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Tue Apr 30 03:46:04 2019 +0000
f3c2a7206699cc369fbfdfcff2dc4685cfdd079eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1547532 - Make nsTypeAheadFind use mozilla::PresShell directly rather than via nsIPresShell r=NeilDeakin
91ac1bb728ef0c25e230bae50297794dd631f8f6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1547418 - Make CapturingContentInfo a private struct of PresShell and move APIs for it from nsIPresShell to PresShell r=smaug
6b6600f6781c585371dd334b26ca1a6623c29e28Brindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset 814e0d966842 (bug 1544511) for linux build bustages at Assertions.h:344:73: error: format '%d' expects argument of type 'int'. CLOSED TREE
d89587999df100be804a749694ac08fffd5ab39dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1547416 - Move nsIPresShell::ScrollAxis to PresShellForwards.h r=smaug
70463f459a9c740f7b2f3c3fad5c88b017956507Dana Keeler — bug 1530545 - store preloaded intermediates in cert_storage r=mgoodwin,myk
2e7aeeb20cbc92614bd354955a5b847acce224a9Panagiotis Astithas — Bug 1545161 - Switch bootstrap for android to AdoptOpenJDK8. r=nalexander
70b8b938b4d4198823a4b42280109125d64559b5Edwin Gao — Bug 1547495 - disable browser_html_plugins test if windows10-aarch64 is detected as no plugin support is present r=jmaher
db10a6b3d728c9113c13c1b92d01a56a3f947c1dDão Gottwald — Bug 1522440 - Finish porting browser_test_focus_urlbar.js to quantumbar. r=adw
143b77783b2e662853ea6dc151043ebb803bde6dYura Zenevich — Bug 1544713 - make full page audit non-blocking. Fire 'audit-event' events when the full page audit completes or fails. r=gl
814e0d96684235d7e6a2024b9da8e8a0acbe6d59Dana Keeler — bug 1544511 - add some diagnostic crashes to InitializeNSSWithFallbacks to see why it's failing r=KevinJacobs
acac503a73616055e6c27786640ad8dd81a5cd96Daniel Holbert — Bug 1547852: Only enable dynamic reflow roots up through early beta. r=dbaron
fc1bc4be406596533e3ce90de530a7e0b139e5c0Boris Chiou — Bug 1547485 - Test ResizeObserver in test_interfaces.html only on nightly. r=smaug
7f757830df66f7dd2a865da304fbd45dee6921a9Robert Strong — Bug 1546597 - Fixes for the Doorhanger BITS download failure tests. r=bytesized
7b2d2da6fba84a364a07fc273a6447c5dfd22a06Markus Stange — Bug 1533562 - Do not move the TitlebarGradientView from a ToolbarWindow into a BorderlessWindow when hiding the window chrome. r=spohl
382967c743c8bdbcb04f5bf369fee5a6f818ea6eMarkus Stange — Bug 1533562 - Implement titlebar gradient drawing with a new TitlebarGradientView. r=spohl
931cc79f0768d1bf81052fd02e8d528ae7b65369Markus Stange — Bug 1533562 - Always make the content view of ToolbarWindows cover the entire window. r=spohl
c252f4c4a3b42b25c98432da15cfd5702d0eb840Markus Stange — Bug 1533562 - Remove override of -[NSThemeFrame _unifiedToolbarFrame]. r=spohl
19d8e4a62f4d677541e7e3c71aa3d3ed607f97dbMarkus Stange — Bug 1533562 - Remove code that deals with non-rounded bottom corners on regular windows. r=spohl
ffbfe4a683f6fc5a2a89fa86e9d992f4c4e00f22Markus Stange — Bug 1533562 - Remove synchronous repaint capability of setTitlebarNeedsDisplayInRect:sync: and also remove the rect parameter because we always pass the same value to it. r=spohl
31c0dbb08e0c5bc4e9dbc46bca1c7d44bc9331e6Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1500354) for dt failures on browser_aboutdebugging_serviceworker_timeout.js . CLOSED TREE
f7e1b8a24398e572fe25ed0b40d7db6df0f5cc18Edgar Chen — Bug 1546488 - Always use uncached images in test_img_mutations.html; r=jdm
7e12e84c87164186044c7a06a72494b469fed1a0Daniel Holbert — Bug 1508441 part 1: Adjust button reflow to suppress baseline for contain:layout, instead of for contain:size. r=TYLin
17c0c0c8627c4a18f3824a3e62d6e58dbb300ad7David Parks — Bug 1546545: Part 2 - Create empty TrampolineCollection if the process sandbox forbids dynamic code r=aklotz
5293fd5ae92fe1a2759ea318bdca574fbc7892fdLogan Smyth — Bug 1547115 - Memoize breakableLines to avoid resetting in editor often. r=jlast
fa6be110a460610cfa89efcfeda08d9d57e4915bGlenn Watson — Bug 1547632 - Remove unused local clip rect stored on WR picture primitives. r=emilio,kvark
2e58f3159dfba4fde76800e1a5f94c9a310406ecSebastian Hengst — Backed out 4 changesets (Bug 1501108) for causing very frequent leaks in macOS debug wpt tests: Set API key provided by api-lint tasks. a=backout
574edb245bd0df86ad2705b78461fb72ae0f2428Brindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset 9b16812e723e (bug 1547750) for telemetry failes at
3eb938b576a99000bff84b6ec314f938959e8e88Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1501108) for causing very frequent leaks in macOS debug wpt tests. a=backout
613c0da061aaac4eed66ed7c94ef0509c49f5ae6Mike Shal — Bug 1541818 - Remove atime check on mac; r=froydnj
3a10833865f1ba444cd6be44b0ef3f951cfd90e1danielleleb — Bug 1541459 - Removes additional securityOnLoad function call. r=johannh
02577b646f622d8ac7e33b5b2cd315c8b28fdb1cJan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1545391 - Move ClientID.jsm into Telemetry component r=chutten
d93d203fad60226f727931e2ba295e5299c0c86cJulian Descottes — Bug 1514787 - Remain on the same Runtime page when reloading about:debugging r=ladybenko,daisuke
6a60bb97e7ed4ce6fd3d718b983da6a55889b2feAndrew McCreight — Bug 1547800 - Remove superfluous static cast of loadInfo in nsDocShell::DoURILoad(). r=qdot
d6564ee9d9417fe9eea7b4fdbe96ce04a198afb4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1546019 - When a focused browser changes remoteness, make sure to activate the remote browser if needed. r=qdot
6596c844c27e39c3efdf2f26e8d2d4c52852165cJulian Descottes — Bug 1500354 - Add title to about:devtools-toolbox tabs r=ladybenko
dbb2526ae6ebd9b8554597655111b04c4406a6b0Julian Descottes — Bug 1500354 - Use window favicon for about:devtools-toolbox r=ladybenko
e9e6acc1b0cc8638b270543c7b39c944fc1698afJulian Descottes — Bug 1500354 - Use wrench favicon for about:debugging r=ladybenko
8c9f054168c36736aa023991eaacd03965820328David Parks — Bug 1546545: Part 1 - Properly store pointer to sandboxed DLL intercepted method r=aklotz
4442722c78cd11e811a6830ea5a2da48507e8f40Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1547606 - Mark multicol-span-all-margin-bottom-001.xht fail for Android x86 non-e10s. r=dbaron
9d4b5fc7d972827ec9e056f0121fe3c096de783eNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset ea8bdd612f43 (bug 1538161) for bustages on rust_cascade . CLOSED TREE
491709a630ef1fab61c5d33bd46b918996c08a7aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1544517 - Add a pref that controls conversion of mouse events to touch events. r=geckoview-reviewers,rbarker
f27bd6eac64adf18990f35e5be504bc1c827a8c0Andrew McCreight — Bug 1547772 - Add back GenerateQI to offline LSan WPT whitelist. r=chmanchester
315a91d0266efa186d7a6ba9ce5da9a82f47d096Robert Strong — Bug 1547440 - cleanup waitForCondition calls in app update browser chrome tests. r=bytesized
a03cccee49fa6223711a1459636094949ce391e8Robert Strong — Bug 1547432 - Change browser_TelemetryUpdatePing.js to be consistent with other app update telemetry tests. r=bytesized
ea8bdd612f43f22fa90fe1f87245e73fd1c5319dMark Goodwin — Bug 1538161 - Vendor rust_cascade r=keeler
53ffb5f187119724ba5942a4ef7470dc7a961221Julian Descottes — Bug 1537992 - Rename Profiler button and modal in about:debugging r=Ola,flod
e64b96d4af3d9d98b34541217f61ff138a1c7880Shane Caraveo — Bug 1391992 add cookiestoreid to proxy and webrequest details r=robwu
7ba49ce135e667a8e97f00889a434965f331bfb8Shane Caraveo — Bug 1545163 add incognito flag to proxy and webrequest details r=robwu
50b7f764f4afc39d21c1b96c8c11505daaf6e4a4Henrik Skupin — Bug 1544686 - [raptor] Allow CLI arguments to override Gecko profiler settings from test manifest. r=perftest reviewers,rwood
201fb70499ef00904a0a728f5934b1ea66bddd7bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1544686 - [raptor] Make Gecko profiler threads customizable in the harness. r=rwood
9ff6837b1526aaae3eca6546245ace6710c20a40Henrik Skupin — Bug 1544686 - [raptor] Fix Gecko profiler settings. r=rwood
411778eb8dafcfb32ac417f7da88d66dbcd3e03cdlee — Bug 1545033 - P3. SetTrackingInfo in UrlClassifierFeatureTrackingAnnotation. r=baku
77ca645609fac557eec6aef7ec388ece129d5554dlee — Bug 1545033 - P2. Add SetMatchedTrackingInfo in nsIClassifiedChannel. r=baku
979eea4eabff8099015c4df4d4df4e66b75f262ddlee — Bug 1545033 - P1. Pass matched hash values to ProcessChannel. r=baku
9b16812e723e3dff41c118cd9bcd1f7535452f36Chris H-C — Bug 1547750 Disable cache smart sizing for telemetry-tests-client r=raphael
d7f798e98a7577980d1ab8985f1886cbd09fbcaaShane Caraveo — Bug 1544489 use separate strings to localize install prompt for unknown sites. r=flod,aswan
87f038262ac3d4431a569c1fad9bee5668a332deEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1440537 - Don't propagate flushes across docgroup boundaries. r=bzbarsky