e8e16af4ec4722b7Terrence Cole — Bug 969012 - Allow inlining out-of-line slot creation in IonMonkey; r=jandem
4da05df32a6398952c3bc6b3fef2e677833d2a9fWan-Teh Chang — Bug 979703: Update NSS to NSS_3_16_2_BETA1.
11a57591cedbc8bb8734e11bd34c0fd70c426a7cTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1007486 - Ignore tag files generated by GNU Global. r=ted
80a904eed6edaf976d6470ebba5c7b9b3fc09d21Ian Stakenvicius — Bug 1007129 - Use MOZ_APP* to define target includedir path instead of LIBRARY_NAME. r=glandium
c916987d08cfdcaab60849c0f2567f5160f20610Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1007029 - GenerateGoAway: Remove pointless memset(). r=mcmanus
9c041bdfb8decf57e4b15ce6877b93eae18a657dNicholas Hurley — Bug 1006091 - Seer test needs to make sure pref is true before running. r=mcmanus
07b29d7938d33eaa6a86be843833cff40cb3158bIgor Kolupaev — Bug 997141 - Remove the recur parameter from nsIFile::Contains(). r=bsmedberg
4486d2c281db4e662518a380f560bac7d85d3c55Nick Lebedev — Bug 964750 - Make GestureEventListener rely on the EventStatus returned from the apzc. Add a check to apzc if touch-action allows zooming. Update apzc tests accordingly. r=drs
47f27d39796d592e3689d7e7d73d6e407ed3106aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 994964 apparently requires a clobber, unclear why, landed on a CLOSED TREE
1073160bd1e442733f26f9ccb3bc3285a1de7ec6Vladimir Vukicevic — b=874781; add color bars to layer diagnostics, for vsync checking; r=benwa
c590fcb23c3c1c1bb3a41979b04fdc3031953130Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 994964 - Make DOM XPIDL interfaces non-scriptable, and add shim Components.interfaces entries for them; r=bzbarsky,bholley