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Thu Mar 21 21:59:09 2019 +0000
7eb8e627961c4b54041da26c73bd5ee2d65fee3cOana Pop Rus — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1530481) for causing leacks on a CLOSED TREE
fe9471a7261148969f6788f9f8e591a73b6ef153Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 3e21362cd4dc (bug 1536387) for build bustage at CacheFileUtils.cpp on a CLOSED TREE.
2a2a47d7448c59731be075b584645d8d3dc184ffSyeda Asra Arshia Qadri — Bug 1537728: Simplify shouldCheck variable declaration in BrowserGlue._checkForDefaultBrowser r=dao
d8882582edc870e3b0a8dc85a91c7c41ebd9a18bAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1536794 - Test Page.frameStoppedLoading and Page.navigatedWithinDocument. r=ato
77a5006e4f177144382f2b3cc90cc550fb9cf20aAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1536794 - Add test to cover /json/version endpoint and Target domain. r=ato
ff655425368c29a9fe4807fae0b1ac8652fdcca0Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1536794 - Moving Target's path definition to a unique place, on Target class. r=ato
ad30588da467bdd3288596be8db8e1a809a7cc47Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1536794 - Close httpd's Connection when closing the remote agent's server. r=ato
f3f1a5f9f4030683c42c62011dfef7dc6c7e8a43Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1536794 - Implement a base Target class. r=ato
dc8c94d906a60c6bd5b76d729ac0ccf2006a1a9aMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1535040 - Exclude some SVG frames from DL building fast-path r=jwatt
becf3a27c2bb39c1250a8d51c4875edeacf46025Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1529922 - Add guard pages following huge allocations. r=glandium
579548b422c67343d524825027c6f684b6e81267Ashley Hauck — Bug 1520996 - Use AccessorType instead of JSOP for getters/setters. r=arai
c571d3d309b436c1c4f5940b080a954654898c72tanhengyeow — Bug 1537566 - Fix brightness of selected netmonitor rows; r=fvsch
62ccd3a5de2a598dc8b5298ed5d3111f4de29cfdBrian Grinstead — Bug 1531119 - Remove and make editMenuOverlay.js in charge of constructing the relevant commandset DOM r=bdahl,NeilDeakin
0c85f51b9386ad0a02929fddb4efc213de310304Dão Gottwald — Bug 1536788 - Reduce width of border between tabs and nav bar from 1 CSS pixel to 1 device pixel. r=Gijs
b2e1225c1ec39e9aea82e395e9ee1f063448ad59Mike Conley — Bug 1535748 - Remove NIGHTLY_BUILD build-time switches for Picture-in-Picture. r=jaws
8ab2c07a6f2804fa99d9ba91111dac9d16478e3fMike Conley — Bug 1535760 - Update strings and controls for toggling Picture-in-Picture from the context menu. r=jaws
d3f6f9888f0adc3dd32d078e28589af13f89f989Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1322645. Fix intermittent test timeout by making sure our prefs are set before we start doing parts of the test. r=jmaher
e7c57ff6a655071887be0129fdf25b71f3d3a105Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1534683: Re-enable and fix this test-case. r=jib
2c54abd6d94efefffa081b72e6603d74164d63ceAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1536890 - Remove the workaround in chrome-remote-interface now that remote agent supports websocket handshake. r=ato
eeff570a825a7370902317ae5dc53862d4f82c7eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1537537. Improve the MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT analysis reporting around invalid args. r=andi
664d49ea52757224083e93a9742e676bb8689ef4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1536736. Allow constexpr things in the MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT analysis. r=andi
1133a148d29c657567b6985e08af96adab3328f7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1536825. Fix the interaction of ignoreTrivials and typechecks in MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT analysis. r=andi
15a5f72d591f9af00b5379495e8d7258e5840226Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1536724. Consider a smartptr temporary to be live for MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT analysis purposes. r=andi
9acf9a003aa388a9d7efd11fb2a9031b6a7ed7dfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1536719. Fix handling of member method calls in the MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT analysis. r=andi
6365c8d87a5c8811f5dda4e4417450515e1f6bc3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1536336. Change MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT analysis to allow const members of "this" in addition to stack refptrs. r=andi
323b02ea2926c6762c63730b43c57eaca0e73dc1Ian Moody — Bug 1536653 - browser/ manual ESLint no-throw-literal fixes. r=Gijs
2775470a624f84e16c66813af09f703f8aab9f51Ian Moody — Bug 1536653 - browser/ automated ESLint no-throw-literal fixes. r=Gijs
f981cbb72ac2b9802839dd6b84758dbcd8be4ce4Ian Moody — Bug 1536648 - accessible/ manual ESLint no-throw-literal fixes. r=Jamie
10b750eab8164e7cd6fa8315e2bd04cc9001e8b0Tom Tung — Bug 1423917 - P10 - Remove .tmp file in idb drectories in the 2_1to2_2 upgrade; r=asuth
f285d37402e2d138d4567e623c6a578e942ff8e5Tom Tung — Bug 1423917 - P9 - Remove asmjs client in the 2_1to2_2 upgrade for QuotaManager; r=luke
5584de41d293aff4d2eff05c4cd884e87f876028Tom Tung — Bug 1423917 - P7 - Ignore invalid origin files during upgrading; r=asuth
330622caa8b7aa6acb553910d0b228157a0b2fcbTom Tung — Bug 1423917 - P6 - Having a test to verify the version2_1To2_2 upgrade removes obsolete origins and isn't blocked by an invalid origin; r=asuth
1a87608f65c3c4cf6abfd9288636a2d3049f86faTom Tung — Bug 1423917 - P5 - Introduce a minor upgrade on QuotaManager to clean obsolete origins; r=asuth
497e09d55cc56d171d132726017d68daa5c201f5Tom Tung — Bug 1423917 - P4 - Support moz-safe-about://home in OriginParser and make it obsolete; r=asuth
a3af1bcb734844d30a203d8af6670d57972d14a9Tom Tung — Bug 1423917 - P3 - Teach the OriginParser "chrome" origin; r=asuth
d24302372a6718247f5bbd6d1c8467baa954d7d8Valentin Gosu — Bug 1450893 - Add pref for list of domains excluded from TRR r=dragana
da9099238d4fa1fd520508743cae5a06168ef5edValentin Gosu — Bug 1450893 - Add way to clear DNS cache r=dragana
3e21362cd4dca93964b0ffa8296838aae82cd349Honza Bambas — Bug 1536387 - Part 2: enhance the range for allowed http cache storage key tag character values, r=michal
30454922473818f48661f81b29b097b2e718e0d0Chris H-C — Bug 1530481 - Support encoded snapshots in Firefox Origin Telemetry. r=janerik
171275cc24fb88aa17bf23039852774f225455d5Chris H-C — Bug 1530481 - Refactor PrioEncoder to be usable from C++. r=rhelmer
1dab9495422d633c522edc99af1cf45227913e67Chris H-C — Bug 1530481 - Test Firefox Origin Telemetry. r=janerik
0ada21a3af9312d5d1a1529c5fa370be670806a9Chris H-C — Bug 1530481 - Sketch out Firefox Origin Telemetry's impl. r=janerik
b807c0c7e3b69afd42c982f38aff35654240a75dMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1534805 - Unify FrameLayerBuilder and WR display list iterators r=mattwoodrow
73912c794410e45c28ae75f84e7f8172e5410ec7Chris AtLee — Bug 1536230: Speed up extraction of tarballs r=marco
f12d81e75b7773dc69d2aeef0f7ff86c35d2a7daffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP blocklist remote-settings - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
218aa822e63324e798c34480350f91f66cf988faHenrik Skupin — Bug 1535562 - [mozproxy] Docs are not referenced in mozbase index. r=ahal
2be7cd7b958df0fe902adf5f3d841822a93685banidhi — Bug 1534329 - Filter <script> <stringbundle> in the prefs' findInPage code. r=Gijs
6b83f9824d752a071d562c078ff7b92b03eb1a8dDão Gottwald — Bug 1537726 - Further clean up the regex for legacy homepage reset. r=r1cky
6f59938c2690754fbc974587b3b267f79fe00ef1vrinda — Bug 1424287 - [mozlog] added color dictionary and TerminalColors class r=jgraham
5841b4e9959374c8d594e50bf1141d36edb5ced8Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1488503: Add test for validation. r=jdescottes
4354c226d3388236c307849644c135f9532f3d4aDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1488503: Validation for network location. r=jdescottes,flod
d03df68738c80cce9182ea0113244633a42bca4eMark Banner — Bug 1536645 - Enable some ESLint rules in accessible/tests/browser where they are already enabled in the global configuration. r=surkov
5c681491ba94818cfb06f08ff061c32fe7668960Mark Banner — Bug 1536645 - Remove unnecessary rule definitions (obsolete, no need to override etc) in accessible/tests/browser/.eslintrc.js. r=surkov
bdd4df54671bee54c1c1a2e64479dec8f439c518Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1493611 - Exclude Android from Linux platform check. r=mjf
168ced56310572786eec78fd04e29e6340b84ddbDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1114929: Add a test for multiline comment. r=pbro
9c404dce84745cd0b99acb604becca42c3777fbeDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1114929: Apply line count of comments. r=pbro
342c28406c954c7757d32cd533271e9b8556f0d5Dennis Schubert — Bug 1536453 - Use legacy keyCode and charCode for r=masayuki
95c5a6730ef6cd919c976b807f2619966cb6026cJulian Descottes — Bug 1531704 - Remove isClosed flag from WorkerTargetFront r=ochameau
c3c26233073718833bd55d9bf2930e2a8096c25eJulian Descottes — Bug 1531704 - Stop calling WorkerTargetFront::destroy() from detach() r=ochameau
27e9ef4df5af6926cf74dc24838c0fc6014c2a59lenka — Bug 1533764 - enable pref for column resizer in Nightly; r=Honza
2811220eaad7cdd1315cc9ea4c77ab4ccd23b6a1Tarek Ziadé — Bug 1532557 - Improve mitmdump start/stop process - r=whimboo
b5c29835be635ba6e15af8eed918f4dbdd222c3cCsoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. CLOSED TREE
94b858d366031724359dee96d3594349defe7806violet — Bug 1536892 - Check a frame does maintain overflow before adding to OverflowChangedTracker. r=longsonr CLOSED TREE
747a5da93708d6ad12832272d794b21d825a4bb9Gurzau Raul — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1522412) for xpcshell failures at test_shouldclassify.js on a CLOSED TREE.
8aef30b8a2be10a22438549491fd05ee64b03fcfMark Banner — Bug 1530675 - Enable WebNavigation transistion notifications for WebExtensions with QuantumBar. r=mak,rpl
d517ff77de9ef47f5a987e2821bed56a2f2c538aMark Banner — Bug 1528683 - Update and annotate existing QuantumBar TODO comments with bug numbers. r=mak
6f237d2b1e137a3a252113bbbef16c9abf0f4d0eFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1537683 - Remove Fluent migration recipes for Firefox 66 r=Pike
25ebfc26acfccd17f5e66c5f0640ba8f1dca5f91Jonathan Kew — Bug 1537587 - Add Noto fonts for more languages to Android version of GetCommonFallbackFonts. r=lsalzman
c78da14598ce7727d70e51700bf7afee901aa0e7dlee — Bug 1535304 - Remove provider from about:url-classifier if no table is being used. r=gcp
7c998456e1fd5aa0271b8508a25a5becec2768e0Dimi Lee — Bug 1522412 - P7. A mochitest to test different channel open call sites are classified. r=Ehsan
ebb581ddf1d1fb49de6a661efa66fc5fc55641e0Dimi Lee — Bug 1522412 - P6. Add a xpcshell-test for default classification. r=Ehsan
850e1c68d9784a2f0e4f7226310fe6c1790a5754dlee — Bug 1522412 - P5. Do not use system principal in testcase to test tracking protection. r=Ehsan
fe288a48cecb6e867fb85dec61cd51017b2ee8dbDimi Lee — Bug 1522412 - P4. Use LOAD_BYPASS_URL_CLASSIFIER flag for SafeBrowsing update/lookup r=Ehsan
5399bca472b1a519f595480e786aa970f51cbb66Dimi Lee — Bug 1522412 - P3. Adopt nsIChannel.LOAD_BYPASS_URL_CLASSIFIER in the algorithm determining if we should classify a channel's URI. r=Ehsan,mayhemer
91e5b339fe11c8211bced586f5eb31be46a47693Dimi Lee — Bug 1522412 - P2. Remove nsIChannel.LOAD_CLASSIFY_URI flag. r=Ehsan
b80098d0a5c4197287582b6db0bd71aaa6bbd05cDimi Lee — Bug 1522412 - P1. Replace LOAD_CLASSIFY_URI flag with a heuristic algorithm. r=Ehsan,mayhemer