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Mon Oct 08 08:08:19 2012 +0000
24cf4069004206568643a94521ef722484225c78Mark Hammond — Bug 798212 - social flyout may be horizontally misaligned after resizing. r=jaws
ea218a65affb3b692791656ffc6156b02f885ba4Chris Peterson — Bug 797225 - Part 2: Use software decoder for color formats we don't know how to convert. r=doublec
5c1ee495765f22815ffcd7503ae87a1f1041a3e2Chris Peterson — Bug 797225 - Part 1: Add an OmxPlugin namespace so we can add local definitions of OMX_COLOR enums that are only defined by some toolchains. r=doublec
29cb1f0d796c6e996c466f0b907cdb1cfc9c7d65Jason Duell — Bug 795203 - B2g: clear private data: cookies. r=mconnor,jduell
7a0094bcd18650b5cedcc24f1a6e05ee502016e1Marty Rosenberg — Ranges should all be signed, never unsigned, even when the operation should logically be unsigned (bug 765119, r=djvj)
92018e33385dec11941725f76d40de60f86d3140Marty Rosenberg — Fix windows by adding in an initializer (bug 765119, r=dvander)
4eb7625e442692ce86bb0b2982aa477186ea011dMarty Rosenberg — Add in two patches that were lost while rebasing (bug 765119, r=jandem)
17c3cdc2f5d9c9fa7bce0e9db60eb79054362ef2Marty Rosenberg — Fix a bunch of bugs that the fuzzers found (bug 765119, r=dvander)
c0b3051972272612b087decafb5f73afe63ba441Marty Rosenberg — Teach RangeAnalysis how to deal with unreachable blocks (bug 765119, r=dvander)
94734724e155c9f80c1f837b9e15dae582f24431Marty Rosenberg — Add narrowing into range analysis, greatly speeding up some testcases (bug 765119, jandem)
af9e58e861024e230bc10cdd109ac2af159bfa9fMarty Rosenberg — Add a bunch of features to range analysis to make it optimize more. (bug 765119, r=jandem)
ddcda23710f428704d5e455abe86947154458829Marty Rosenberg — Beta nodes sholud be able to have infinite ranges, fixes very slow testcase (bug 765119, r=dvander)
bcb1272c7b94c70e31333ee2053ec10f9c1c28d6Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i harder
e600be5c53e820e1a059edb277029aa5a10d4081Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
117da9598f32937ece4d99f553959be0da01cff4Brian Nicholson — Bug 798859 - Remove isEmpty() call in AllPagesTab. r=mfinkle
d157276ffe2d2d619c3b519a317c872df5faa85aRandell Jesup — Bug 798998: add file to libjingle license rs=jesup
d9a4e5f65837b3d251da2cde685e9e683f465c8eRandell Jesup — Bug 782873: License.html tweak for sigslot.h r=gerv
c9bfb6646f04d7e8d0a9035125ad1c9824b4d493Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9157b71a7df1 (bug 793491) for assertion failures
20899bf876464a1e487e3e8b867e452c740a87dbNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 798913 - Prevent inlining of overflow of arguments. r=dvander
6c89d2b6ea4bc4b9ce78b4962764156d7c2f717aBas Schouten — Bug 793175: Discard a cached SourceSurface if it was created for the wrong BackendType. r=jrmuizel
9157b71a7df1fcb50b22e23e724befc6e2de4613Brian Hackett — Bug 793491. There isn't really any reason to have lots of type barriers for different objects at a site, since if we manage to discharge all the barriers the target will probably just be marked as a generic object anyways. So go ahead and just fall back to an AnyObject barrier once we have more than BARRIER_OBJECT_LIMIT barriers on a single pc. r=jandem
53cb00d53675d001c48e9afa2ee5de8c6d6185d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 6. Hook up xml-stylesheet PIs to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
614a3c53c14bc88bce59beb0902c031535937acfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 5. Hook up <svg:style> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
8cd475094c5d65440d34b2e81bb4086f3bbde589Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 4. Hook up <link> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
baed277d76547b080abe940bb297be36721a0383Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 3. Implement cycle collection for GroupRule objects. r=smaug,dbaron
a2ab9f871f2f24f433eac3b7949a1aac7bb7b0caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 2. Hook up <style> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
4a209968a7347e290206f7a17bed8fc8b1eacee9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 1. Implement cycle collection for nsCSSStyleSheet objects, so we don't leak through them. r=smaug,dbaron
2ec21afa445bfde8e432a15fcfab11efa2d4a768Jared Wein — Bug 793715 followup, use null instead false to show missing object. r=me
396196c97862cea92e9ff5ad53a70d178fedadc0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 8) - Make GetCachedLocalTime() infallible. r=jwalden.
99229a1bf7eab4a9da02a4b2292d8cad17cfaea0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 7) - Rename CacheLocalTimes() and change its return type from bool to void. r=jwalden.
0a0f23cf7a7a7dbb8b5f8e37d1abc813a69f2f57Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 6) - Remove SetDateToNaN. r=jwalden.
2c7698ae61949c8e17281c4fa0bbba3afaee2b3bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 5) - Change SetUTCTime()'s return type from bool to void. r=jwalden.
8381c97c65d685b4b55264e162ab711584e4fc5bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 4) - In jsdate.cpp, exactly root remaining JSObject* pointers. r=jwalden.
11868442cc39ca566113da4fd4d7c6d420563ce1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 3) - In jsdate.cpp, convert Rooted<JSObject*> pointers to RootedObject. r=jwalden.
c11ad1bccb45e9aa71bab0eeb6fec3b44de16898Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 2) - In jsdate.cpp, convert |cx| parameters to |dstOffsetCache| where possible. r=jwalden.
167c2ac56d02cc60fec4419c748af7aea34fec1eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 1) - Remove unnecessary |cx| parameters. r=jwalden.
7abf134ad3409ca01c6600e0dc3fe4053d4dc3e8Randell Jesup — Bug 798892: Wrong enum type in gCCApp.state, breaks bleeding-edge clang builds r=ehugg
7c119b50e7aa02965dcb82fd134f6fe467c4a7d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 793065. Keep mRootPresContext alive in case something crazy happens. r=mattwoodrow
2d39dbbe75b3205e36219acbba451066feb10b51James H — Bug 610713 - Fix popup menus leaving behind artifacts when using hardware acceleration and a basic Windows theme. r=jmathies
65b95ed309b948dbd8aa2fcd79a98ebee7395eeeDavid Keeler — Bug 797959 - Click-to-play: change entity name along with string change. r=jaws
54079ce3e83633654bdd7d24bf5ae32323c843d2David Keeler — Bug 788829 - Call SetSizeConstraints even if a popup is not open. r=enndeakin
71c76fb26e9efb904a68062ec295fcf9ae65cd0eTom Schuster — Bug 763821 - Move the filter box to the bottom of the error console. r=jaws
cf1bb42b3420f2c81392b8404ec89695c58cc8f3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
959de7eea1ff4082cd79b69ab2fef4f73f65c175Anant Narayanan — Bug 798966: Create a preference to bypass gUM permission; r=jesup
3cf86586da0d439307495f42b14a7449fec19539Mark Hammond — Bug 790545 - cache provider's toolbar notification icons. r=felipe
9827af2a97cec5805dc0ed88ca34d1a71b8a092aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in
bf0aa600323fb6a0e6bbfb2d04c41eec930b597dJared Wein — Bug 793715 - Revert textbox.editor to a property, but one that wraps a field to cache the editor field once it is non-null. r=ehsan