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Thu Mar 05 12:09:27 2009 +0000
255494d0952143a66d917756a2913477ec6ca360Marco Bonardo — Bug 480437 - test_expiration is working on wrong assumptions, r=dietrich
480d7c7f5c38d68ad3ce27eb22e1a3efb9f1e4fdMarco Bonardo — Bug 435322 - Places History Visit Date doesn't show _date_ portion properly, r=dietrich
82d502128473889bcd0779e25c9a801bbeffbb33Marco Bonardo — Bug 431153 - Middle clicking on a tag in the Library left pane does not open in tabs, r=dietrich
85cad64285f9a8bef04f33f341c3771f6b39837cDietrich Ayala — Bug 469422 - tag autocomplete disappears on every other character that is typed, r=mak77