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Sat Jul 28 21:54:39 2012 +0000
29bff59d3bbe3995a42afd358823bef868c243d1Ed Morley — Backout a5b21cffeebf (bug 743112) for intermittent but severe leaks; a=whatafunwaytospendtheday on a CLOSED TREE
bb51648e7edc7d843578b8a5a313f0c1bc3f083aEd Morley — Bug 778433 - Raise ShutdownLeakLogger's MAX_LEAK_COUNT to something less annoying, until bug 728294 lands; r=me DONTBUILD on a CLOSED TREE
d4b106f2136c91dbd3316101406898e686774647Ed Morley — Backout 9ed259005de2 (bug 770453) for Android XUL R3 failures in scrollbars-0{1,2}.svg on a CLOSED TREE
f90f53a4d6b520aafd64321675b37813ece6d7c1Ed Morley — Backout 6718d4c7b6c1 (bug 775174) for Android XUL R3 failures in animateMotion-rotate-*.svg on a CLOSED TREE
9ed259005de22da7a36dd0980565ec126f10b421Markus Stange — Bug 770453 - [b2g] semi-transparent scroll bars should not occupy content-flow space. r=roc
e98e417adc2f4b1a3e52c1a9972925ff81152311Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 778247: mAppContext cleanup: Tabs can avoid it. [r=mbrubeck]
05e6057b43b0a6cfd2689839fe9c5f390f05f47aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 778247: mAppContext cleanup: AboutHomeContent is associated with only one activity. [r=mbrubeck]
123e9052f37eeebb061101d36b7d5845a4d97b21Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 778247: mAppContext cleanup: BrowserApp is a subclass of GeckoApp. [r=mbrubeck]
985bfd3aea74a596329855231817d9654eb8fd1cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 778247: mAppContext cleanup: TabsPanel doesn't need it. [r=mbrubeck]
b2a7b60ef3b12c4b8c0187727ab9a80492152b23Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 778247: mAppContext cleanup: BrowserToolbar doesn't need it. [r=mbrubeck]
151f4c56c608df1d4cd4f4f6e681967b0a7026a9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 778247: mAppContext cleanup: display metrics can be obtained from context. [r=mbrubeck]
a598781db2f299e0652640f81b6407a800eccbe1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 778247: mAppContext cleanup: not needed for events. [r=mbrubeck]
3b312c31d1cd8112244520976587f067c459fa46Justin Dolske — Bug 769960 - Refactor the terrifying code in nsSafebrowsingApplication.js. r=fryn, f=gcp
a9502620734e5fbb0ea38c8dfbcbecf87c5a8ca0Benjamin Peterson — Bug 778268 - Allow definitions with no uses to be removed. r=luke
8891aeee02e8464faf060304837a75106da4c9abBenjamin Peterson — Backout 22eea4925efc for windows failures
2087e29da681da926588ef41590a50d9458b156bBenjamin Peterson — Backout 46b27e913ac9 for windows failures
b5b442d9c305351d3360d43d996f46f216e907b3Trevor Saunders — bug 776081 - part 2 fix c++ parsing issue r=froydnj
30646643e58171b6ba1cefde8db5d2cb591f1be3Trevor Saunders — bug 765252 - ensure doc accessibles don't out live the related pres shell r=bz, davidb, surkov
a04448be734ae95adf192a6956202edf560b9522Benjamin Peterson — Backout 4cdd23569371 (Bug 777776) for more bustage
db790a34ba9a2a5e6a0fd7473e7a5e42d6f2611cDoug Sherk — Bug 775463: Recognize double tap gestures while still supporting single taps r=cjones
8253f91b0eef44dc892eb61ae8c1e69caa927f64Matt Woodrow — Bug 729784 - Fix documentation for fuzzy() and fuzzy-if(), and give image difference error messages in the same order as the parameters to them. r=dbaron
6718d4c7b6c1e0ada1f1e5996d8022f59b05807aMatt Woodrow — Bug 775174 - Add invalidation timeline to reftest analyzer. r=dbaron
7f7ccabe2e5d4703c83564b33e812fba93831d92Patrick McManus — bug 778181 - fix resolve flags for nsiprotocolproxyservice::asyncresolve() r=biesi
088951918af8bc2fb36c2d9aa0645c6ffbefdb2fTerrence Cole — Bug 744675 - Make jstest suite default parallelism match cpu count; r=sfink
4cdd2356937121f0ef2e28c0238981efca4d81b3Benjamin Peterson — Bug 777776 - Properly barrier JSScript::scriptSource_. r=terrence
02d63f48e7526de741d9f02610ec9e8f53d0fa6dRyan VanderMeulen — Backout e0e33c1c7c17 and 3d0fb7ac961a (bug 775463) due to bustage.
73113b32afacc2fe05e32f9dd17b52c80a96029cBill McCloskey — Bug 778370 - Track individual sweep phases in GC statistics (r=terrence)
22eea4925efcf487dcefa75bfff1e5b2375d607eBas Schouten — Bug 777700 - Part 2: Verify if a cached SourceSurface is still valid. r=jrmuizel
46b27e913ac9f5b0739f2fd8256d661b6ff8cb1dBas Schouten — Bug 777700 - Part 1: Add a way to check validity of SourceSurfaces. r=jrmuizel
3d0fb7ac961a4bcd988c3b5aa2d3f0a70f8e1962Doug Sherk — Bug 775463: Fix a mistake in a comment r=none DONTBUILD
e0e33c1c7c17aeff411248076b5280011a138d26Doug Sherk — Bug 775463: Recognize double tap gestures while still supporting single taps
5bff8785ab1b17476f6cb37c03522f460b94cb6bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 772434 - Blob support for Zip file contents, r=jst
6ec566153ef80a9910a295df3159674a321bceafMatt Brubeck — Back out 551b6acdafb9 and ae0b0dd6dfa2 (bug 754029) on suspicion of causing mochitest-other timeouts
1792c68aef9584e615ca4640c2ad57587bb3aaf2John Schoenick — Bug 777098 - Add test. r=bholley
3109caaca43f51e51668946f2e2ecddbc378a3d6David Mandelin — Bug 778347: fix some MSVC warnings, r=luke
b921323fa99efe38aade2f7fe3d4f161c851fae6Eric Faust — Bug 747288 - Reland renaming jitinfo to MJITinfo. (r=bhackett)
4b197ffb4dcc2561df68c2488d109be04da8edd9Matt Brubeck — Bug 775372 - Fix exceptions in _cancelTapHighlight when the highlight element is from a dead window [r=margaret]
7a1a791c856fdcb8478873f4e18791fff1d0d0aeDaniel Holbert — Bug 777523: Remove stale "XXX bug 3935" annotation from some properties in nsCSSPropList.h. r=dbaron
83a4dfef9a7d9d24dfc1c1b65a0ea5c12d0261a1Daniel Holbert — Bug 777519: Remove unnecessary checks for min-height/max-height:auto in nsHTMLReflowState::InitResizeFlags. r=dbaron
88ca3f681c99ea89b8ec0715315a4340fec3d3d7David Mandelin — Backout changeset 8bd9d81db80a which landed without a bug
fa933ff1f137a70773e3b78fda00560875d60f23Jason Duell — Bug 778296 (previous commit was empty!) - Add comment about thread-safety to nsITimer DONTBUILD. r=bz
6d00e5bf736a418b8f2d9fdd542bfc14a81b93caJason Duell — Bug 778296 - Add comment about thread-safety to nsITimer DONTBUILD. r=bz
c394a354eef7dbc32fde1fbe0be18cb592bc67ddBenjamin Peterson — Backout b69f5004fde8 (Bug 777776) for bustage
377f1998ca05ff2fa91381b8791a38e58462f0daWes Johnston — Bug 773741 - Test using touch events on resizers. r=enn
853e5839a8afd76ba0ed8b0ea9c0b3f3ff28e6c8Wes Johnston — Bug 773741 - Support touch events in resizers. r=enn
64d7f92c3029ac265828302cd0b97a94e509349cHub Figuière — Bug 773892 - Part 1: Add crash submission when starting b2g. r=ted
74c9c20b284a1ec7ee5d6152b89396b25613017cOleg Romashin — Bug 778195 - Add string.h to cover memcpy include and fix build error. r=nrc
2fd48f64273e576acd1d4488f964784e132aa740Nicolas Silva — Bug 773462 - Rename calls to ImageContainer::SetCurrentImage into ImageContainer::SetCurrentImageInTransaction when the method is used within a layer transaction. r=roc
ae0b0dd6dfa260ff447909b10f42110f2e81638bOonishi Atsushi — Bug 754029 - Tests. r=smaug
551b6acdafb9f3a0474de38a8dde22042446ed16Oonishi Atsushi — Bug 754029 - Navigating from a new script tag does not add a session history entry. r=smaug
b69f5004fde895ea61615139b4fd705f49116514Benjamin Peterson — Bug 777776 - Properly barrier JSScript::scriptSource_. r=terrence
f58214b53c9aa7d8c7e7db18f4c8ca9ff5f1191fJeff Gilbert — Bug 736298 - Remove unused CreateForNativePixmapSurface - r=bjacob
4537da6b8a8398606be011178495e17a62924898David Burns — Bug 778094: aligning text method on Marionette Elements with Selenium API; r=jgriffin. DONTBUILD because NPOTB
a76e0a267f2673952a0e50952a56bac8aaaffbadDavid Zbarsky — Bug 706179 Part 2: Add a BaseTransform to layers r=roc
908eb2e268434808d19e4c2192a181c8af9a83e5David Zbarsky — Bug 755084 Part 3: Move checks for whether to animate opacity and transforms on the compositor thread to nsLayoutUtils, and make them also check whether the compositor is actually running r=cjones,dbaron
2194a2dd66b23aa0c931ac130959d1d1939a6041David Zbarsky — Bug 768440 Part 2: Animate CSS Transitions on the compositor r=roc,dbaron
39550ed860e6b11596a1b3f52219732dfd02367aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 768440 Part 1: Move ElementTransitions and ElementPropertyTransition to the header r=dbaron
f9ccdd490bd73fbb6fd5eacc24b3d6bfa801b821David Zbarsky — Bug 755084 Part 2: Perform CSS animations of transform and opacity on the compositor r=roc, dbaron
a34baed70c1bf5e4167eff7680912a0e234566c2David Zbarsky — Bug 755084 Part 1: Move ElementAnimations, ElementAnimation, AnimationProperty, and AnimationPropertySegment classes to the header file. r=dbaron
169ff207ed19ed2761784511ef568ee2764609a6David Zbarsky — Bug 706179: Add support for animations to the Layers API r=roc, dbaron, cjones
efb7823db78a1abda36af7fbc9a29ecf461739e4Steve Fink — Bug 777956 - With CPG, AutoCompartment no longer needs to store the target object. r=luke
52f5b60aa1d6a254e47f28aaf361326378b2e9e3David Burns — Bug 777935: add test cleanup to Marionette so that when we move onto the next test module we start with the right amount of windows; r=jgriffin DONTBUILD because NPOTB
9d8ae522b108dc576bd9f1d3b03db3abe56bc931Richard Newman — Merge m-c to m-i.
9b056f7ae1cdce58fa187bbf130c9616df46d672Matt Brubeck — Bug 777594 (followup) - Disable failing tests on Android
71c43f0a8e2c9c8c891a15e7c79decf8c04b91abTerrence Cole — Bug 777992 - Move array slowification barrier closer to update; r=billm
cb6ccdd22f5a330c3f39ef7233044969823155deWilliam Lachance — Bug 777884 - Fix code in watcher to reboot if maximum number of failed ping attempts exceeded;r=jmaher
ad1afe0f1af40e527c15b8c83c05caedb7d599bdWilliam Lachance — Bug 777891 - Add internet permission to watcher, so it can successfully use "ping";r=jmaher
549aef15882bfc6025c4fc4d38af346de469d05bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 777879. Add SAMPLE_INIT() to XRE_InitChildProcess. r=ehsan
38fd00ed7571e9cf16aafafee2dd604f140e206cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 777942. Add labels to DOMStorage GetItem implementations. r=ehsan
b5e64fd6e7b2802815c53e72d906746f974886fbJeff Muizelaar — Bug 777381. Use SIGUSR1 instead of SIGUSR2 to avoid interferring with profiling. r=cjones
aa33ec84b5589f49627918669220962e79e94a54William Lachance — Bug 777836 - Watcher should log more information on its current state;r=jmaher
0d0e381119c9c2bcc00126d1d837db3616d71cb2Gavin Sharp — Bug 776726 followup: use background, not background-color, to override default styling, r=oops
ce7c25e3f685e10f05ef00afd2678e5cc62eb6d3Gavin Sharp — Bug 777923: untargeted social panel links should open in new tabs, r=mixedpuppy
1f302f26be3cbdc49d7cdcb53a7872f69439b69aDave Townsend — Bug 753900: Encode extension ID and version in breakpad annotations. r=Unfocused
ad87f9ac3e5d4d5602842c7ffbff12db3309a565Nicolas Silva — Bug 775226 - Support CreateDrawTargetForData with Azure's CoreGraphics backend, r=jrmuizel
23aa465a45ebbc186e3de8a673bc35af7782b47fChris Jones — Bug 778070: Trigger ProtocolErrorBreakpoint() on message-handler |return false/null;|. r=bent
cc7c443a6aa8ec6aaff31dbca274e17c3ae86071Chris Jones — Bug 777890: The cached value is valid after we synchronously Get() it, as far as we know. r=jlebar
7a7d4f374bab5651212de89ada569738600ee0a8David Mandelin — Bug 776704: allow shell to build without zlib, r=bpeterson
a5b21cffeebfc5b752c7f42779bbd7b233dc9849Bill McCloskey — Bug 743112 - Incremental release of C++ objects during GC (r=smaug,jonco)
93a4e2bbcd959f2a54ee734624a9b602f961b46fJan Beich — Bug 778056 - malloc_usable_size is also available in libc on FreeBSD, so use it in mozalloc.cpp. r=jlebar
c42a830cdb90795bdee514d14602db51cf8eb6c4George Wright — Bug 778202 - Filter out -pedantic for the Skia subdirectory. r=jrmuizel
d2561fcf4882931deb6e91fda48d4c3a1c72be87Randell Jesup — Bug 772570: untangle MOZ_WEBM from MOZ_VP8 so we can disable webm with webrtc enabled r=def r=ted
7248046787225f3ee931f6dec6402cb9862bf4ffNicolas Chaim Echeverria — Bug 765351 - Add telemetry probe for startup I/O. r=taras
17fa9fca1f7fe20173f4e3e9516f804184db2f06Vladan Djeric — Bug 765351 - Undo previous commit with wrong author
0570d991402e63c907598c032a80a95d4ec5a052Vladan Djeric — Bug 765351 - Add telemetry probe for startup I/O, r=taras
33a387ea92de16fe872a079f9af56b25da38702dDoug Turner — No Bug - Cleanup style in nsGelocation.cpp because jdm told me it sucks. r=me
f5d191758459da714367f0b8ac45430e614425f1Doug Turner — Bug 777594 - Use mozSettings to turn on/off Geolocation. r=jdm
2ed080988987289b93f69403406d6e6207421b12Marshall Culpepper — Bug 777939: Add missing onStopListening for the REPL socket listener. r=vingtetun
436fce553cd0de23ee330e4a7449980e6c4cf9e0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 777913 - shutdown timings for multiple sessions are not recorded correctly. r=nfroyd.
fa6a84e7ba5384d49144b2b2477f9f34dfe49772Henri Sivonen — Bug 775467 - Make readyState progress through all states without duplicate transitions. r=bzbarsky.
c6b3dbee10d967878c9d7a3ef3502f929d7703b0Jim Mathies — Bug 741741 - Enable headless crash reporting for metrofx. r=ted
8ddfcd0a45a545f3193a2db28866b8e4e418ff7dDão Gottwald — Bug 776376 - Hardcode navigator.productSub to 20100101 for backward compatibility. r=bz sr=jst
cfd51eea1b4c98f575d3819cff1fda9ecc6a7461Bobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Tests. rs=mrbkap
fff143d8b00fecab2dc1be44c0276b7838b082d2Bobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Override traps in ChromeObjectWrapper to bounce lookups to the local prototype chain. r=mrbkap
3f534f828e6e6539d2af19ad1cc6e6bb158e4b10Bobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Introduce an explicit ChromeObjectWrapper. r=mrbkap
e63099f7911c907cc59d7a10119c5156308aebccBobby Holley — Bug 760109 - When COWing objects with standard prototypes, use the prototype in the home compartment instead. r=mrbkap
09ec57dbdfec527ad42eae8699207864cfc550a2Bobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Add an API to lookup proto key via standard prototype objects and vice-versa.
0394338f67b91946b49aff5bcba3036669408a0dBobby Holley — Bug 760109 - Don't force wrappers to use the wrapped proto if they decide to use something different. r=mrbkap