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Fri Oct 10 17:45:08 2008 +0000
95e6729d80797ff92ef319087b87672f23d7bf95Boris Zbarsky — Bug 458637. Make sure to properly flag the XSLT result document as not being ready for layout until we StartLayout. r+sr=sicking
3762e6244e6398f7dd5dd222badac7512cbb1815Boris Zbarsky — Bug 440595. Report the right line number in the onerror handler even if not reporting the whole error. r=jonas, sr=jst
94ee77d90fef1ec8bd088d264dc7d4c6504f1aebBoris Zbarsky — But 427779. Make the XML parser not bail out on invalid URI in <xhtml:base>. r+sr=sicking
eb627a89b7030840fa5955adfeecb0944f6fd614Neil Deakin — Bug 450990. Kill off EnsureContentsGenerated. r=peterv, sr=bzbarsky, sicking helped write the patch