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Thu Dec 15 06:10:30 2011 +0000
beac1650953419b86ca133e9374d10ec456d2aaaMike Hommey — Bug 709914 - Slice out the ANGLE compiler from libxul on Windows. r=khuey,a=philor
9a591b2904316d6eff7b38556b5c83c9fac96a1cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 709721 - Part 2: Access vpx_codec_vp8_dx_algo through the function accessor to make things work cross-modules. r=cpearce
9123d35faa6cb445bf6f10eb38f57b0d6c76d0f7Mike Hommey — Bug 709721 - Move video and audio libraries in a gkmedias library on Windows. r=khuey