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Tue May 24 15:47:08 2011 +0000
837f762860af438b66e8e783a2b58dd317bbce2eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 659207. Don't inline a constructor that consumers can't actually inline without statically linking to JS. r=luke a=sheriff
5d4aaa69206fe208b7f4d7590aa90bdc2fb8587fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 616136 - Give popup notification panels role="alert" and make their close buttons tabbable. r=gavin
f5c062e991969ae7c3314009951c27d0f8c4e502Daniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 2: Refest & xpcshell-test-addition for this bug. r=bz
c4d58bb8f5ad793fd6c647fd42ff7a8d692b5028Daniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 1: Teach nsDataHandler::ParseURI about #ref, and transfer 'isRefValid' flag in nsSimpleURI::Clone. r=bz
41371c9fe361b1de4111af9d1cfbafeb592a25f1Daniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 0: Fix existing tests that use "#" in data URIs to use %23 instead. rs=bz