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Fri Oct 11 21:50:12 2019 +0000
c5e6477c3a245a97d4c3cdd5d3e406f8abaf94adNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset a8ea98346a87 (bug 1562057) for reftest failures on contain-size-select-elem-002 . CLOSED TREE
3d1ed8b2fb91d2df8d01c9023ebc7c89967c7278Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1586593 - dispatch CloseInt on DataChannel Open ACK failure - r=bwc
6232b11cd533b5bd676b92bb1abe190a94362324Alok Nikhil — Bug 1585196 - Cleanup LazyScriptCreationData, r=mgaudet
bd59f7b7bb8ac8c2e011391923838c1cd7b35d04Jared Wein — Bug 1583795 - Select the first breached login when breaches are set initially. r=sfoster
12ff69a8f36063cfc440216c21c6bacb53540ffdEdouard Oger — Bug 1549049 - Unify Sync Now buttons logic. r=markh,fluent-reviewers,flod
a8ea98346a87402b1c3ad4c892694d0de163a0b3Daniel Holbert — Bug 1562057: Change size-contained & empty select elements to have the same inline-size. r=TYLin
dd505f86478140e9876367ab5a6e19c453e792a7Mark Banner — Bug 1576160 - Turn on the display of default private search engine feature for nightly/early beta users. r=mak
c7f931c95c789a1b997941f16ee53eb5a942f3f1Imanol Fernandez — Bug 1587366 - Fix VRManagerParent::GetVRActiveStatus race condition: Notify VRActiveStatus after a the VREventObserver is created. r=rbarker,daoshengmu
825cabc4070898ef3f87135e10129e211371ab58Tim Nguyen — Bug 1586997 - Fix focusing the first input of edit bookmark dialogs. r=mak
c51f3b5c78ad30cbebc0a94419f342a6b5350191Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1587784 - expect the additional onSecurityChange update that comes with a remoteness change in fission in browser_alltabslistener.js, r=dao
a90b5a94599371b19551906fd41384367b2eb16aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1587784 - avoid the test listener in browser_alltabslistener.js being notified for the base/dummy page loading when fission is enabled, r=dao
d4837cfe8ba0a5f25658d2aeb9bfc5cb99d06f33Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1587784 - improve logging and test assertions in browser_alltabslistener.js so it's easier to work out what's going on, r=dao
d19d644cb240a27a1d0389a0ca603b4bbffddd42arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 42d3ccf69629 (bug 1583879) for causing reftest failures on sort-startSame-1b.svg CLOSED TREE
71259d26450add8a19281b10f903e28d126351a0Mark Banner — Bug 1583162 - Add an option in preferences to allow search suggestions in private windows. r=mak,fluent-reviewers,flod
bd04c04797d0af75173fe7f8f63630ef5b7ec285Mark Banner — Bug 1583162 - Remove 'Show Suggestions' from the search bar context menu as it doesn't work correctly, and using prefs UI is better. r=mak
fcaa0242c20458b719aa356a4d988a97e4ad3a3bAbdoulaye Oumar Ly — Bug 1505916 - [Fission] Part 2: Make the fullscreen code work with oop iframes. r=NeilDeakin,smaug
8b47aa47a640e1ac2bb3250d8d1ecbcce7b24a4bAbdoulaye Oumar Ly — Bug 1505916 - [Fission] Part 1: Make the fullscreen code work with JSWindowActors. r=NeilDeakin,dao,smaug
ac3d70b6b575df0460216c306f2b3e2d35634b26Simon Fraser — Bug 1588111 Fix mach try fuzzy --s --full r=catlee
15ff5c7542067cfa94da1ce0c896141be4afea78Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1587663 - Add BinASTSymbol and de-templatize HuffmanTable classes. r=Yoric
c9ea9966d4cdc4007eb3c4a023ad87fa891eda33Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1585946 - Set audioworkletnode tests to fail on beta and release. r=jgraham
8813a475c23796f0e83305c1c71e97eb4cb2c88cDavid Walsh — Bug 1587780 - Unify close/remove button between Debugger and NetMonitor r=Honza
7fe7debdb0f60b80757434a3e12f2d7d59ea041eGreg Tatum — Bug 1587117 - Fix profiler popup shortcuts to use the correct preferences; r=canaltinova
0f96b33c8efdde9423b068e9da3db4e229a65c05Mirko Brodesser — Bug 1587746: remove `RangeBoundaryBase::Set` and use constructor instead. r=smaug
0046bcf5b1ffbe34e42b2c376cd4a9839ff7e165David Walsh — Bug 1587918 - Focus on the add input when the request blocking pane is shown r=Honza
42d3ccf69629e077b151538a9aad733f82a52a0cNicolas Silva — Bug 1583879 - Skip uploading and rendering empty blob tiles. r=jrmuizel
4ec5e79bb310b77bfd1282aebfe9f81b68067751David Walsh — Bug 1585307 - Prevent URLs from being duplicated in Network Panel's request blocking r=Honza
9307e73941a7e4d7dae9c2ef3af5e8a4c80baaf0David Walsh — Bug 1587781 - Display correct context menu item for blocking URLs r=Honza
a30f6255ffd4e0399ffa1369c1331b0b7517cd78Geoff Brown — Bug 1587207 - Add logging to investigate intermittent hang in android-hw tests; r=bc
454751fb75a275c397e37706546990f01d936babDão Gottwald — Bug 1587800 - Remove the hidden-focus class. r=mak
6f13ec193094a7c7507edd8df79fdb0e1c985c40harry — Bug 1588084 - Add null-checking to isUrlbarFocused to avoid crashes on window shutdown. r=mikedeboer
f3f4aa35d46eef4077f94447ee163b42f7670d9aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1587206 - [lint.flake8] Enable E117 across the tree, r=sylvestre
b4d2e6a7f790f58b6766686bc445332d53971052Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1587206 - [lint.flake8] Enable F811 across the tree, r=sylvestre
1d6d7e7ddbbd5f7ba324621630a7a7e59db82dfcAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1587206 - [lint.flake8] Enable F633 across the tree, r=sylvestre
2921dbcceadc9adb0f12188f62a8f86bd18b0f93Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1587206 - [lint.flake8] Enable F632 across the tree, r=sylvestre
be910f652c9d38edc8632e98ec382bc3f264e3fbGregory Mierzwinski — Bug 1578542 - Fail the tests when a subtest is missing from the results. r=perftest-reviewers,stephendonner,rwood
1ae501560c732aa726888562d87cb94c0fa3ba29Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1587728 - Add documentation for Fluent to Fluent migrations r=Pike