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Mon Aug 11 06:26:45 2014 +0000
8c4a1b3a2a8b12318ef39d255753caae59d01d7cChris Pearce — Bug 1050582 - Check we're on the correct thread in SetTimerOnMainThread. r=jesup
c9c9e94945fe7bddadca0f20bcf79aab66cd57a5Matthew Gregan — Bug 1050099 - Avoid calling deprecated FindStartTime and instead use buffer's decoded ranges in switching logic. r=cajbir
1588a78a2feb61322a212cf55658ec6a4f3a6a7dMatthew Gregan — Bug 1050083 - Changes to WebM buffered range handling. r=cajbir
a3ce4466a3daa2d76cd218bdc2831b994c1fa35aMatthew Gregan — Bug 1049318 - Make SourceBuffer eviction less aggressive. r=cajbir
ad31e026b098da534ce0dc48a5218c959153609fMatthew Gregan — Bug 1049321 - Move SubBufferDecoder to a new file. r=cajbir
9d08e8efdd42b77deb77ec700c2802097de5ad4cMatthew Gregan — Bug 1049326 - Partially implement EndOfStream. r=cajbir
20bdca5301b06b58b67e7303195d4a90b029efcbMatthew Gregan — Bug 1049327 - Assert that public MSE API is only called from the main thread. r=cajbir
579f8a1cbf34fb13c718474b6bd36aa8b5e85d12Matthew Gregan — Bug 1049326 - Fix unit conversion of duration and other minor MSE cleanups. r=cajbir
315d992d811e43f8a57b033723cb9aba79f05ff9Matthew Gregan — Bug 1049323 - Tidy up MSE logging. r=cajbir
d532a13b92edd6a95ac87741c0c7db5df863f530Matthew Gregan — Bug 1049317 - SBR::ReadFromCache forgot to reset offset. r=cajbir
c31b14487caf4210e2a8bcb5510a436263b081f1Matthew Gregan — Bug 1049323 - Tidy up SourceBufferResource logging. r=cajbir
e39901ab943017cda7dae1a02515236b2500d609Matthew Gregan — Bug 1049317 - Simplify SourceBufferResource::ReadFromCache. r=cajbir
b912d66f27d5324584d6c8cba18846f64b048d8aKarl Tomlinson — b=987679 update speex resampler to speexdsp d60e75b2 r=padenot
c8657abef1d770f95c85e554d470fc908a3d4e3eDaniel Holbert — Bug 1049738: Mark toolkit/components/places as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=mak
71a1dcb2697de1356e0f78d71dfe573e60fecaefValentin Gosu — Bug 1051109 - Define non-static method to jsonify interface attributes r=smaug
5709d54523ef034d4e1e8466ad4e451dcb6116bfDaniel Holbert — Bug 1049747: Ensure the history service is up before proceeding, in InsertVisitedURIs::Start() and History::GetPlacesInfo(). r=mak
5a35174bd170dbd707ae89a7909e4ff0aad02f3eRandell Jesup — Bug 1030112: Fix typo in OMX H264 encode timestamp matching and deal with SPS/PPS timestamp assignment r=jhlin
aa33f4725177dbc5e1062be720b73d59fc9a9df0Brian Hackett — Bug 1039458 - Add disabled loop unrolling optimization pass, r=jandem.
4d3e9b6142fd8d6f7d91abf65dde9d5d1e409f8fJan de Mooij — Bug 1046585 part 4 - Cleanup ExecutableAllocator. r=sunfish
04e5f312664f9c6fecddbb71eab9241c0bbdc1f0Tim Taubert — Bug 1048133 - Check key algorithms before using them for encryption/signatures r=rbarnes a=abillings
30445fb9d44f8273e071c3d7c05eebc1b7f8a832Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1049979 - Fix 'functions may be declared only at top level or immediately within another function' warnings. r=gavin
2334cddcd2c3ef3c8fc96be8f3e81aa26665e61dBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1049981 - Make error for non-existent files listed in SOURCES less ambiguous. r=ted
878ede98eacbe14d3252a4a8d50c602fabe82c78Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1027741. Run decode complete notification handler for image documentsn on a script runner because they trigger invalidation and decode complete notifications are often dispatched during painting. r=smaug
0382146dd6adbb0a7f87985b7091ec1e4256aa7aKyle Huey — Bug 1051122: Don't infinitely recurse in CodeAddressServiceStringAlloc::free. r=dbaron
a40fb5d2a1aa048b5c1ffb353f0d42e903a88e74Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1036484 - empty 404 worker script should emit a 'error' event, r=khuey
d13f2827dec1aa66e5c974808aefedcdae45d38cJason Orendorff — Backed out changeset 586ec2ee45d7 (bug 957513) for breaking the web.
5f80fdfc3c05fdd1b9361f57462580adba639feaMs2ger — Bug 1051199 - Bump mozlog to version 2.4; r=jgraham (DONTBUILD)
a246e66e8e5346a9cd14bd5b3b09e194169b845eMo Zanaty — Bug 1050461: Clean up webrtc upstream h264 mode 0 support and jitter buffer code, remove kludges r=jesup
4234319389c31359a13512e6348457a7aed8dbb7Brian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 11 - Make ElementPropertyTransition inherit from Animation instead of AnimationPlayer; r=bz
851652501f189f119c679de6a11ad00b7b105f4cBrian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 10 - Move mIsLastNotification from AnimationPlayer to Animation; r=bz
3a12123bef3f2628252113aa71582bc9f3894350Brian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 9 - Move IsFinishedTransition from AnimationPlayer to Animation; r=bz
d6d0f91ff4c4a8c52a8c0345aa5ee58d649a1776Brian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 8 - Move timing parameters from AnimationPlayer to Animation; r=bz
34cb6ae672bdfc6c2e490d83623e646694955992Brian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 7 - Move keyframe properties from AnimationPlayer to Animation; r=bz
8d0e15df4168ad7e13466991a6952644a8b7dba2Brian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 6 - Rename mAnimations to mPlayers and likewise for similar local variables; r=bz
86f0c54582ffec5ef017b76d48261cf093aae35cBrian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 5 - Pass down time from AnimationPlayer to Animation; r=bz
a50e04b3a69991cd592b394db8bd163ebe05c993Brian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 4 - Create Animation objects and set on AnimationPlayer; r=bz
cc995232033eb474ca0ce46f27c2f43a849cdff1Brian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 3 - Add Animation interface; r=bz
daca3c0d2c85d6deaa0c9332150d9937988067beBrian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 2 - Rename ElementAnimationCollection to AnimationPlayerCollection; r=bz
414eb2e950575e99de58028c2010e6eca236c19eBrian Birtles — Bug 1040543 part 1 - Move/Rename ElementAnimations to dom::AnimationPlayer; r=bz
9bce42c5db257d109fe116fa11bf7b20b329aacbTim Taubert — Bug 1050318 - Split WebCrypto tests into multiple files to prevent timeouts r=rbarnes
53769e48d35bcdb4b69c97f64815d20fe3fcdda6Nathan Braswell — Bug 937855 - Implement Object.assign. Patch is a tag-team effort with till. Also add tests: most courtesy of AndrĂ© Bargull, some from me, some suggested by jwalden. r=jwalden
4496d5be532716419d505eaf3aee4b9da7407351Jeff Walden — Further split up the dictionary-property-redefinition tests (beyond their current eight-way split, to a thirty-two-way split) so they don't potentially time out so readily. No bug, r=me as mechanical
8f65aea3ba06d0eab56775a269a634cec26b1262Tim Taubert — Bug 1050785 - RSA-OAEP encrypt/decrypt should accept strings as AlgorithmIdentifiers r=rbarnes
cff7ed0ced431e4223625170fcb482d3aa326a31Bobby Holley — Bug 1026785 - Fix typo. r=me DONTBUILD