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Wed Nov 10 15:50:38 2010 +0000
e250978a21be0e1c7d87a95db2980404c0299eecL. David Baron — Don't use ComputeDistance in nsTransitionManager when shortening reversals of partially running transitions, and shorten only transitions that are actually back to the current start point. (Bug 582379, bug 526784) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
f1f708845d4de39958152fa95dd60945f5406821L. David Baron — Fix division-by-zero crash that dholbert saw, although I haven't been able to, and make the code a bit more robust. (Bug 582379) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
3c75b7bea31ac5e0b8f89b71464ce343c8de5dc5L. David Baron — Fix another case of bad border-radius corners (and document a third that's not fixed). (Bug 500141) r=roc a2.0=blocking
f989d1ef7cb8182c62400434d4a6c9a36f3f8df0L. David Baron — Fix GLX version check so it won't break when the version hits 1.10. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
8b83d833cc950398c586183b23253ea9f4e3c59eL. David Baron — Use extension alternatives for GLX 1.3 features when GLX 1.3 is not available but equivalent extensions are. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
8b500020522c2e00753f33e8458e5a01a6099da3L. David Baron — Don't repeatedly try to initialize GLXLibrary. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
c8d35a82db4e945573dced69ee0d9730a0dd9514L. David Baron — Add glXQueryExtensionsString to GLXLibrary. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
bf1af01820f8d6575c8ee6707e543d8058647ca7L. David Baron — Remove unused functions from GLXLibrary. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
83c59637f79980ce39885ab1883b6e099948c029L. David Baron — Remove non-working remnant of support for GLX versions less than 1.3. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
0c05af8eb2121ddda5f8f2962fa6e07f33be2c68L. David Baron — Make glXDestroyContext function pointer consistent with name of function. (Bug 605992) r=bjacob a2.0=joedrew
a9fef34b8c68d1fcdb5b4114800fa005077997f2L. David Baron — Remove duplicate XFree call. (Bug 605992) r=vlad a2.0=joedrew
cf61d18f62107a54e6be58e3a8ea43a78b07155cL. David Baron — Make 'bolder' and 'lighter' values of 'font-weight' be computed in the style system, per recent edits to CSS 2.1. (Bug 93725) r=jdaggett a2.0=joedrew
864ad777dba7365345e608df7b878a17d7fcb829L. David Baron — Fix an underlying issue with weightmapping reftests that shows up in weightmapping-458.html on Windows once bug 93725 is fixed: avoid differences because we're inconsistent about whether we're setting the correct font on a block or an inline. (Bug 93725) r=jdaggett a2.0=tests
68dcdaf45a0f759ad51f8978a1c8d578c6c695dfL. David Baron — Remove support (style system only) for 'wider' and 'narrower' values of 'font-stretch'. (Bug 604816) r=jdaggett a2.0=joedrew