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Mon Nov 02 03:43:27 2009 +0000
0f12f3edad42d3620c7d2eaa784bc8c2df622e82Boris Zbarsky — Bug 501847 part 6. Simplify MoveChildrenTo now that it doesn't have to deal with float reparenting. r=tn,roc
5bc1c85439bf3f4119de5cef6709376c73a7bf14Boris Zbarsky — Bug 501847 part 5. Get rid of the MoveFrames function now that there is only one caller. r=tn,roc
822ba7ef29bb7dbec1f4a7f2056721d8c5424034Boris Zbarsky — Bug 501847 part 4. Change frame construction to create {ib} splits that have blocks wrapping runs of block kids and inlines wrapping runs of inline kids instead of wrapping all kids from the first block to the last block in a single block. r=tn,dbaron,roc
ce946663a30ae4855fa79d7e54476f4d3f6694e1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 501847 part 3. Make nsInlineFrame::SelfIsEmpty return false as needed for inlines that are part of an {ib} split, to avoid weird blank lines in the middle of {ib} splits. r=dbaron
61febc552982947a427f065b4b9e470638b9fa9eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 501847 part 2. Make various consumers deal with more than 2 inlines in an {ib} split. r=tn, sr=roc
35ba5ef187786693ff4fce55530c63158ac79109Boris Zbarsky — Bug 501847 part 1. Some preparatory cleanup of GetIBSpecialSiblingForAnonymousBlock. r=roc