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Sat Feb 08 00:55:48 2014 +0000
2c873eff7dc28431f5f4473f2602176304ad8906Jim Blandy — Bug 968575: Add unit tests for Debugger.Source.prototype.introductionType. r=djvj
0c925c9985fc2bbb201fed4e6c76fa03804a020dJim Blandy — Bug 968580: Use the term 'introductionType', as appearing in the Debugger API, throughout the code base. r=djvj
b998990f0e3ead8b5088a19130411d11f7ae82a4Alexandre Poirot — Bug 968857 - [SpecialPowers] Big files are truncated when loaded with loadChromeScript. r=ted
4153850acd1ebb2e1414ec95a2ce91ad1be7e842Oskar Eisemut — Bug 968141 - Remove pref print.whileInPrintPreview and print.tmp.printerfeatures can_use_multiple_devicecontexts_concurrently, was default enabled since Bug 126802 anyway. r=roc
9ea3501ac619ae8ab917de6b1b9f01b28ac82611Oskar Eisemut — Bug 968141 - nsDeviceContextSpecGTK: Remove nsPrinterFeatures (spaming print.tmp.printerfeatures into the prefs) not used by current code. r=roc
5e7f819ed1feecb1f783a597114fcc0204bed46aGustavo Garcia — Bug 966885 - Enable audio level RTP extension. r=jesup, r=ehugg
e85f83f352deed1d6be2ddf2a820a9844a7bf285Simone Carletti — Bug 966197 - Make sure all suffixes in PSL are lower-case. r=gerv
5d252c7bbea4fe1b66f1d2aac81530ba93a64d4bMax Vujovic — Bug 948265 - [CSS Filters] Make nsSVGIntegrationUtils and nsSVGUtils call nsSVGFilterInstance directly instead of through nsSVGFilterFrame. r=roc
4e44b26f3c6705259c85e7d98af89df42634b03eBob Owen — Bug 624883 - Tests for ensuring that view-source is forbidden in iframes. r=bz
a57801cec8be42836f59ac06e52d6b7401c220f6Bob Owen — Bug 624883 - Treat view-source as an unrecognised scheme if not top-level. r=bz
a51b70ee105fda3b3065b18f07d938fa6ccb0f2cAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 892725 - Clean up browser.xul. r=mbrubeck
ff355d6c62c0ba12c948510aa5af92e9a5231f7aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 968919 - Navigator::HasDataStoreSupport should not use IsCallerChrome(), r=bz
43e9bbc77ddd15d0d9c7f13006f732d28e664e89Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
1bf0b04301caa1142c06f9b31629594c6ac01dfbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 965593 - Flush repaints along the entire overscroll handoff chain on touch-end. r=botond
95fc024ee46d9aa52072df720fd8c08223a11984Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 627974 - panels that aren't toplevel shouldn't overlap the taskbar, r=Enn
59230a163ec0852cb6c594fa4ca52d52387b9a44Terrence Cole — Bug 968616 - Hide the explicitly unsafe things we do for testing from the hazard analysis; r=sfink
9fb9effa74a6ddf68d15c02dca1ca7c21476a150Marco Bonardo — Bug 967839 - onProfileShutdown work in BrowserGlue doesn't really have to happen at profile shutdown. r=mano
af5cdb31f131d9d3fcda9c4d95f4adb50346c2d7Marco Bonardo — Bug 824433 - Bookmarks backup takes a long time to write out on shutdown. r=mano
3a10c46057955b7000a0ad917094d7fb668bb3dbEhsan Akhgari — Debugging patch for bug 968200
d2afdb4177dd84980ecf89370aaa68f9e34f8f01Camilo Viecco — Bug 790809 - Add callback for in libpkix for extra app checks (in usage sslserver). r=dkeeler
24ad87cccbe5ce0cdb8b94991917b1226477d9e1Felix S. Klock II — Bug 944975: regression test (r=shu).
6df8e0c99c787b6f1826f026b36e80a185c2c602Felix S. Klock II — Bug 944975: cleanup rename JSScript originalFunction to donorFunction (r=shu).
414676ce184c530e9bc8255aa77e09584643eb0dFelix S. Klock II — Bug 944975: fix bug by getting original fcn for callsite clone in New (r=shu).
eddf0ede2cb2c4b47ace7ae3a623dc0e6542f3e9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 969072 - Move the CANCEL event handling into the pinch gesture code. r=drs
c4e6cf3136620af9c7c21e77fda5d09daed8fb66Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 969072 - Make GestureEventListener only accept MultiTouchInput types. r=drs
c8a74e6f8159673cc2c4d6e1486c16d8f186dc42Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 969072 - Only pass events to the GestureEventListener if it is a multitouch input. r=drs
be7fa3989aed89ab758fcc5c8b7ef6e9bd1d67d4Luke Wagner — Bug 969133 - OdinMonkey: fix leak in validation error message (r=bbouvier)