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Tue Feb 11 19:45:49 2014 +0000
e93b626422f6b74d92a0d83054b5238cb80e43eeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 970727 - Move DEFFILE to; r=mshal
1ffc31314d2dcc90b4bb4aac1840a4c16c94d883Nicolas Silva — Bug 957560 - Fix some issues with CairoTextureClientD3D9 and DataTextureSourceD3D. r=Bas
8bc655300999524e35a2adaa6852f0c39a698ba0Brian O'Keefe — Bug 772828 - Part b: use RESOURCE_FILES in instead of manual rules in; r=mshal
c9450b0ced26dc95c752c2887e43602560246279Brian O'Keefe — Bug 772828 - Part a: add support for RESOURCE_FILES in; r=mshal
8b8fb31c6ec95eb87fc451d116f73738cb95ece7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 970755 - Sequence<JS::Value> rooted, r=bz
952941bc168d7df5291f93e601cb14d552dcf913Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 965381 - Delay the single tap notification until after the touchdown is handled. r=daleharvey
b5be94737a83ce805dcb6ca08773c391fb723bb7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 957002. Stop including prtypes.h for endian macros. r=jrmuizel
058f4ed4d33b49465ab9cc83ab85a760ec3578e1Benoit Girard — Bug 963821 - Port FPS counter to the Compositor API. r=bas
618319a4d21dac9f6467835207770b3bf97f5ca6Antonio M. Amaya — Bug 965273 - CSP: Fix serialization and deserialization and add support for the {} characters on the host name. r=sstamm
ec8e723e09910efbe90ee117a1c090ebee8dd679Doug Sherk — Bug 969860: Set GEL's state back to GESTURE_NONE after spoofing a touch start on pinch end r=kats
ad74d750e5a546381aefaac68e79c9920c1e1734Neil Deakin — Bug 967432, labelElement should still be set even when an access key is not present, r=neil
e52a4ab158eeaf20d6c102a9d47bce9db39d44b6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 6948901b128f and d9a099b06911 (bug 946083) and changeset 1e038f308b8d (bug 961339) for intermittent Android build failures.
4a99ebc2f515c836c96d492447666e1c587294b6Ali Akhtarzada — Bug 970331 - Make sure moz pattern is not set on cairo context. r=nical
c0a263e2a70b78e5fe5a220583cd967882289b6bJan Beich — Bug 969932 - Remove unnecessary conditional for sendfile(2) on BSDs. r=glandium
b07ab17dde6c771c2f0fafe0ad7f122de946c1d6Jan Beich — Bug 969759 - Remove NetBSD version check for unsupported releases. r=glandium
629385f011c2700d7adaf28dfd1c056601404d08Martin Stransky — Bug 968193 - flash-plugin freezes when window allocation size is 0x0. r=karlt
21d27003428191e4f5032a8734d4c9f615660136Ali Akhtarzada — Bug 967743 - Make moz elements use DrawTarget context. r=mattwoodrow
63cdfb958a5230114d651940f2d63c236584a224Alessandro Decina — Bug 806917 - Add support for GStreamer 1.0. r=edwin, r=gps
cc975b34307953d8db137e087f9a7a02bd7b0efePeiyong Lin — Bug 613472 - Use the fallible allocator and propagate errors in AppendASCIItoUTF16. r=bsmedberg
af35bd7bd9a83d3ca0451fe2e0be293a4b4d8e0aOleg Romashin — Bug 967796 - Implement Pointer Enter/Leave events support. Tests. r=smaug
3e252a679f72adfdd5fc2a8d527add97b4e312d1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 970745 - Move USE_STATIC_LIBS to; r=glandium
97d852db7e3a7f849938cb04309eee56e3db8e7cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 969878 - Do not try to check the return value of nsTArray::SetLength in nsDateTimeFormatMac::FormatTMTime; r=smontagu
d7b6badfc1087820df0ae0c1dd249289abf83ae3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 969872 - Do not try to check the return value of nsTArray::SetLength in nsLocaleService; r=smontagu
86823e9bbae28154f322675060d382394ee248beNathan Froyd — Bug 970507 - mark generated DOMIfaceAndProtoJSClass instances as const; r=bz
241a7157196c09a64c90c2dbd170c01aa0681fafNathan Froyd — Bug 957175 - reduce relocations required by NamesOfInterfacesWithProtos; r=bz
e831c370a8fee814fb44a81e666cc55570e5dd4bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b7f76388010670f9c083d98b7ec65706f955939fBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 966295: Implement variadic Math.min and Math.max in Odin; r=luke
55087097f0f713125a61d126bbbd8709cdecaa9fJacek Caban — Bug 970364 - Fix conversions between enum classes and ints in gfx/2d/. r=bas.schouten
ba95729cb52074462e6a2f57c0ec081e1e22e4f5Jacek Caban — Bug 970421 - Fix PoisonIOInterposerWin.cpp compilation on mingw. r=aklotz
9bbd70722bde30ca12fb948785b6388925f03c56Jon Coppeard — Bug 960028 - Use UndefinedHandleValue rather than rooting UndefinedValue() r=sfink
ba4aa41ef3812e103a3496191f7f5b0ef965d207Jon Coppeard — Bug 965830 - Convert use of JS_CallFunction and related APIs uses to HandleValueArray r=terrence r=smaug
ee247f44a28b105522b5a0bed0936c35e51381e2Jon Coppeard — Bug 965830 - Add HandleValueArray class to receive rooted arrays of Values r=terrence
44b82071c4f31595a728aa576a28b6bc0f04d6f4Jon Coppeard — Bug 965830 - Remove AutoArrayRooter from the public API r=terrence r=smaug
e1357ca3147a1ab5b250a99f3f663443c34ca882Jon Coppeard — Bug 965830 - Make AutoValueArray into a fixed-size inline array that roots its contents r=terrence
1a474ee4894916b73372907f25866c304740f8ffHannes Verschore — Bug 957542 - Don't over-allocate dynamic slots of ArrayObject, r=bhackett,terrence
f1506751b3ec9aa8627c0d8ea176228c28044dcbJan de Mooij — Bug 969336 - ARM simulator: don't flush icache when icache checking is disabled. r=dougc
4689576e5568d6b580eda98a0de52febc8af701aJan de Mooij — Bug 970645 - Fix Mochitest-BC leak finder to use a shrinking instead of non-shrinking gc. r=mccr8
4765c5eddf20df87ef2b12c607de9ed37716feebKyle Huey — Bug 968536: Remove ContentParent's phone-state-changed observer. r=njn
feadeb8a7cbbbaebf159d00c62f30087e3147101Oleg Romashin — Backout 168002:594dda9c7a3a, need better SpecialPowers handling on Win platform
e546255a136865d22b415d335561998e187e551cOleg Romashin — Bug 969498 - [Qt] ICU usage conflict, ABORT: JS_SetICUMemoryFunctions failed. r=n.nethercote,nfroyd
594dda9c7a3a701ba3e329f308e91854824d4fe6Oleg Romashin — Bug 967796 - Implement Pointer Enter/Leave events support. Tests. r=smaug
37f1942487842f8eeccacda76425b96532007d72Oleg Romashin — Bug 967796 - Implement Pointer Enter/Leave events support. implementation for pointer's. r=smaug
b8dfec3cca1c31dc559a364743faf680c18a3c67Oleg Romashin — Bug 967796 - Implement Pointer Enter/Leave events support. refactor OutOver element helpers. r=smaug
4caebc3011d205cd223c34c0d72d0bec2956bcebOleg Romashin — Bug 822898 - Implement pointer events. Detect Pointer Listeners. r=smaug
6948901b128fbbd9a1d68f116031e0f4cf7240faNick Alexander — Bug 946083 - Part 2: Add dependencies for Proguard input jars. r=glandium
d9a099b06911ba8ff2d88c9a2a5b8b317d3959c1Nick Alexander — Bug 946083 - Part 1: Delete .class files when (re-)building a Java JAR. r=glandium
1e038f308b8da2e04fdafe5bf06931d8c0d919b5Nick Alexander — Bug 961339 - Fix generated/ source dependencies. r=glandium