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Mon Dec 14 15:23:10 2009 +0000
683dfdc4adf03e4fd866da24f13390c938c7bf54Benjamin Smedberg — Remove last-mozilla-central tags which are only useful on the electrolysis branch. a=me for landing into the tree I closed!
8ef83d174df3227dc27a673b18d9861efc7bd2baBenjamin Smedberg — End the electrolysis-plugins-only branch: merge in the remaining changes from electrolysis head in preparation for pushing to mozilla-central.
b046e2fcfc57abdf7fd7d6f70f9a37b03f8f6d60Benjamin Smedberg — Added tag last-mozilla-central for changeset a732c6d3c078
3904feeee89d6959e2f23f5e2e3826acec609f3dBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into e10s, again.
6c19a6a23583a523ef1ced884555f53c005f539fBenjamin Smedberg — test_crashing.html had windows-style line endings.
33bdf9d466ec5d9d30b71ca53c8fdfeacd96d1daBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into electrolysis.
4778341de66c04612e42500507411902431227b3Benjamin Smedberg — Added tag last-mozilla-central for changeset 27937722da69
7078aafa574a445e228b12175360f0ba3f47b9e6Benjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into electrolysis. One code change was required: in nsDocShell::CreateStaticClone I replaced EnsureDocShell with MaybeCreateDocShell.
0fe0641b2c400cd609a959f2205824cf9fc6edebBen Turner — Backing out changesets ed8d3323a50d, 3930bbdffdd5, 36e32abd2cc8, f4bcfc703ff9, 21051d997076, and 49f489315dd9 at the request of bsmedberg.
f9c0cc34ebe85229eaf87b2003659eac1e91669cChris Jones — bug 533507: improve IPC "race condition" error message. frontend only, r=me
7efa9bc5cdba64c6b10248e557395290a63728f3Chris Jones — bug 533587: process RPC in-calls deferred because of races until "later". in-person r=bent
210bdc4eaa46a41ae4af9a9281507a0ce4f5206cChris Jones — add missing makefile dep. r=trivial
259438e556fe7ebd62e3a96ff5245b5f35ef5925Jonathan Griffin — Bug 533482. Let plugin crashtest notify testrunner that no leak log is expected when the plugin process is deliberately crashed. r=bsmedberg
4bc50caad8902e1113b72b25564500de23ced3ffChris Jones — bug 532973: add a check-valgrind target that runs IPDL unit tests under valgrind. r=luser
69b012e64a77ba52aa35488cbdd27dbbdb5e2e95Chris Jones — bug 532962: allow to accept debugger arguments. r=luser
c77da7450ba1d2f26df0d5f9c32a912c0ca9ac97Chris Jones — bug 533034: fix race condition that led to use-after-free. thanks valgrind!
0e05ec50ad0b4148e4f07701c4b6befe4a5c0363Chris Jones — bug 532983: fix invalid memory reads caused by regressions in shutdown behavior. r=bsmedberg
51d0aea0390bf71d3888da8f02a93cd0d87e9a77Benjamin Smedberg — Comment out the crash test until we can fix the leaking nsPluginHost as well as tell the test harness that it's ok that the crashing plugin process didn't print leak information.
c15b2b4cfbf21e47c9f107ef718b152aaf90fab1Chris Jones — rename conflicting crash() symbol that's breaking the mac build
ed8d3323a50df74cacce8e784cfea483dd3caf2dBenjamin Smedberg — Oh snap! nsPluginTag.mEntryPoint became a nsCOMPtr in a merge and ended up being double-released. Victory is mine!
2f0d08758c5bcfe5c8247abd402e57f6be21f8f8Benjamin Smedberg — Added tag last-mozilla-central for changeset 65c1582465ef
3930bbdffdd572610f9d9e39677465d1df6fd6faBenjamin Smedberg — Defer the PluginCrashed notification so that we don't delete the PluginModuleParent while we're in the middle of a crash notification.
a3fa339c9f61ea882db89b9fa84e8e3584264980Chris Jones — fix some leaks found by valgrind. r=trivial
36e32abd2cc8b306b9d69a0f35ccd3fb8e7a5c90Benjamin Smedberg — Partly fix test bustage from bug 532751: set mShutdown before notifying the nsNPAPIPlugin, so that it doesn't re-enter IPC methods.
d512dee34413d8f227e9ac5c3d7127d00965387cChris Jones — bug 521949: make valgrind stop complaining about a false-positive uninitialized memory read
30c3aa397fdc1e43bdb92d3724cdb85f9368895fChris Jones — Fix MSVC warning
c228f7ad2a50b28397b643a985f0ba5110faac9eBenjamin Smedberg — Add a .crash() method to the testplugin, and test that crashing throws exceptions in the parent.
f4bcfc703ff92bcd7ac1c634c77ddc6f6b112dd1Benjamin Smedberg — !MOZ_IPC build bustage from bug 532751
dc4201e0d9e5e503d5c94fae43371056eff397d2Chris Jones — bug 523175: follow-up to 82549dbf71d8, fully enables the C++/IPDL side of Shmem and adds unit tests. r=bent
5ffc5409203c649967a622154eb7437eeb10fdd8Chris Jones — bug 523174: add a higher-level Shmem class that implements exclusive access rights between parent/child actors and does over/underflow checking. (Also adds a stop-gap lower-level SharedMemory class in lieu of bug 523172.) r=joedrew
21051d997076ea0b57572d562c816744a20f6fecBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 532751 - Stop cacheing the nsNPAPIPlugin when it crashes, so that refreshing the page immediately reloads the plugin, r=bent pending r?joshmoz
49f489315dd9d43dae0be829197ecdd1e3ef6e1dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 532700 - nsNPAPIPluginInstance can outlive its nsNPAPIPlugin, sr=jst pending r=josh
cd74c0c4de892c1e34c1ccdc4cce54e5a5694fa2Benjamin Smedberg — Merge additional changes from electrolysis and mozilla-central into the electrolysis-plugins-only tracking branch. electrolysis-plugins-only
39e0a7b9fc54fd744a269072ba52b051e3deb247Benjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into electrolysis
9b7c59d4c4cd4e290d06a2fc3045d4fa54b20ea0Benjamin Smedberg — "Merge" electrolysis default back onto the the electrolysis-plugins-only branch. electrolysis-plugins-only
f7ca1228ab3c5ef2434d23127b86d601c94499fcBenjamin Smedberg — Bustage fix
3eee2a0a8366c122a6c936bfb0b2a3d4a8d5c306Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 532671 - After a plugin crashes, the module entry points (most importantly NPP_New) should fail, r=bent
a346a86b8d447774f78c176783e9abb78b8044d8Benjamin Smedberg — When the plugin crashes, set NPP->pdata to NULL, and null-check NPP->pdata in the callbacks that matter. r=bent
7e8db82fcc5208a93ea15e37ee822a0feb1359ffBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 532659 - PluginScriptableObjectParent gets double-deleted when the plugin crashes, and fix the IPDL bug where we `delete` the actor if construction fails, instead of calling Deallocate on it, r=bent
080b011ab3e42daca9d9e27e879157750cece426Ben Turner — Fix bad invalidation bug in child NPObjects
2829e0190d535f8c43ab9739e5228fe8197896c3Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 532605 - _write conflicts with symbols in the MSVC runtime. Remove all vestiges of PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C from nsNPAPIPlugin.{h,cpp}, so that these functions are given C++ mangled names in the namespace we actually declared for them.
7ebfbec7521c2e98786bad0d0f00720f2bb2d3e1Chris Jones — bug 529005: detect child process shutdowns vs. crashes, and expose this information to IPDL actors in a new |ActorDestroy(why)| interface. also ensure that subprotocol actors are notified of shutdown and cleaned up properly. r=bsmedberg r=bent
b8b7a32cf66d061d17d390b67f6968da59e95564Chris Jones — bug 521272: add C++ interfaces allowing IPDL manager actors to iterate over managees. r=trivial
5160e99545e97c8263d36774d87a70487cf7cf98Chris Jones — bug 525342: make IPDL dtors part of the destructed actor's protocol instead of the manager's. r=bsmedberg
a006c48594102ef7eba67b126ed0fa44a3aa1c11Chris Jones — bug 525172: from IPDL specs generate .cpp files with method definitions instead of everything in .h files. r=bsmedberg
1da06de159400756bcb60047eeaeb4185a7d7ce2Chris Jones — bug 525483: simple check for IPDL actor use-after-free. also refactors some error handling code
3716cd3234f3eb72a1b71603a91e0533c0e36d0bChris Jones — bug 524220: add a |nullable| type qualifier denoting whether C++ actor params are allowed to be NULL. r=bent
82549dbf71d8a6f8c508b65678d343706a2bad1fChris Jones — bug 523175: preliminary front-end-only support for shmem. r=bent
931de1b8f474f6fb875af2137492a6af6bb34b17Chris Jones — bug 532333: part 2: implement an alternate EnsureChildTerminated() that listens for SIGCHLD (with a timeout) on the IO thread, instead of spawning a cleanup thread
6a6d7b8eb32329f719c9d8d70c92acc92ad753d3Chris Jones — bug 532333: part 1: expose libevent signal events through chromium wrappers
10555f6decb9d52e607bdef2e153fd9c662078d7Ben Turner — Add WM_MOUSEACTIVATE to list of deferred messages
c945cf702edcb5e0b281509981809292f01024eeChris Jones — Build fix
43f268b4219d9f1530bfc03d291e7ae5375d9e10Ben Turner — Add WM_CAPTURECHANGED to the list of delayed messages.
be9813c67107df2c0ba2a95480ee4e3d56b5a9ebBen Turner — Don't let plugin return a null window object and NPERR_NO_ERROR, r=jst.
9d2bd5bb53a2c396e5fe6de425f5612bf860f693Jim Mathies — Bug 522299 - fix linux bustage.
7d9f0fb8ccda9c553cf110d444408c7556beb8b0Ben Turner — Bug 531821 - Add chromium LICENSE file.
0873b46c5ec93a28a3fb67ba0907526129fdbf11Ben Turner — Bug 526401 - Fixup handling of null NPP. r=bsmedberg.
294b4124af585265c005b23d14fd88bedf6862eaJim Mathies — Bug 522299 - Electrolysis: Get windowless plugins drawing on win32. r=jmuizelaar.
4e0bbcc919a80d9312c7ac9764a9d684d71abcc5Benjamin Smedberg — "Merge" electrolysis-plugins-only back into the electrolysis default branch, but revert all the changes it made so that blame for the tab-specific code is still correct.
19d257200d1bd0da7e6834c930ade8f406ceaaefBenjamin Smedberg — Additional Windows-only change to remove tab-specific electrolysis code. electrolysis-plugins-only
8718a4fb041a3b1e35967585b325766fb36db4a2Benjamin Smedberg — Remove makefile and glue bits which support out of process tabs on the electrolysis-plugins-only branch. electrolysis-plugins-only
304741fcee19b277d9db3bb204fa2a4d3afa839dBenjamin Smedberg — Straight revert of dom/interfaces to its mozilla-central state. electrolysis-plugins-only
4268618808b0519fa0e828a7baf9cd71116b05a1Benjamin Smedberg — Straight revert of xpcshell to its mozilla-central state. electrolysis-plugins-only
ddc35db526ee3b78535e41259a6178cd07d8a528Benjamin Smedberg — Straight revert of layout/* to its mozilla-central state, and removal of testshell which depends on PContentProcess. electrolysis-plugins-only
9e7a2c507c41dede81544a4fdeeda3aac678508bBenjamin Smedberg — Straight revert of content/* dom/interfaces/canvas/* dom/ipc/* toolkit/content/tests/fennec-tile-testapp/* netwerk/* security/manager/ssl* to their mozilla-central state. This named branch will be used as a temporary area to merge just the plugin portion of electrolysis into mozilla-central. electrolysis-plugins-only
b0943d83c24fb8966fbb2c2b97fbc7a22bd4487cBenjamin Smedberg — Added tag last-mozilla-central for changeset 2bae3bbf866e
5e9d96f3be1c5bd1b61647c39b8acf08d0e9f12cBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into Electrolysis
7515867b6cc569ea171f72ca2265de6c23d5b865Ben Turner — Fix link warnings on windows
a7943acc38e19919fb87fc45bf28c4be1d04cb32Benjamin Smedberg — XXX removal: don't destroy the stream on failure (a future ActorDestroy callback will take care of that), and other shutdown- and crash-related XXX removal which are handled by bug 529005
04a02dc20521382565273337e6d7ead39ba21246Benjamin Smedberg — TODO-removal: make NullableStringGet an inline function instead of a macro, and make NullableString an inline function in mozilla::plugins instead of in an anonymous namespace: no need to have a separate copy of it for each translation unit.
4486dcbf65573e9ea77a86b9f88f46f0c86dc438Benjamin Smedberg — More TODOs in the the plugin stream code, use the NullableString mechanisms which were invented after this landed.
e259e884b23a31e8502a3e2fc200093024b614ccBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 530894 - Clean up TODOs in the plugin stream remoting: if NPN_{Get,Post}URLNotify fail, clean up the actor properly. Also deal with null postdata, which currently causes significant problems for the in-process case (NPN_PostURLNotify succeeds, but NPP_URLNotify is never called). r=bent
4d8cb0be8c0290fa1103dc01320aa3413d373490Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 528367 - generate ipdl_{lex,yacc} in the objdir, not the srcdir
133d4a382af1cc2d7ab028fb93b32951dc03853bBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into Electrolysis.
0ce2fd2badaa7491f82f1d1757f88bbc00954718Ben Turner — Fix PostDelayedTask in the message loop
db9989871e18ed7ab9d4f2854961cc08f219e061Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 523208 - ensure mochitest expects multiple processes, original patch by jgriffin, reworked for ted's review comments by bsmedberg, r=ted
e87bbd2bc85fdc4d07064c13fcad2ee28fffffe7Benjamin Smedberg — Do full shutdown, instead of _exit(0) shutdown in the plugin process when we're doing leak checking.
8598d7ba50a1a58cc85a312b8a43f370461ece48Benjamin Smedberg — Backed out changeset 97c456993dbd -- red herring, no need for this debugging spew.
97c456993dbd99265a2db08e849f8342ce47ff6aChris Jones — temporary debugging spew to check bug 529234
2ff020f774357a7377dc9bd4530efb12e94d1e3fBenjamin Smedberg — Don't crash if NP_Initialize failed remotely: PluginLibrary::NP_Initialize returns an nsresult, not a NPError; nsNPAPIPlugin::CreatePlugin fails but still sets the outparam; nsPluginHost doesn't properly rv-check nsNPAPIPlugin::CreatePlugin, which causes us to think the bad plugin is actually good. I hate stupid failure chains!
1c186849650e912707c5db077abc6a0c210d10f0Chris Jones — bug 530007: fix crashing edge cases in the hope of getting better diagnostics about failed tests
aa943e9954e262f73270200646a66bf20d6e8419Chris Jones — include some headers missing in newer gcc/libc builds. r=trivial
ee38cc175494461f4267f4b24d090ea0caf130b1Benjamin Smedberg — Don't use a static nsCString (causing leaks in the plugin process). Also, use NS_LogInit/NS_LogTerm for the child process so that leaks are reported at the right time.
7086aa5da6bb47712c0308446c37619029b088aaBen Turner — Fix bad allocation pattern in NPP_New
ee79c580c4823cdf1f5609c706865c79e96658baBenjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 525090 - log new processes to a file based on the environment, instead of unconditionally to stdout, r=cjones
82ce02c1243b86241ad424b32810fd786573bab7Chris Jones — bug 529234: make sure to cleanup child processes
2a59cefc5791dd6bbd68dd15e804322b726f1becBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into electrolysis.
785d2f84f4c484c258c5a7060318eaa4f20e9067Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 523769 - Don't call into plugin hooks (specifically NPObject.deallocate) while mid-GC, r=jst+mrbkap
6b3ac4cfff1c1963bf2fa787412619661a65b283Ben Turner — Bug 526361 - 'Defer nonqueued messages received during synchronous IPC calls'. r=jimm+rs.
37f41c054914bb7e471299b7508b7bd3d9ddd6aaJosh Matthews — Bug 517963 - New-tab opening should not launch the content process synchronously r=cjones
58ef4738603570a6f263962d073937275d04d027Frederic Plourde — Bug 513354 - Destroy the baseWindow on tab destruction, r=bs
090fc166ea4b78591b4df8b76d12a3dfa96e7c1eBen Turner — Bug 528144 - 'Missing IPC messages cause hang during xpcshell test'
684053bbb68e8514d8b6fcd841569b5c21bb0d09Chris Jones — fix brain-dead cjones bug. no r=, trivial
ddf8790d3c4ae3570e08e37738f32ed95f8d9305Olli Pettay — Bug 523356 - Remote event listeners for Electrolysis, r=bsmedberg
2ffe92d3cfde1155df2de246b9b3cf9f7bfec0c6Olli Pettay — Backout Bug 523356
1f3d37597416f10176cb67ac770dc8a015bcbdc1Olli Pettay — Bug 523356 - Remote event listeners for Electrolysis, r=bsmedberg
c0f5e6e36befd0f2096d5ad1cc31cdd3b84ccce7Chris Jones — add nsresult to IPDL builtins
fad684be12cf090bd15e0d64bdfcb287f6e256f0Ben Turner — Bug 528144 - 'Missing IPC messages cause hang during xpcshell test'
d5d054a09eb72d6b518999836cb7b04b36a2d4b7Ben Turner — Followup to bug 527876
ec15b649b679035bb18d651052c75b928412d53cBen Turner — Bug 527876 - 'test_windowed_invalidate.html hangs during mochitest-ipcplugins'.
115f3d4699caae6997c6e5671fa9f4a43e049a64Ben Turner — Fix bustage
7ded2fa82187f3ca7e906eb7c88336137c30197cChris Jones — no need to include in C++ protocol-common headers |include protocol|'d from IPDL. this is an accident of history
a5cedf5e76ded5280adad680798083903e39d422Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 527925 - Print preview broken in e10s (really, broken any time you try to define UNICODE in widget/src/windows), switch to using wide variants of the necessary functions, r?jrmuizelaar
3b841444642cdb94844f537239df9580ffe0e329Ben Turner — Bug 525792 - 'Fix leaks running mochitests'.
245eec6c6d846281e45d336ee96e01483e42cbc2Ben Turner — More better awesome trap on debug builds when we try to abort
b105843e4df3e82d150143d0cd728fad96f0fbc1Ben Turner — Make NS_DebugBreak trap as well as abort in debug builds
10176823ddc19f59a234d6c52d1041b314cfe25bBenjamin Smedberg — Don't rely on the plugin methods to return a non-null actor when the say NPERR_NO_ERROR... crashing here is a no-no even if the plugin is stupid.
2ee3bdf308f5fa4032c0485071bce0a131b1c715Benjamin Smedberg — The test plugin over-retains its scriptable object: NPN_CreateObject returns a retained object, so there's no need to retain it again. This shouldn't fix the leak but it does expose the bug bent just fixed.
c9291b44510ce0ba7d0a8369c53a323fe680d733Ben Turner — Fix invalidation algorithm so that we never leave a deleted actor in the live hash map.
ac1ad8585c51cac384f511ca6cf6593134c259b9Chris Jones — fix misplaced forward declarations of protocols
4badd9a1932fd39a7d56d16e7db0b8d4aec52fdbBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into electrolysis.
8014289bdafb440881cea3852241d678cef963d4Chris Jones — bug 527871: fix shutdown assertion and leaking TestShellParent. still leaking ContentProcessParent's GeckoChildProcess, but needs discussion before fixing
736a19e0065ba077161c5efd3e6532280cf755e7Chris Jones — mac builds and runs with --enable-ipc, but the subprocess nsAppShell dies for an apparently Cocoa-related reason. IPC is fine though
418e1f7e1f467a608b24ce506199d294046c910cChris Jones — print actor names instead of protocol, regression
a7254e8e98f5e5aa72c0f0e097534d6c8a378ce9Chris Jones — the protocol-tree-walk to determine friends was broken
4157d7f9205f38fb2acb9d49e1e8cb29f9d50425Jonathan Griffin — Bug 519570. Fix build bustage on non-IPC builds.
246ea55e42c37b95c7da0a09b24950a11987a8f5Jonathan Griffin — Bug 519570. Log leaks for child processes in separate files, and handle them in r=bsmedberg
8212015ff29d47dd436692a72cd9e2e29163d84dBen Turner — Fix silly bugs
8058ec0fe278f1d03d71358f635bead3ec0002f4Phineas T. Farnsworth — bug 526626: band-aids for shutdown assertions
a03c00114c66070d5768ff111abf69ef215b7f1dBenjamin Smedberg — Followup to last patch: using the ternary operator doesn't shortcut creating the temporary object, and I can't figure out why it was a ternary anyway: make it an if.
30f7096ee4b73c61ab1bf3a472845ab74848f235Benjamin Smedberg — Fix the chromium logging stuff: make CHECK/LOG release-and-debug (DCHECK/DLOG are debug-only), and make it print warning/error/abort using NS_DebugBreak, which is especially important for release aborts.
88f0199e82849cbdefd780e1bab12f7e5de15446Chris Jones — build fix for gcc <= 4.2
cee52b7bbe85f953d0defc37fc85f47464792b89Ben Turner — Bustage fix
4d65f6c4ffe12a187dd593b81c6db543552589c3Chris Jones — fix linux build
ef1c7ba3103b22d8846abae307c974a0f0a6eedeChris Jones — fix build bustage and test SEGFAULTs
478360ac91c4d543b961f9c3705da1d0b21e63eeBen Turner — Bug 522414 - 'RPC and Sync channels will deadlock easily on Windows'. r=jimm+rs.
bc96dc2a910edd3b51b4abb0c531ec5fabfe7a18Chris Jones — bug 526990: add support for serializing |float|s. no r=, trivial
48f43197ae753d186fd96c6c8af77abb810bd24aBenjamin Smedberg — Followup to the previous patch: give arguments to CHECK also, to fix Maemo build bustage and be consistent.
c6c2026ba4cf6f2856fbe2ec570c8fd2679014d4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 526868 - Drop the dependency on GLIBCXX_3.4.9 by hacking Chromium logging to use NSPR logging instead of ostream. Pending r+ from cjones, but I wanted to get this landed to see what it did to the Linux testerboxes.
e8d11cef633f1dceab50393611d06df4cbd7166eBenjamin Smedberg — Merge from mozilla-central.
4d9d74b3da6a08d05654472c1c1276bffff4c579Chris Jones — don't init gtk in xpcshell, it's a relic of a darker era
96c251dc41d8529ad9dfae1892389fb7ef463cd1Chris Jones — bug 523894: wstrings are bad news in OPT builds due to chromium/Mozilla -fshort-wchar mismatch
2856c7a71f4f79b5ea2f36abe8d092cad0d9ef8fOlli Pettay — Bug 516727 - Electrolysis+Fennec: forward mouse events from the chrome tiles to the content process
43851a1c6bc6f822186755ba151e3484de4e64dfOlli Pettay — Bug 522533 - Sort out focus handling in Electrolysis
23105dd43409027fbf4b62f215ea8504263e7f65Olli Pettay — Bug 526247 - Focus handling doesn't work on TestGtkEmbed, r=enn+karl
d14de7c14b41b8568389607493742a3dae3dabf8Chris Jones — revert odd NSPR configure change that snuck in
961bfa23f570114152557cee11d637b55d0d07a4Chris Jones — bug 525677: shuffle some headers to appease gcc 4.2. IRC r=fred23,bsmedberg
7f8abab790b490f3f89f22f4f9f2ece3897d4298Ben Turner — Fix command line initialization on windows
80dcc6b5f564856406f07fa862ce3cabab45a552Benjamin Smedberg — Update chromium code to newer versions (rev 23304) to avoid tr1/function which doesn't compile without RTTI on, and disable RTTI by default.
3b48ad476217f0cd44d0cbfd5158e0adb5c114e8Benjamin Smedberg — Disable the NPN_SetException tests for the time being until the e10s bug is fixed.
600407fc5d305a55c3819cf2a86ee21d6fae9e1bChris Jones — a non-MOZ_IPC function fell in with the wrong crowd
b323e3f3af614f7e7138436c30fb8398342382e2Chris Jones — bug 526397: fix up command line init. no r=, minor
06a506e6870014a2e06a4a1ef729779efd74a672Chris Jones — bug 525792: fix leaking PluginModules, call NP_Shutdown() on plugins. minor, no r=
777af746b2942935e4fb1a5e5c73bbd765ac62abJonathan Griffin — Bug 525090. Log the PID's of launched processes. r=cjones
21a714576a3d919cc033fe9b038a9c7b22c8f447Benjamin Smedberg — Remove stale TODO, this will be properly covered by parent-side error handling events.
72bbf8383143607566613edb4a182695ec562a54Benjamin Smedberg — Linux build bustage from previous commit, bug 525605.
79f4a6b45881bf31384b32b53a7e512aba9504c2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 525605 - Windows unit tests orange loading plugins: on Windows, the directly-imported plugin functions are WINAPI, so we need to use careful typedefs to get the calling convention right.
0f0ff5b8d5d09d8e470d11c830a36c9d36df0dc9Chris Jones — don't allow TestLatency to run when MOZ_IPC_MESSAGE_LOG is set
2805f5a149b69221ea82e9996f3f128bb4dddd23Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 525454 - Crash in mochitest-ipcplugins where NPP_Invoke returns the last reference to an object. Also fixes an operator-precedence error.
e7b8d9a1337aca720bfc932ace6d6a8c704af011Benjamin Smedberg — Reorder includes so that Windows links correctly (mismatched typedefs of uint16)
46ebd7e439dc5081c5291fe8d1580be78fd1e943Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 523224 - nsFrameLoader::TryNewProcess crashes if reflow hasn't happened yet and created a view for our remote tab. Fix this by separating the process of creating the IFrameEmbedding and hooking up the view. IFrameEmbedding creation is analogous to creating a docshell, and we can hook up the view/widget hierarchy later.
03c7af83160bdcab8980b2720b8d2c8caf72e579Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 525106 - Make WebGL compile with UNCODE defined or not-defined by using explicit W annotations on the relevant functions/structs, r?vlad
f0f4cb0fbb33e45c55cc557b73f1935141e3e320Joe Drew — Bug 505847 - Implement asyncDrawXULElement in 2D canvas. r=bz,bsmedberg
bbcf0462f3fe3772666935b8f564eeae92a72fccChris Jones — attempt to fix build
7ec14296200d0a75ce9fe2b216bd756098374275Chris Jones — bug 525150: bring back MOZ_IPC_MESSAGE_LOG. no r=, logging code only
c834e8f38b878240c27fc1fd0ea537ac1614a3d6Chris Jones — build fix
bf5fc80cab5066350f591835724cf9c60dc14b36Chris Jones — bug 525169: remove superfluous test-harness. no r=, removing testing code only
f009c0f2c988aff6b3a499c38b3efe61c3ce4ea8Joe Drew — Back out asyncDrawXULElement, since WebGL isn't ready to be compiled with -DUNICODE.
4052b7e616de66bfaa7f37ff3f0f892fbfe2c654Joe Drew — Missed one nsresult->bool fix.
873798f6dcdc92f8a5babda59e4825459256ab5dJoe Drew — Bug 505847 - Fix non-MOZ_IPC builds.
9e1daa4eaa0967515cf91f2b9b08d6d2c1739f6aJoe Drew — Bug 505847 - Implement asyncDrawXULElement in 2D canvas. r=bz,bsmedberg
5f19b649bbb0b1b17980d10bea59f71a9fbc2948Benjamin Smedberg — We can use <xul:browser> now. Exciting!
e6f613019adb5c6ba1de5bade5538a9ee86f5f36Benjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into e10s.
3671d6fbb982205f28b6988122c9bc462836af89Chris Jones — build fix
704e1ac3be4a195712a745913f958bc23fff931cChris Jones — fix an nsresult/bool confusion resulting in an incorrect error message
84c7cc1f5cb6da1c679837f677b1981a9a8e3037Chris Jones — bug 523761: give top-level IPDL actors handles to each others' processes. r=bent
80a3ac9febb75f8798322fa280aef665a319efcdChris Jones — bug 524767: add better error logging to *Channel. no r?, logging only
3b8afe1bc93d04d85fe0de4e5352b8f49104a6b1Chris Jones — Make a DEBUG_cjones log message DEBUG
4bb2d98663f50224ff7620584174f9195303b4f3Benjamin Smedberg — Linux build bustage from bug 522122.
a17f924bb034a03e31c1d2d3b4d4fcb1d51be127Benjamin Smedberg — Add #ifdef MOZ_IPC around new frameloader changes so that Mac/WINCE build again.
f6c3ddff4306f71a3031f9f2883f5f9fd2b5397dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 522122. Electrolysis: Forawrd windows events to windowless plugins. r=cjones,karlt
05ac28100696489d3beafbd6f41792e8bd915dd3Josh Aas — Allow multiple types of OOP plugins to load. b=516509 r=cjones
878b8862b695926c1bf137afde7ef013bc4d14c9Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 522352 - make nsSubDocumentFrame not assume as much about docshells: move all that into the frameloader, r=bz
80adc4f2bad012252c173b92f4494b0d544beecaBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 522351 - check for remote="true" on the element before trying to remote it, r=bz
fa24fd472835e474f3066cfca2faece350195ecfBenjamin Smedberg — Whoops, unify build files from last commit.
a94244a216329d61127a67b8781d2c2592cc39c6Benjamin Smedberg — Don't special-case WINCE for nsinstall... hopefully this will make the WinMo tree green.
6894db5c84a1dc0ae7280f52bcea6c4000ee2535Benjamin Smedberg — Don't reference IPC stuff when IPC is disabled in dlldeps-xul.cpp (hopefully will fix WinMo build).
108b4ba249e02424393916df796cbc258c9ca07dBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central to pick up additional backouts and pymake fix.
041115c448a0a03ef01302ebb716720f7ef3ee0eChris Jones — Merge mozilla-central to pick up unit test fixes
036dabb90c19b27f01dec82ef173d48e069918b9Chris Jones — fix broken Mac build
1f9b554f777d1f4e7a4ed286fae0fb61c2301040Ben Turner — Don't let people get the order of includes wrong in this horrifying patchwork of chromium and mozilla types
4db3499499ed7934fd095a46e58b14f2b1aa62e9Chris Jones — fix bug where EndRead() is called on an empty (unread) message
f3175b1461360373451987db30e9e060bbeec09cBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central to electrolysis.
3e15f80f0498186d7b17e3a8dca0dfdba6fd8005Chris Jones — bug 523272: allow protocols to reference great*grandchild actors
04684b0cd85477432c085ad4c8659d656f299e60Chris Jones — bug 518914: make sure that Messages are fully deserialized. fix fencepost error in chromium code
081405a9c62c0a0a661b0e7abd43f59dc9236febBen Turner — Fix lingering error from changing IPDL methods from returning nsresult to bool
1237b2425526a04ce530a8516a7085b854cfd1b7Chris Jones — bug 523143: switch protocols using nsTArray to native IPDL arrays
a8076123b234fb7a8601083502ea1ca003a58c3eBenjamin Smedberg — Package mozilla-runtime in the hopes that the Windows xpcshell tests might stop hanging.
b4e0340c74be42a0680bb816c5bc471d811718d9Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 523097 - Turn off MOZ_IPC for platforms where we currently don't build, and fix up ifdefs so that everything builds
aa582e9900eff046e024c554c449279f892bf757Chris Jones — bug 521324: call the multi-threaded GLib initialization function. r=karlt
04b2a9336d83a7027b24429c81c618505b85eaeaChris Jones — pre-emptive windows build fix. no hablas STDint
f1e79cb591950d1721989d1285f7f8ab8186ecfbChris Jones — bug 506171: rewrite and add native IPDL arrays.
2334b2857aa5461c94ef894277d547a71f1e82deChris Jones — temporarily un-apply some fixes that have been subsumed by bug 506171
ccb561a92da252b4d80691345a2dec630baa96edJonathan Griffin — Bug 519574. mochitest-oop -> mochitest-ipcplugins.
b7cdefea36d3ec6585217db5f771104de8ea2b91Jonathan Griffin — Bug 519574. Add mochitest-oop make target to run plugin mochitests out-of-process. r=mielczarek
6fe59003ab9482e46b2ac15e941bbfdd76addb79Jonathan Griffin — Bug 519574. Add --setpref to, to add custom prefs to mochitest runs. r-mielczarek
6ff934b4b828bc4e1ec3309ce8f37f4fd8aa4d85Chris Jones — fix bugs that were preventing IPDL C++ unit tests from running on win32
766fa7e6ea9163cae3219fa1755966b30990684aChris Jones — add basic IPC latency tests
470db21360d81e087d8a3b45377ec2697680a8deBen Turner — Add NPN_Evaluate and NPN_Push/PopPopupsEnabledState support
983651afeec71d19491005d55adc9405fc939ccbChris Jones — bug 521845: expand protocol space by 4x (temporarily)
120721a177f034df3b7a51e7891b2afc5c8ebc07Benjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central to electrolysis to pick up bug 515436.
f60ca9f4f7b3f68e245f99b289f8ccbf8247b411Karl Tomlinson — b=521376 remove XSynchronize from plugin process r=cjones
33a2340eed6d0085f19bd3a733141fe4df957ceeChris Jones — bug 521445: band-aid to stop an assertion failure when plugin processes shut down
c579d23e6b5376355186319a06c49897fb1d68b0Chris Jones — nsDependentCString must be null-terminated, but byte buffers do not. temporary fix until we start using a "real" byte buffer
5658b405d6221e20446d255b9b557d055ff4730dChris Jones — fix bugs in RPC race resolution
d39de99f2d47d032a0c98e4485c0e5e1aeb5e55bChris Jones — hack around lack of C99 format specifiers on Windows
999714b20f33f08b6ef1b44fde1f46d791b2f6b2Chris Jones — followup to RPC race resolution --- convert RPC_DEBUGABORT into RPC_ASSERT, and pre-emptively fix potential spurious race detector alarms
078feed8b303a1a12eb6f802deb2631906c28bb0Chris Jones — add racy RPC resolution. also add better debugging info and fix two shared-memory-race bugs.
bfd18b74f0db3bd109cd33b8a843eab39f9b996cBen Turner — Remove testplugin for ipc, we can run the real one now.
9c07ee9a5fbe40d651b6d044092c74e0286d86fdBen Turner — Oops, revert bad changes
91ae1b1cf67e209c00af05669ae5b296ea195177Ben Turner — Add threadsafety assertions to plugin code
1f27a6cf5117e7eb4ecb765ebcbd45d573857fddBen Turner — Oops, missed two
dacf33c7d259c9d76d5127144454b6ee92a12b07Ben Turner — Crash fixes, must initialize variants before returning true
64d437d17fb7e2b0b6807812ffaadbe65ee3fe69Chris Jones — implement NPN_UserAgent, which was trickier than expected
d7940ee3337b4693e65bf612c3add2c07db8dc59Chris Jones — fix some simple crasher bugs
1eba03694d13d9386baf0e0512a0849affff1589Ben Turner — Two tiny IPDL fixes.
cada3c32f839fa86b4ad314a00fdb86c62b7ed88Ben Turner — Bug 516524 - Support NPRuntime across processes. r=bsmedberg.
5db6674097fe73b69adef7c694a87118d4cda35cChris Jones — bug 518425: C++ unit test for bug
32b33070fcf5c29229e3e945713db916a5b2bbb3Chris Jones — bug 518126, part 2: add infrastructure for C++ tests of IPDL-generated code. r=ted,bsmedberg
192af033017183f44b3eb43a1b40f99025e65c15Ben Turner — More bustage fix
86bc67405573b8df93c44c5fd6c13865d900c878Ben Turner — Fix bustage
0c395cb51007404994377292fac9cae32244490eBen Turner — Merge mozilla-central
04562dce2157a537962100c25c0e7fb64e04e876Frederic Plourde — Bug 513990 - Add provisions to nsFrameLoader for reflow and resize events. r=bzbarsky
69a72b23a311afa63f55b6ca2a7ffcde840eec99Karl Tomlinson — b=519896 NPN_InvalidateRect r=cjones
b5411f8eeb9cd33b426c3199395a213866d8849fKarl Tomlinson — b=519641 pass visual and colormap to plugin process r=cjones
3d5deab638827f1d2ab718b120db3df69af6fe17Chris Jones — update plugin process NPNetscapeFuncs interface (with stub impls) to the most recent NPAPI.
7796b2eb23c3ab3d624861aa67a210a8d715b1a2Chris Jones — fix stupid bug in deserialization of NPWindow. X11 windowless plugins now work.
12e4710f7d13bd8b166baa3dbb7fda5bd1405390Chris Jones — forward NPWindow.{x, y} properly. no windowless gfx yet, but closer. thanks=karlt
1e34662e0b3aea1e5c011369ff37fae513cfd90eChris Jones — attempt to fix linux build
71b7bb7aa9dbc9c5fff133e7a58b2a59a93a27dbChris Jones — pre-fix windows bustage. thanks=bent
f274fb181a2f06aef84c5ae5424fbe1af72ced7bChris Jones — basic support for windowless X11 plugins. gfx not quite working yet
8af4a8ec5104c63fad27716b331ff6ce78e50661Chris Jones — bug 518425, part 2: lessen routing ID collisions
5b9badfd1a0592d0ddd3e23e881c9667ec715399Benjamin Smedberg — More plugin crash fixes: failure from NPP_Write doesn't actually destroy the stream, it just tells the browser to destroy the stream. NPP_NewStream resulting from NPN_GetURLNotify didn't have the notifyData field set correctly. Other minor logging and cleanup.
c4a468f9f7549c2813c82cbbc3509f33f4bb04daBen Turner — Merge mozilla-central
43bda478500c3947fe241f376d9db70811db700eChris Jones — bug 518126: part 1 --- test the IPDL compiler in isolation. r=bsmedberg
11d11bec234675def00473b1513d782c890f0ea0Ben Turner — Bustage fix for linux
0a0c6b183d3a30a20539e783f1e549feffef1e4dBen Turner — Finish up child-side NPRuntime. Now plugin-provided NPObjects should be totally supported. Browser-provided objects still unsupported.
c9b8d18353728f472b731e9eefb1d10fbeaa6b00Benjamin Smedberg — Fix streams to work. Be consistent about AStream* for pdata/ndata. Set up pdata before actually calling the constructor. Implement functions which were stubbed out without TODO comments. This passes the stream tests!
00c50066146c8e02386ae5d78e57661fa91f1cabChris Jones — bug 517977: require actor impls to override AllocPFoo/DeallocPFoo instead of PFooConstructor/PFooDestructor
7158cfe2023f12067ace62cba432538d986a7e82Chris Jones — bug 518032: fix messed-up dtor code gen
8d05283ce5621bff8b974b8e4438971d57439580Chris Jones — fix sync/RPC deadlock bug that came to me in a dream. r=mr.sandman
1dad436eaa992dcd91b0e936c82b5781dadc1962Chris Jones — bug 517923: support serializing ns*Strings that represent NULL, use this mechanism in PluginInstanceParent/PluginModuleChild. also add basic crash-handling to *Channel code and some NS_OVERRIDE annotations.
e812696516917d8e3d276935d7ff94afbb67d340Benjamin Smedberg — Oops, I did not mean for mochitests to test IPC-plugins by default (yet).
f56a9ae2bc4614af5fdd57f0c09eeeddb4eae963Benjamin Smedberg — Implement Plugin->Browser streams. In a very basic form the first plugin instantiation passes the new plugin stream tests, but subsequent instantiations don't: I think there's some shutdown/startup issue (the plugin is being unloaded, perhaps?)
95f8543b6e5de919405ea418f00845ce24fe01c3Benjamin Smedberg — __FUNCTION__ is not a preprocess macro: it is a symbol which ends up being a const char* for the current function. You can't concatenate it with other stuff.
dceadb5a4be7b8ecd895c2c8cd477b7cb444528bBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into electrolysis to pick up new plugin tests.
1eda83c8ac45bc9a8af28327d40b9145d7aaef96Ben Turner — Merging mozilla-central once more to hopefully clear windows unit tests
4ed2794d25e1c0aa65ef14b750b999365ec502c5Ben Turner — More nsresult -> bool fixes, and fix windows bustage from NPEvent stub impl.
c74aee79ad4d6a94f005914bf10e317160a8a2f6Chris Jones — fix more bustage related to nsresult-to-bool switch. committing initial (untested!) NPEvent forwarding caught in the crossfire
7070ef333a405740e4b10500eb01034f548156ecChris Jones — fix lingering cruft from the nsresult-to-bool conversion
bb6f71e54625e5fd84ed8568a0286bd9e244ba6aBenjamin Smedberg — Fix up dom/plugins code for bug 516661 - no more nspluginsdefs.h!
d1e8ebf88247191f19da7af9c75af66133c64380Benjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into Electrolysis.
266e73341c6f2a024d47d948c538226c0a704e54Chris Jones — make actor param/return types nullable. use decl initializers where possible for more concise code
5684f0291975b816aa1da999b3d9332d743e89d0Chris Jones — fix bug in IPDL race detector causing it not to detect certain patterns involving async messages where parent/child state machines could get more than 1 state out of sync
4fe8c1c0c231cf7bec549422ad573af611e00698Chris Jones — fix changes that busted ipc-test plugin
9e4f7f5a9ca3a1b7d6d8c87c412547f8765a980eChris Jones — switch message handler nsresult return types to bool. appears to break test plugin, will be temporary
5814a0ca6421099412f02c014dacd9b4acf891b2Ben Turner — Landing the first part of NPRuntime support for plugin-side objects. Not hooked up yet.
83d438dfacf9b03c62cf02c4fd8961ece9f1bcfcJason Duell — Necko init patch, with modeline fixes
975893837c9bab44054a23ca116738370ef76656Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 517207 - Implement NPN_GetValue, r?bent. I use separate messages for each getvalue property instead of an integer/enumeration and a variant because for each message, the type returned is static: this avoids a lot of dynamic checking for correct enumeration values and variant types. r=bent
cb6ed6132f0e95bdd92dfa4517d5a604f61e2ab5Chris Jones — bug 516798: fix busted actor-as-return-value handling in IPDL
9bccfe04db0b6b5e71d58b99532fe3e066746216Chris Jones — fix mismatched expectations of generated vars arrays
48f1bf3c11d30b8c166d3e4155808a2984d0ecd1Ben Turner — Initialize managers asap in child actors
c3cb0deac9471df1eda6dcbf2781d5046a223c08Benjamin Smedberg — Actually implement the geturl/posturl functions on the child-side plugin host.
a4337eda821fd3b6bad2f926a3f934ee8f4e8b0cBen Turner — Further fixes for unions
c136a240b2f2162c405aaca94b531d74a1dffab1Ben Turner — Fix union type stuff for linux too
209d84ef0d9513477f379c2094f447c9ee073884Ben Turner — Add simple tests for NPIdentifiers in testplugin
1dcac1b6a389e0584d336f730903db4176e9a048Ben Turner — Fix union type constructors to be explicit to avoid msvc choosing cheaper code paths
574b97bbca506d02bb28220494a02c20c55c2ae5Ben Turner — Fix mem corruption from our different use of ChildProcessHost when child processes crash
49dc5c3cdff1643f82dd749fd0bc55cf1e5f51dcBen Turner — Add support for NPIdentifiers to oop plugins
73df30df33152af465834e49fe539fa3dfe09f61Ben Turner — Fix recursive locking when unblocking an RPC channel for a sync message and add minimal error handling for sync messages.
5dc7220d444c156e1f51cd21ef4c9b15c3dc86f6Ben Turner — Fix nsTArray deserialization
87996e9d1daa2f1eb5709130bb04feea84168fd3Benjamin Smedberg — The functions which accept a `NPP instance` parameter don't need the special shim: just make them static functions on PluginModuleParent. This leaves only the following functions which will need special treatment in the Mozilla plugin host:
b31931f99c75ac4071e8ee75940e9c93095f618fChris Jones — modify the generated C++ enum representing the constituent types of IPDL unions so that they can represent a "not assigned" state
c0bc4f3bbd0fe64dca3d524af0b16769c6d32bf4Chris Jones — fix the internal C++ union of generated IPDL unions so that they can contain non-POD types
79b964f7de54cdba5c52cf4597a3a432df9cbd07Chris Jones — fix isUnion/isUnionType schizophrenia introduced by d3e90292fd30
3c2513b1cedd605bf28c91c1c497909189a97c01Jason Duell — Move necko to tier_gecko, r=bsmedberg
c4013dda5628e5b83e7affa8f4a2e0b994ece70dBenjamin Smedberg — Fix Windows build bustage from the NPN_GetURLNotify patch.
d659a888b616c38a38d3f9c3302cf7badcbf8226Benjamin Smedberg — Implement NPN_GetURLNotify/NPN_PostURLNotify/NPP_URLNotify. Still without any tests!
0f7d913202f3ad30994eb8c42d766c18c87cdaffBenjamin Smedberg — Followup to changeset d3e90292fd30, discriminated union types: bustage fix when passing an actor
9057b7265dba4e7bbbaba44e0672c0cbda96dafaChris Jones — unblock RPC waiters for async messages, for realz
fd55e5a42799bb99dab1efff50781c308245a192Chris Jones — fix bug introduced by d0d751ed8c3e where receiving multiple async messages while awaiting an RPC reply could screw things up. async messages no longer unblock RPC waiters.
d3e90292fd30307c12f17c7551d10074ab7dc7e7Chris Jones — add discriminated union types to IPDL
d0d751ed8c3e82aa203fc1775411b52835728a85Chris Jones — make RPC unblock for async and sync, as it supposed to have
9a228540021640970ac119cd38dbb92a681a3fa7Ben Turner — Remove 'Protocol' suffix from IPDL-generated files
e5bab733fbd147591421a0340147da6fbc2e8cf4Ben Turner — Rename remaining protocols
6cc76fc77a1316af550439b6028fd883801788f6Chris Jones — bug 515365: fix actor types as message params. also refactor actor naming so that the "Protocol" suffix can be removed.
762d28f6cec7514fd329fa58bbacd959e31a6f6dBenjamin Smedberg — PPluginStream is badly named: there is going to be a PPluginStream, but it's not this!
33ec43a388260f8a86422860ea35d020df97847cChris Jones — bug 515242: finish FE support for actor types specified to be in "any" state (by adding State.ANY). fix IPDL handling of carriage return, remove them from new code
0e69d53a498169ebf3acf888711b4e974fa6e247Ben Turner — Rename plugin protocols and fix up usage
eb2e8946baa1bf6f2ace6b5ba1fc7fa6bbf06367Ben Turner — Fix crashing iframes due to gtk_init, stop using windows in xpcshell tests
56e8ff80e374ea67692614952f7c1e1c5dabdad0Benjamin Smedberg — Revert accidental commit of printf-debugging code in the test plugin.
c9284760fc5c2cc5caefbc11acbec71e662ec1b4Benjamin Smedberg — Implement browser streams (NPStream from the plugin host to the plugin). Unfortunately, there aren't any tests for this stuff at all. Various related APIs like NPN_GetURLNotify are not yet implemented and will require changes to the protocol structure (you have to be able to associate a browser stream with a notify request through NPStream->notifyData).
bda3398cbb791c79fcbb0e7aef3e51cde945e6b7Ben Turner — Fix linux builds by giving them a better idea of the executable location
5e47766eff1a43822bf2f1f646afe11a6a22ce30Chris Jones — make failed exec() print a loud error message
d9eae79a0e69720d6fd113d9e7eadef001d44039Ben Turner — Force child processes to close and wait for them on shutdown
9a37cb3e3c608e71427d8117e3e3a9ae9138f23cBen Turner — Enable ipcshell tests
282dc5ba7dd7a6fa9b1329321c302986c9c56faaChris Jones — endow xpcshell with the power of GTK
ceb7f077a6183a7dada135b9339a113fde9ad82aBen Turner — Disable tests until they work
d5235e3845aad086f5607da957e9081436e190b2Ben Turner — Basic xpcshell test for testing IPDL
6d130d757d5750f86951c34400d312901556b5b9Chris Jones — bug 513920: synchronously "connect" to parent process from child process
051aa0b4321be1bde40066f2031eb82708e9e8b3Chris Jones — fix build bustage; include prtime.h in IPDL code and avoid conflicting CaseInsensitiveCompare decls
5956e487d0c8087e2577c4db2bdfef6689a0f01bBen Turner — Rework ipcshell to become xpcshell
c25f8028ecdfb8ae73daa4a896be2fe1081fb45cChris Jones — bug 511440: leak count the protocol actor classes. Patch from robin_bb, thanks! r=cjones
cc6a5092ce5b54eae508fdc21ca142fc35f1b1ffBen Turner — Rework chromium initialization, r=beast
8efc56c31e8902dfaed68aa616b005fca064dffcBen Turner — Backing out stuff that doesn't work
ebe05958eb4f185ee69368ac25ab802f0d6a72dbBen Turner — Fix build bustage?
08ac2d4ade3c55262f2c48219841fcadc7f449fbBen Turner — Fix build bustage
0eebfa0c8fef445f918cb77f7839459fd69f5de7Ben Turner — Rework chromium initialization, revert accidental change
439cc0c773076b394c192f52a2588483b1821063Ben Turner — Rework chromium initialization
ef5eac530f6663ed097e63d78b36411157f662b3Benjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into Electrolysis
5031157fc37803742c55ba45d84d48475784ff85Chris Jones — drop the banhammer on sync parent-to-child messages
cd905e6a8261fe2add944c18986fdf0479366c8cBen Turner — Fix build bustage
5be0cf05da79c683b6c25edeb3656add9890a5dcBen Turner — Fix testshell to use the new callback commands, and shut down properly
c3b494310a9ff401ca9c2bbbf14666a5bc7a18a1Chris Jones — add IPDL front-end support for transitioning to one of a set of states
0f9546f174946f6238b0300eca3a44f787c03a54Chris Jones — add real front-end support for multiple start states in IPDL
414a8d232c91963aeb240792a1cc1493cc1a4e62Chris Jones — enable the actor before calling the ctor hook
a72bf719c6e89696d2dbe1f447674d7d301ac4bbChris Jones — add RecvCtor() hooks to match RecvDtor()
0b954769b6c252bf188a4e289db9619423120c6eChris Jones — require IPDL filename Foo.ipdl to define protocol Foo
8bf0b53a83c5c9367bf3513ec4e81fd191202764Chris Jones — allow empty sub-protocols
cf6452d52b6b28e4128f59fc271e5c582aca8ccbChris Jones — add "power-user" ctor interface method that accepts pre-constructed actors
4820aee8bc0265a24fa50ccd10eaf3dc61cdcd9aBenjamin Smedberg — Package test.xul so that it ends up at chrome://global/content/test-ipc.xul. This allows it to be tested with nightly builds, as well as giving it chrome permissions so that jdm can work on hooking up typeaheadfind.
d906997755b8574a0bd97bb864918977490cc1fcRobin Bate Beorop — Bug 507218 - Expose the process type (chrome/content) to client code via XRE_GetProcessType and nsIXULRuntime, r=bent
2d5c46725f895823d6066be414387e9668cba3ecChris Jones — simplify some *Channel code. enforce more SyncChannel invariants
d1b77333a8735f0b18eb9a07f87e67770009a135Chris Jones — add race detection to RPC channels. simplify message processing, be stricter about layering guarantees. add more comments and assertions to channel code.
a9423ada4237850ddc92ce30eb366969a306ac2bChris Jones — s/String/nsCString/ for IPDL example
601a02ccacf9a7c55a4ecfc04c97d7c4de133e9fChris Jones — export ContentProcess* headers
fa0d9d5eab911d82bed9ebc632e742aadf8ff3daChris Jones — allow implementations to be notified when a dtor message is received
acb374b86dacbe22c00aebabc4de89d916ee381fChris Jones — add dummy |start state| syntax
99866f468c60518e68303ac1c3f04aa5ef085d19Benjamin Smedberg — Remove #ifdef 0 functions in nsNPAPIPluginParent which definitely won't live there. Some (memory allocation/deallocation) are local, while others should just be instance methods on the NPP wrappers.
f5fc729e59a734dce1cb6362a2ac26ee7f9c2f06Chris Jones — bug 510344: each translation unit needs its own symbol table. also fixed some parser error reporting and removed debugging |print|s
f2966b784f9bdfd679517753b07bd85ee63b0f56Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 510025 - make TestShell a subprotocol of ContentProcess so that it is useful for prototyping
c20a46f6c859cb81dd2829b21616573a6f57a92dChris Jones — add ContentProcessChild singleton and accessor
096c63f84069a2b9566a16cd49ebe16ac7ce66f0Chris Jones — bug 510041: subprotocols should implement the toplevel-protocols listener interface even if they do not need that send semantics. dummy methods that error out are generated
1a49d985f5222b059becb5df3eca5063ef82763bChris Jones — forward-declare non-managed actors
1a1ee82a53dd5695ba7ef32b7c5eb46106fbfdf2Benjamin Smedberg — More Returning NS_OK from non-void functions.
fe4c41863b05419ecc1afe2a1fc70ca432db7a82Benjamin Smedberg — Return NS_OK from non-void function
7ab09ecf20199516e110df72cb454fce57879686Chris Jones — fix regression from refactoring error message construction
120bf26cdc38139ce18a94a494cd8fc28454f352Chris Jones — fix typos in type error format args
a75cf2e0fa125024629fc97669c4e1c497907d21Chris Jones — generate C++ typdefs for namespaced protocols
60eb40d68c3f5c8f4dd56d8fe1e40afb46011057Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 509798 - Create a ContentProcess protocol which manages IFrameEmbedding. ContentProcessChild is a globally-accessible singleton in the content process. For the moment, ContentProcessParent is a global singleton in the parent process, but that will change once we have process-per-domain or something similar.
5acc2c6af15fd7fde025654f4c97a1872940c9f1Chris Jones — build on 64-bit linux
875b6b0d789d678f5cc900e88232026044663d16Chris Jones — bug 509588: in actor ctor skeleton, return null instead of NS_ERROR_NYI
736d4d05cb99f91b59de242b9a811714f0a84760Chris Jones — bug 509581: generate direct error return stmt instead of switch stmt with only default case when there are no dispatched messages.
6fa43c32769678e38362060f1d8c5c12fd9ab56fChris Jones — backout bad fix
0404829a840dec15a6a15cdd09ce12161ea4e4adChris Jones — bug 509581: only generate dispatch statement if we have a non-default case
3dd12d04da9a622fac1892d5bf48573d3499d01dChris Jones — bug 509579: use ALLOW_THIS() macro to squash msvc warnings
c7893c113e68e39315835e05910b3a06f09f176fBen Turner — Skeleton implementation for NPObject remoting
b5be2c934b8f42ab614e9973e867e97c37c8fd99Ben Turner — Add extremely basic support for unblocking in the event of a bad message
e5dd93fdf928ba01be31b7488af4aa2d47794d76Chris Jones — make it easier to control whether logging code is emitted
4ec93ccfa27669168e0a06ae8fcbbb7fb97a9437Ben Turner — Merge backout
46effcf316a579b40632129b1ac5a221bba72388Ben Turner — Backed out changeset c2858daf5f4a now that bsmedberg's boxes are updated.
412b0a03c1cf45ad2de76bd7a15d8f22672458f9Benjamin Smedberg — Disable using the static C++ runtime (on Windows-MSVC) because Chromium requires the full version and we're getting duplicate symbols. See bug 508861 which may be a necessary in order to get nightly builds running again (we actually need to ship the C++ runtime somewhere).
b9ddae075097bcc6b9c2e3ccd414a129d69f1082Chris Jones — initialize chromium command line with absolute binary path
593fbbb65d44799dac63941a2c94affa3f5f6aa8Ben Turner — Add test plugin for ipc, make sure it works
4a04ece5da530e3324c199c564c832ba3285053bBen Turner — Don't abort if more than one arg is passed to a plugin
60cac92c43e02e249b2543178c46d11b5d4a41bdBen Turner — Remove annoying assertion when starting tab child process
57a83b86c29204a88d892520ab12574ddced0ca0Ben Turner — Merge mozilla-central to clean up unit test failures
78fb327f988b034cff4b9c36131d75b75b6957e7Ben Turner — Merge mozilla-central
c2858daf5f4a73b84b9d0e96b7c2cd4fd69cc8d7Ben Turner — Disable necko wifi for the moment until bsmedberg updates his linux box
52a81d884e3862bbe2f461af7beea0bca0b77bf0Ben Turner — Merge mozilla-central
b84bebe9bd4711a411ac8bad5f96b8d544cd75a3Chris Jones — fix typo that was busting xpcshell on *NIX
de695053ddbf23612745d5f0ee3015bb01366bf2Ben Turner — Use mozilla strings instead of std::string in IPDL
b8fd0ec80df5839ba0057a50b82707973e71fff7Ben Turner — Fix chromium statics for apps that don't run through XRE_Main
1520127c321a2fdd30df4b9525bcf547ef195458Chris Jones — update RgnRectAllocator fix to most recent m-c pending patch
4ed1c307b8c9fe5485b500a3c3d5835bd3a24520Chris Jones — bug 506983: allow template types in param lists
a0a22f3bad1f8089ffda115057ec1ace1bae21c4Ben Turner — Revert testplugin changes so that unit tests pass
adf6396d48dd34f8a3eeab2148105d4c3c089952Chris Jones — bug 506983: bare minimum support for C++ template types in IPDL
98f8cdbf6e7f63bd7c4161f0593e2302f662be30Ben Turner — Fix testplugin on windows to not crash until we support scriptable objects
9969da8c718a88e7f97d2422288c21f42c7c4a64Chris Jones — bug 506788: fix stupid typo
9e528a72d1dd303865c3537f66b70314218fd348Chris Jones — Bug 506075: eliminate handshaking async constructor protocol, use smarter routing ID assignment
ead78e10f2252d2229ce08575f9ef3e60969c230Ben Turner — Allow out of process tabs and plugins to be disabled via prefs or environment variables, and disable them both by default so that unit tests go green.
c3dd3518fd704565d054cdcdf9a6b19649b8109dChris Jones — bug 506075: shoehorn support for async ctors/dtors into IPDL.
9e835e50d6f34e1269d589ee0bbe87733e95daa6Ben Turner — Allow ipcshell to receive a response from its child process
1aec04173c58095bcf64a5070183a1afa3491807Benjamin Smedberg — Commit the Fennec tile testapp from Stuart for testing
df4d4f723e17d955797b7c6b8c0621926738411fBen Turner — Fix ipcshell for newest changes to GeckoChildProcessHost
5d689e19dce95458a9160d5aa7de066a46097c5fChris Jones — windows build fix, v2
6ddbc78085cd6b8e2166340031349cbab29841eaChris Jones — windows build fix
cc85d98176dcfff703e8fc2425b408b360e93625Chris Jones — add message logging, as far as is possible with current build setup; -fshort-char breaks it. reinstate async/sync message dispatchers. fix 64-bit int printf bug in chromium.
d4ac42d442759b0375abb7695f35424056074c40Ben Turner — Fix enum and string subprocess type data to match, enforce with a static assertion.
489e7d993d34fa70ff0ad6e15233d4db220ac95fBenjamin Smedberg — Make --disable-ipc work... mac-ppc now builds by default.
bcde8acb9783adb6e804ee2d0e2f1620b5230502Chris Jones — add SyncLaunch() method to GeckoChildProcess class. remove much newly obseleted code.
10186e1bbdd3d7209a92fb30fac01eeb9c2bc9c1Chris Jones — implement protocol manager support for all channel types, not just RPC
2a529f66879fba5ed313d2f32a2a994d35f503fbChris Jones — stop flirting with MSVC8 name resolution bug.
0ef9c9ca27f2e993b92e6372fc5bbf599d5fe4e8Benjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central up to this weekend's Electrolysis changes
9ecd1a88b6ca2a74757c1a95dc184130da71298fChris Jones — fix small parser regression. edit test-harness code to match online guide
fe5cf51fb70af0ceb6e432727a788dde2bc1b1a7Chris Jones — check that protocol state machines are race-free. fix race in test-harness (whoops).
ea81301faad26e3d0740daaac852ee22c71a151bBenjamin Smedberg — Merge mozilla-central into Electrolysis
29cce68477c524cd563615cb46257d7096f5ad8eBenjamin Smedberg — Disable IPC on mac PPC, probably permanently
f73725286bc67acc119d3ac5866dcc3014da50d4Chris Jones — check reachability of states in IPDL protocols. clean up type checking a little.
9a1d482d603386f038cefb4d60f436af2c2b28d3Benjamin Smedberg — Use a different hack to make the Linux tinderboxes green until we can upgrade to GCC 4.3
8e8d1b39ead5f7f91b6488ec5fceb4d62b12b4c8cjones — BAND-AID: compile chromium base lib with -fno-inline to fix linker bustage. bye bye performance.
5e822645c53f2615783e0c92415ce1963025efe3Benjamin Smedberg — Because XRE_API hides function pointer declarations when XPCOM_GLUE is defined, don't use default values for function parameters
b6d242908f0d94b3d1e26ef2ab557d295a273b87Benjamin Smedberg — Link against dbghelp.lib on Windows to satisfy requirements of chromium/src/base/ (SymInitialize etc). This means the build requires Windows XP at runtime (or the user has to install the debugging tools for Windows, but I'm pretty sure we're ok with dropping Windows 2000 support).
892dd5e1476b775dd2c7dd89c6249b9498bf0392Chris Jones — >--> @ MSVC8, v4
1cfffbaf311bd6002d19ba85c5d544d4174bb107Chris Jones — another stab at fixing MSVC8 build bustage.
b40bf8d9fb35a9ced9c26bae6a239bc73e171d5dChris Jones — another stab in the dark at fixing MSVC8 bustage: put Result code enum in anonymous namespace
223a877af597c877ffb7b5543b72a5f1a030ffb1Chris Jones — attempt to fix build bustage when using MSVC8.
0575a0b7d834be2b5f625e9fd51827d8c5581e0aChris Jones — fix gcc <= 4.1 builds by removing mysterious template syntax
98f09b4de66d215e98aa5868af289defd5895905Benjamin Smedberg — IPCMessageStart.h shouldn't be checked in... should fix Windows build bustage.
f64cd78eb6472babbdd0ae38e17161ff019aa291Chris Jones — update rgnrectallocator changes to match pending m-c patch.
5cca4891baeaea536d9584915a575ea3b3b143d3Chris Jones — fix up phase 1 browser: (i) suppress spurious RgnRectAlloc error msgs; (ii) make IFrameEmbedding protocol sync/async instead of rpc; (iii) fix bug that prevented child iframe from drawing
3ed7ec034b950b04a039da01e2b8967be9a108d1Chris Jones — preview of bug 504034: allow nsRegion to be used (only) on a non-main thread without it spuriously complaining about thread-safety violations
1769c830e612ef844c2b7df27028f570e34af760Chris Jones — add IPDL test harness and the mountains of code that entails. add |bool| type to IPDL. fix bugs in nascent async/sync channels.
2e27ae79e54420a28a406df7abbf3c9e6073ebc4Chris Jones — first cut at AsyncChannel and SyncChannel. only RPCChannel is currently under warranty.
1518970f774b70f2632b60b07f9711f46019d4d6Chris Jones — fix build bustage
f891c242f736ba0c57ec4b95af50d9cac5067392Chris Jones — IPDL: add colons back to state declarations
17c4987e08e3ee0ff29fc766cf51f41c1f07c651Benjamin Smedberg — Build system for .ipdl files.
cb8189926a69872c73508fba50830f0d07af341fChris Jones — make parse errors behave like type errors
91daceed8b15d73d1616e59343dad43d00365075Ben Turner — Linux bustage fix?
3b2c1dba74e27b6ae61004e7738c4e26e3257650Ben Turner — Linux bustage fix?
ec2881eb7e06471bda1e5c16534cdb945bcaf34aBen Turner — Adds the ipcshell application to test IPC
bbcef80246c85787753bc1ea6d62ef30d1c9ba7fChris Jones — change state declaration syntax to be more different than parent:/child:/both: labels
a22c2cc3af1f0df92134b804aa6d2cf38f7e4302Chris Jones — remove in/out/inout syntax in favor of parent:, child:, and both: labels
82c83a8dfe46dca01c732af816054b9ae0aa2286Chris Jones — generate skeleton IPDL actor impls, like the IDL compiler does for interfaces. also fix the C++ visitor.
484699c5aa27bdf3fb922a722b537c71b7600961Chris Jones — add files that should have been in last cset
96a002ef76fa09dd2f77f1ab3ab4670b184bff36Chris Jones — use a single binary, mozilla-runtime, for all child processes
b5822dea95a4f7ce6d673527213dc0d1aa58dc37Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 463417 - import the nsinstall.exe source from CVS buildtools repository: make it capable of copying files with very long names, build it by default on Windows hosts, and stop using the moztools version, r?timeless
5e73cb310bddace1b684274e32c2f0b66fe26ed2Chris Jones — final frontend support for protocol state machines. patch includes a minor refactoring as well.
c9176c61346b625798d12c103b48f6a71ffbbd02Chris Jones — add parsing and type-checking of protocol state machines in preparation for codegen of dynamic FSM checker. fix a couple of bugs here and there.
8524cccb39eb3b28e5e17542d8e30921459b1942Chris Jones — check that ctors and dtors have been declared for managed protocols
2c99c4920e6d46758bcc44b46662bc8988a5d189Chris Jones — add gcc-like -I include dir options to ipdl compiler
c51a123ddba49c6641c59c92ebb6b1597a6ce60aChris Jones — bug 502921: check NS_FAILED when calling into implementor code
62eedc3a5f903c8eb9e82e72c05b47b09b55813cChris Jones — bugs 502003, 502634: compile multiple IPDL specs in one invocation
825f78a292befc66d8ffec6bee75a562adb9b3f7Benjamin Smedberg — Windows build fixup. I haven't really tested whether tabs actually *work* in this scenario (widget sizing and parenting might be interesting), but it's at least enough to allow other people to start really working on code.
41da0133c5b7fae3f919703b380a44122a4d1f6fBenjamin Smedberg — Goodbye, NO_NSPR_10 weirdness.
e49b2b3c9a8b362da8aba0fbb9841b4a908cdd02Benjamin Smedberg — Minor fixups... not sure why we needed unistd.h here, but Windows doesn't have it.
ec3231a4ecc46d88db9f74a99140883adea1a0ebBenjamin Smedberg — Need to link with psapi.lib for GetProcessMemoryInfo (and skip -lrt on non-Linux)
53e6bb4f487f48ce49dcccba421c3b6e2b46f4c5Benjamin Smedberg — Windows fixup: Windows does actually have 2-byte wchar_t. Also there was a possible missing PR_BEGIN_EXTERN_C that we really did need.
01c3c22df89edee282423a707ec8ce13e874f25aBenjamin Smedberg — Commit new versions of generated headers.
88c684baced852a43751e2c65af3f07498227915Benjamin Smedberg — Use PRUint32 instead of uint32_t since we don't have uint32_t on Windows (yet).
b7cb180dcbaaa963faf310ee23b4138fc2e76921Benjamin Smedberg — Windows fixup: write files in binary mode so we have consistent Unix-style line endings, and always use forward slashes instead of os.path.sep
ab24caa13b0bdaa82319054e2b5879385cab00e6Chris Jones — port IFrame protocol to new interface. fix small IPDL bug.
f47f75254ff10d18246c411c6e9af9fed7d767f9Chris Jones — use static_cast instead of dynamic_cast. silly cjones.
6e9c444a65ac4203c69d741cd7b9dc304f9dfa5dBen Turner — Some windows build fixup
561253b4575b2ebd17cb53efea9b3ffaf82f53a1Ben Turner — merge bent's changes from libchromiumipc. Gtk plugins now drawing
9c16bf14545c177f98ba8a3ffabf871dbe7c2c55Chris Jones — merge plugin work from libchromiumipc. add env var check for OOP iframe. a few small bugfixes here and there.
11c34494c1f3a364a9250c85e9d82639c29bf0d9Benjamin Smedberg — Require Windows XP SP2, and disable a compile-time check which doesn't make much sense in the chromium code.
768081a8a21175c0a2cae6313cc2fc914e413f9bChris Jones — add initial support for protocol management in IPDL. small changes to existing protocols in preparation for merge from libchromiumipc.
2514fa68b1784bd1d9c94b47663c787237afda0eBenjamin Smedberg — Land the remote-tab code from tmp-electrolysis.
042ca6009da4e1e8b55390544a9a38aa3e1dc846Benjamin Smedberg — Import IPDL from cjones' working repo, revision 282b4211d881. New IPDL work will take place in electrolysis.
f69d9e5b551f4038c6561c72ddacc753e16244a2Benjamin Smedberg — Hook up the tab child process
7a4ca28274ab999c36df3d0ccc9944466d737e92Benjamin Smedberg — Plugins stuff: this code is equivalent to electrolysis-tmp revision 61cd9e89fd00, except that I had to merge forward a minor change to the plugin-loading code from Josh's cleanup.
f5675fec1a8d6998c5d753aad794b3e3e951a5f7Benjamin Smedberg — Build fixes: * enable RTTI by default when building with GCC to work around the tr1/functional error * link with -lrt * Tell chromium that it's always using wide wchar on Linux
b44e0c08c4cf52b7a5a87049ef5e1565cb439f54Benjamin Smedberg — Merge changes from mozilla-central to electrolysis
df1133412587e158f5965b9f423b27f51896f240Benjamin Smedberg — Hook up the event loop changes and fix the build
db2c3e1c7d2882299a83ba307ef4596216b1646dBenjamin Smedberg — Make --enable-libxul the default, since we require it with IPC
4b0b6f1327c54aed8b6175b4ef637f201fb26df4Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 501176 - Move nsXULAppAPI.h to tier_xpcom, r+sr?bz
f1e7c7881534882a6fc63cb1cf093937e58c8c9eBenjamin Smedberg — ipc/glue imported verbatim from
919f10919769dffe2176f42bc50bcb89df49b03dBenjamin Smedberg — Mozilla-specific changes to the Chromium code, imported verbatim from
fc6ed914e44e888e9fef446de12ad915d156555dBenjamin Smedberg — Build the pieces of the chromium code we actually need. Many thanks to bent for doing this the first time: I redid the Makefile to be all in one directory and use vpath directives so that dependencies work correctly.
231c4c3a3a78a172ddf1516db304b489e616fa1dBenjamin Smedberg — Added tag chromium-import-latest for changeset 6fd4bb500d42
6a880cbebe9a249b77d1b67e08a9002c98999423Benjamin Smedberg — Added tag chromium-import-r15462 for changeset 6fd4bb500d42
6fd4bb500d425c406c1b52f66e5b195b20ae5e0aBenjamin Smedberg — Import Chromium sources r15462 chromium-import-latest chromium-import-r15462
84b7c31ce666394f83edb20e197e624ba7ec66f5Benjamin Smedberg — Script to import chromium code from upstream.