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Tue Nov 16 17:56:35 2010 +0000
860d55aec420a96d0535d39c9a68b50099fb697cL. David Baron — Animate skew in angle space rather than tangent space for interop and to avoid issues with infinite tangents. (Bug 606722) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
0b5df68704ad59ace22682b40b1b30843af9e05dL. David Baron — Remove spammy warning announcing that we haven't fixed bug 455338. (Bug 611686) r=bzbarsky a2.0=DEBUG-only
46dbf72e386fc094f001e28edb2d66caa0a9e6a5L. David Baron — Make the reftest image comparison tests have a more informative message so they're easier to distinguish from the rest. (Bug 611702) r=ted a2.0=tests
a5cf7be988577c5e0dc08fae53102b4a99fd4cfdL. David Baron — Fix assertion (that should have turned the tree orange). (Bug 608458) r=roc a2.0=blocking(on 500141)