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Wed May 01 15:54:31 2019 +0000
a027a998b8b79bd4afa15930d7ca22c3acb7b16cAndreea Pavel — Bug 1536722 - fix lint spacing on a CLOSED TREE
092d677f7181521cb8dce8ae7787c1d88645286fDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1536722 - combine all taskgraph artifacts, not just task-graph; r=tomprince
6843d141c496ade289d5d162532d9fc6d479e78cCiure Andrei — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1543098) for high frequency browser_runtime_executionContext.js failures CLOSED TREE
99548c52b81f7b1ff00f0fef2eb713911ab4e830Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 9242458b79d5 (bug 1539804) for high frequency browser/browser_urlbarStopSearchOnSelection.js failures CLOSED TREE
9f1a8afe2391904da48baaca3066f8d25bfd80e9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1547674 - Use rust types for gradient stops. r=boris
0e39f1415d9b7edb556eb23fe6fc0a7e3afc4e26Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1546459 - remove subsuite=clipboard from manifests: remove obsolete reference to mochitest clipboard in test causing mozbase test failure
23b9b8480e0a88f06efd2a148bb01bf839bf4750Rob Wu — Bug 1545841 - Add deprecation message to several proxy APIs r=mixedpuppy
47937619427b65ded176932cf951cbf21ec7ee8aVijay Budhram — Bug 1542334 - Add telemetry for FxA app menu r=eoger,janerik
e34d54ab62b4e52aebcbed7456d67d0c5d9f0f9cRazvan Maries — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1306054) for l10n issues.
f8d2d04438931fccd53ba405b1ed5c394f296e15Dale Harvey — Bug 1548141 - Ensure SearchService has started. r=mikedeboer
ad490f39a317715e59875f6a630b60f345dd0bf6Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 91859883a54d (bug 1538540) for causing tests crashes with [@ GeckoCrash] CLOSED TREE
6a3c75d8e68ad9e84c8f41f1accae69e13dd1210Emily Toop — Bug 1547100 - Enable GV StorageManager testing in Mochitests. r=asuth
8ccd4b2a5fbaee6cd2c1326521082fe32c07556aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1544009 - stop doing remote drive and directory exist/creation checks for renames/moves on Windows, esp. if in the same directory, r=froydnj
e1993a1f09ac53cd1a04fdf6a87f8cad8e44f73eSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1547143 - Format the tree: Be prescriptive with the pointer style (left) r=Ehsan
25e1607e6f1e5345cccb8eb501b7cbdad182f9fbSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1547143 - Force the pointer style declaration r=Ehsan
0e259884f052230b24601efc3cde3a5ef5d4e6adMatt Woodrow — Bug 1535945 - Don't skip invalidating frames when creating displayports for async scrollable ancestors. r=tnikkel
732976d3f555a01d9032ede89a28121502ee49e2Joel Maher — Bug 1546459 - remove subsuite=clipboard from manifests. r=ahal
995c47d0986b486a6323ea87d32962ed634add41Jan de Mooij — Bug 1546620 - Add a numDebuggeeRealms counter to JSRuntime. r=jorendorff
e607a590c53cf628517629383acbdc922534f8a9Joel Maher — Bug 1514425 - disable webpayment tests as we do not currently ship this feature. r=marcosc,edenchuang
38c57ccca71e24c90e73bfd2a06bd6a1de6b17dbMark Banner — Bug 1545395 - Handle Search Engine urls properly where the search terms are in the url rather than as parameters. r=daleharvey
47ea779dc66b06fdcc4a247fbe29bf9770cefa8bCiure Andrei — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1545766, bug 1546633) for causing browser_PanelMultiView_keyboard.js to perma fail CLOSED TREE
041741ce164674137968c39aab0a9c80e84c99dbJames Teh — Bug 1546633: PanelMultiView: Send mousedown event when activating a button via the keyboard. r=Gijs
fbc294a6fe785b56a5ef52b5b1ea61d511bebc52James Teh — Bug 1545766: PanelMultiView: Don't override keyboard navigation in embedded documents. r=Gijs
9a0ce3016f03a914367e86c8339a8b885e309c83Jim Porter — Bug 1493225, part 4 - Cancel content JS when navigating through history to prevent hangs r=smaug
100acc204e5e0c5e8767740c4861c906e21139f5Jim Porter — Bug 1493225, part 3 - Cancel content JS when navigating through history to prevent hangs r=smaug
a7fa3041bff04a25fa39fb6f714071314f3cc69bJim Porter — Bug 1493225, part 2 - Cancel content JS when navigating through history to prevent hangs r=smaug
5c3bff8f45d696710545579b14346a65c07aa2cfJim Porter — Bug 1493225, part 1 - Cancel content JS when navigating through history to prevent hangs r=smaug
9242458b79d5ae6e9d48c9a2a591680d79c13211Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1539804 - Quantumbar: Re-enable browser_urlbarStopSearchOnSelection.js and fix a couple of related problems. r=mak
cbdf3fdfcbac59d4ccac118d2e6a96ac360a94a5Doug Thayer — Bug 1546498 - Split out MaybePrefetchMemory's check into two functions r=aklotz
4d0cb443ef8b8ae84d8ea3dd65da1d923da3ff0eAndrew Swan — Bug 1547767 Fix buttons in Sync disconnect dialog r=bgrins
91859883a54dbdd7cc5376f379466ceb5e8b4e9bDoug Thayer — Bug 1538540 - Sanity check frames after TextureCache clears r=bholley