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Thu Oct 11 09:59:57 2018 +0000
ddcd7cc2f3cdd88f5f399f4c59d530aceda0d722Daniel Stenberg — bug 1493619 - pad DNS entry grace period for low TTL cases r=dragana
ecb1a9d0a887ed363ab4e0199cea4a3e5787e0d3Qinghao_Jack_Song — Bug 1486934 - Modify about:about to use fluent for localization r=Gijs,flod,jaws,Pike
2bb555faef256f3da3f87c89d3b5d65921447e64Tom Prince — No bug: [update-verify] Don't point at staging tools repos on project branches; r=aki
5341d78f8108579b1cbdb666a940ccf695396df7Tom Prince — Bug 1498019: [release] Don't include on-push jobs in promote graph targets; r=aki
70d26c3920b819b539a7b6e0e87f128d27395311Tom Prince — Bug 1498019: [release] Build fennec on-push, on release branches; r=aki
7e16cc9af2ba6b6d4f7b16e61528071dddb3d7e2Tom Prince — Bug 1498019: [release] Don't handle beetmover scopes by target task; r=aki
f970ec1fd69621a6e7eba9bb5fa41fa413c7fdb9Tom Prince — Bug 1498019: [release] Don't set shipping phase based on target_tasks; r=aki
55fe54a19a99c26af25556f0d3fb3e81f6233c4cArshad Kazmi — Bug 1343179 - Permission popup appears once when sideloaded webextension is enabled r=aswan
04186081b9031399b1198284f57672aa2eee8229Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 8ed536957a4b (bug 1490186) for FilePicker.cpp build bustages CLOSED TREE
8ed536957a4bfadb1b651af81ccff887ada217eeNathan Moos — Bug 1490186 - Add GtkFileChooserNative support to Firefox. r=stransky
bd701f1b3cf8762d27966a94951d9825a1b30b4fTiberius Oros — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
462ef74f8ce9e6ad91390158254966715fcd26daShane Caraveo — Bug 1497702 remove app-installed notification upon dismissal, r=Gijs
838b2692a934fba342f5b288326b224405305f7fIain Ireland — Bug 1492977: Rework RAII exception guards r=tcampbell
336da65f35ea1237d94c4a8e6d67b8f2bd794496Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1497351 - Remove dictionary null defaults from MediaTrackConstraintSet; handle absence in NormalizedConstraintSet. r=bzbarsky,pehrsons
419218259bc1a6f5f1cd527225f1f200fbf55126Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1497390 - Remove support for legacy mozAutoGainControl and mozNoiseSuppression constraints. r=bzbarsky,achronop
57de113fc71266c6a8afc5a5faacb74fece75702Ashley Hauck — Bug 1448039 - Remove UNOPTIMIZEABLE bits from baseline IC fallback stubs. r=tcampbell