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Tue Jun 01 22:14:24 2010 +0000
bf3c27a3829f78fe52d56a46a70749ffbacfba9eNick Thomas — Bug 522649, remove res/arrow*.gif that moved into a jar, r=ted
02dfc932abde824d493bec3ec5e81b658cd4a5cfNick Thomas — Bug 507288 followup, remove deprecated greprefs/*.js on all platforms, r=ted
9837814d8d86c92c48d76dd3d833ad686cd3f4d5Ted Mielczarek — Bug 569268 - Package correct Visual C++ CRT DLLs based on compiler version, r=nthomas
8385a247ab0c0d6c6e0641bd68e4a062991fd5faTed Mielczarek — Bug 569373 - make handle -DVAR=NUMBER such that #if VAR == NUMBER works,