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Fri Mar 14 11:34:21 2014 +0000
0a5ec8ab99a295e115e30922f5f6ffea51a07816Shu-yu Guo — Bug 980585 - Followup: improve style and comment. (r=me)
8339097d306081f180b0cc621390725dab35f3d3Chris Pearce — Bug 983204 - Ensure RTSP OMX reader's decoder is made active during loadmetadata. r=vchang
7e2c0d56bef20065a914f5674b703b1f11ca4093Bill McCloskey — Bug 982828 - [e10s] Disable mochitest-plain tests that don't pass in e10s (r=ted)
cace5473227ef981c6436d86293e49a43385aab5Luke Wagner — Bug 983448 - Fix masm.convertUInt32ToFloat32 on x86 (r=bbouvier)
0ae830fd9d9e3fdfea2ca9506ce99352002abfdbWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound despite the CLOSED TREE
5d24f8e2b399bcfce5a3dc0e120950b3c89e5bf5Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 88425ad0f06a (bug 982828) for introducing various mochitest-5 failures on a CLOSED TREE
902647372519f966657984f235a1abd33923919dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset d42a36615c7e (bug 983204) for build bustage on an otherwise CLOSED TREE
88425ad0f06a6d6bede0c6ff8789410e09b3c047Bill McCloskey — Bug 982828 - Followup to fix merge bustage in dom/devicestorage
d42a36615c7e4ff3225c44e37c99f3c65bb14184Chris Pearce — Bug 983204 - Ensure RTSP OMX reader's decoder is made active during loadmetadata. r=vchang
17a33bb88521b4c62a25d871ddd567c3c969f9daNeil Rashbrook — Bug 937407 Only add the popuphidden event listener if we are actully opening the popup r=gavin
c261d5623b088c0116f43f8f8ab7d20d53fec50eShu-yu Guo — Bug 980585 - Don't delazify lazy scripts whose outer functions couldn't be compiled. (r=bhackett)
94f9ebdc6662676727bbdd1805abf756766cc05cBill McCloskey — Bug 982828 - [e10s] Disable mochitest-plain tests that don't pass in e10s (r=ted)
32b52e414a28f014e20c66a6389e64d7a5bce6c9Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 77fdb4380b1a (bug 938359) for metro-chrome bustage on a CLOSED TREE
db1dcce906fe6cb75ab5ecee11d5e87a3b2fea06Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset cd5ce2a9aceb (bug 977236) for multiple bustages on a CLOSED TREE
8bedaf29d461909a38112091a15d3b0097814571Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 983014 - Move the rest of the -I build flags that stayed in Makefiles because of ANDROID_SOURCE to; r=mshal
e220d12f5d8d472c72622cf84ca45a26772d0599Marco Castelluccio — Bug 983334 - Missing yield when calling writeToFile. r=myk
905e547383b8c4fe573fdd12a3eb40d302c6a12eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 983084 - Correctly handle z-order only changes by removing opacity through a dynamic change; r=dbaron
9539d6f3af4ecc533d99b29f83f9fc1e5e766f06Geoff Brown — Bug 983440 - Disable testInputConnection on Android 2.3
047a0b9a8fb800695d131867cfd5a164fcdbd4cfGeoff Brown — Bug 983406 - Fix syntax error in androidx86.json; r=jmaher
cd5ce2a9aceb0f63189172920e3aacbbf33080bcMonica Chew — Bug 977236: Use referrer for application reputation checks (r=gcp)
7fbb7b36d87c0b11aac97afd7fd9214f5c41991cBill McCloskey — Backed out changeset d6261f65070a
d6261f65070af34b991dc4177e21321f5d5eac72Bill McCloskey — Bug 982828 - [e10s] Disable mochitest-plain tests that don't pass in e10s (r=ted)
77fdb4380b1a6b8fc2781ba5bc8c80a867a7212dBill McCloskey — Bug 938359 - [e10s] Support middle-click scroll (r=felipe)
aefd98bc5a2d24d3d514fc3d646b462b91a5998cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 930903 - Remove obsolete bit of comment. r=me and DONTBUILD because NPOTB
3be10b17592c2d63ae76ddcf0a13b71c46f9caf8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 863658 - Replace mozilla-banner.gif with a plain blue image in 359903-2.html since we aren't trying to test individual pixel differences in resized image painting there, r=bz
7884913fe0747a92ae8d70c1f4d7dec4006f8b30Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 966564 - Make logging more clear when processing an unwrapped indication. r=drno
85ccf0c7e633521b21212dc522cacf3946fb090bTooru Fujisawa — Bug 982302 - Braces are missing in nsBaseURLParser::ParseURL. r=mcmanus
f52f0588f43163eae13c98c76ff3059d92ff9628Tom Hindle — Bug 970363 - Fix selection moving over readonly elements in contenteditble blocks. r=roc
1d6e179a67d7eb2df1b9b3a089fe1e88b988c617Tom Hindle — Bug 970363 - Make PeekOffset* methods return continue reason. r=roc
824d1ef99ba2a6ff441fe5cd655201b93f24acaaRick Eyre — Bug 882664 - Part 2: Perform sorting on TextTrackLists. r=rillian
43585af186ecc38b52e3fbcd611a5db91226d1f5Rick Eyre — Bug 882664 - Part 1: TextTrack should hold a ref to its TrackElement, if any. r=rillian