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Thu Jan 17 10:42:06 2013 +0000
712eca11a04ea7dc01a874fde84bdaf894e96a48Benoit Girard — Bug 830809 - Remove 'shutdown start' label with eConsiderQuit. r=ehsan
e279a54371b701a692614611b3266357ce56f01eEhsan Akhgari — Remove the unneeded explicit keyword from SharedLibrary's private constructor, no bug
07f778300689d4c3fc4cf96939c455ee7c97cf10Irving Reid — Bug 831459: use RawScript in JMChunkInfo::Convert() to prevent UnrootedScript construction in signal handler r=billm
da5cae51b8334f4597160fd74c9b823a621497f0Jeff Walden — Fix some used-but-not-defined warnings, and some format-string warnings about needing to cast T* to void* for the %p specifier. No bug, r=themaid
81f41dd974c45b43e37ee425d23c793b299669c3Chris Jones — Bug 831307: Log breakpoint-level IPC errors always. r=dougt,jdm,jst a=blocking-b2g
64450d6fee962d0210848a586033a1ac90ecd6cdRik Cabanier — Bug 827053 - Add support for winding in fill + clip + isPointInPath + tests the feature. r=bas
3b3c304723cc9d66b5e54f2423e677476dcf5f75Bobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Fix Ms2ger nits. r=me
de4229773698ed9e71ae3b25b30d52458be9becdBobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Pass EvaluateString out-param as a pointer, not a reference. r=bz
53469a0e1ddd32803e2dde659fe1cb93af11714dBobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Move responsibility for checking for JSVERSION_UNKNOWN to the one caller of EvaluateString that might pass it. r=bz
b40a217c85e3026e300fd5eb403565a95c6df74eBobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Use an nsCxPusher in EvaluateString, and pull the principal off the target object. r=bz
43458e543877f651e213bd9fb1c6cefe67279cccBobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Rename EvaluateStringWithValue to EvaluateString. r=bz
badfbc904df619eb05a11de038eed1c9975ee554Bobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Remove unused optional arguments from nsIScriptContext::ExecuteScript. r=bz
22dc6532b40b06d9921dc4b366a0212838376b90Bobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Remove nsIScriptContext::EvaluateString. r=bz
3cb7ad47f6d9409a343a18548bdecd966afb5218Bobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Move existing consumers of EvaluateString over to EvaluateStringWithValue. r=bz
c5fb603dfa846b299faa99a5faa731fe3dce2cacBobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Improve the API for EvaluateStringWithValue. r=bz
533bc8e4981b770978ded6e800af27e8a9724108Bobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Move consumers of CompileFunction to the nsJSUtils version, and kill the nsJSContext version. r=bz
33d6b596f5d23b9cad2c960a4e97616310d8d4f9Bobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Hoist the guts of CompileFunction into nsJSUtils. r=bz
e51150a044d7fdac4d1c7cb686927ad804609b13Bobby Holley — Bug 824864 - Implement nsContentUtils::GetObjectPrincipal. r=bz
e194999b0d6661de9f4f7d47bed4b918048d24c3Bobby Holley — Bug 825395 - Add debug checking for interleaved nsCxPusher and JSAutoEnterCompartment. r=bz,luke
fa51126256532a4d8d2632d6e80de4d6a78915ddChristian Holler — Bug 829598 - Make js/src/jit-test/tests/gc/bug-820186.js a slow test. r=jandem, DONTBUILD
4d2f27cdef9173ba8ac3a088ed66f57d58b3eb7cJonathan Griffin — Bug 828558 - Don't attach to jsconsole window, r=mdas
8d0071573033713e96dc1ad9deeb884e07cbb533Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 831133 - Record only the basename. r=vladan.
2510df9be883afc0950c7dcabd0670d8984a44d0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 831100 - use std::string. r=vladan.
78e41d936992e3b2940c8d19c93918602a2f4c96David Zbarsky — Bug 821955 r=longsonr
60a1a1ff75f8fd799d97e6cc697f1952f2933471Jon Coppeard — Bug 831205 - Fix GCC warning "comma at end of enumerator list". r=billm DONTBUILD
93822863127ec9cb71bf0c0bd4c4c5f7501b0bbbJeff Walden — Bug 719659 - Add -std=gnu99 to CFLAGS so that gcc and friends permit use of C99 constructs without warnings. This doesn't mean that everything in C99 is permitted now -- only the stuff supported by all the compilers we care about, including MSVC. r=espindola
13c970f6a2e4c62ea79c6b78efb41b72d43a8760Jeff Walden — Add a JSObject::addDataProperty overload that takes Handle<PropertyName*>, to preserve the name/element distinction further when possible, anticipating future property-splitting work. No bug, r=sparky
2e3ecf55210de68f351f43e194f6cbf7a97eb123Jeff Walden — Bug 830871 - Remove JS_FRIEND_API from js_GetClassPrototype as it isn't (and shouldn't be) used outside SpiderMonkey. r=jorendorff
871089b35c46ff1b64536edca591faad3eb7f3e7David Zbarsky — Bug 830181: SVGSymbolElement should QI to SVGTests r=me
fdc7bbbc2eeab6305082e1981ece83701179378eFabrice Desré — Bug 830294 - Can't launch an app after canceling its update r=ferjm
836eb526e5fe74ab70e5342789a5f2699b9e973cDaniel Holbert — Followup to Bug 821292: Remove unneeded semicolon after NS_INLINE_DECL_THREADSAFE_REFCOUNTING(), to fix build warning.
8b9ecdf2995d689b93488ca893a17f5fb4b0c50bJeff Hammel — Bug 831081 - kill VirtualenvManager._check_output() now that we require python 2.7;r=gps
2f28e36cd272a8d4fcf0fa28d9c6fca9f958bd3cChris Peterson — Bug 831188 - Don't list inactive plugins (blocklisted or disabled) on about:plugins. r=bsmedberg
b7743e1e31e475e8a14f82a59c572910f230b499Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 827824 - Use uint8_t for mTxInlineFrame. r=mcmanus
e270f015e0e1e6881119675bd5b1c9be0b4720f2Trevor Saunders — bug 822289 - remove NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_CLASS and friends r=mccr8
581b2c43af07ba8db4d889b76a5afa51f9d12dc2Marco Bonardo — Bug 825786 - crash in nsAutoCompleteController::HandleDelete.
2f46f173ffe94707d9817e6326a13d30cb93015fEd Morley — Backout 780c48afccc1 (bug 831354) for Android reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
eca602d98d14228d8c1d2462f4f4462d74ed6147David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 828228 - Measure nsSearchService init with Telemetry. r=gavin
fbe92fdbabc70f48c7d1058a027723387a201c16Jonathan Watt — Bug 462197 - Part 2: The "Remove All Reports" button in about:crashes should remove old InstallTime files. r=ted
be9dfaa088b293672ecbdd98e513ae6ddfb715d5Jonathan Watt — Bug 462197 - Part 1: Use the variable name submittedDir instead of the misleading name reportsDir. r=ted
29288a6d1876d5e7d4fb825aa8628a0d0ef95bacMatt Woodrow — Bug 820839 - Draw OSX titlebar content into a retained buffer during the ThebesLayer painting phase, before we clear invalidation state. r=roc
5e3c7f176f2c549ad833bdcfa5d0096c05a4b58aJosh Matthews — Bug 824472 - Traverse containing frames when looking for scrollable content for browser elements. r=schien
7b53f4c1ef7cc647ef77e4517cda437186343e36Trevor Saunders — bug 828141 - windows shouldn't hold onto events r=surkov
2db1cbb5af9c64c61b39424b52788c85446ff3f1Andrew McCreight — Bug 829430 - Use the right check for if we're GCing. r=billm
08d12e9406f343410eca3285e39a18f3b47f0471Andrew McCreight — Bug 829798 - Add dummy PreserveWrapper to JS shell. r=billm
aa2ffc52aa9b46a56224a329fe1c1eccac7ad04fEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
62123f318eddb44830d75916a3e7fb5c8cb7527bJonathan Griffin — Bug 827531 - Add a pip requirements.txt file for running B2G unit tests, r=aki
a4b246fb54c1547205a50ef574273a4bd78e40bfEd Morley — Bug 828946 - leakstats should output TBPL-parsable error messages; r=ted
74dc65a5401b2bb6b575a3f517b57a950a05ca01Gary Kwong — Bug 831472 - Add another null check to nsGlobalWindow::GetInnerScreenRect(). r=smaug
0f87c11f27b0a6ed8eeaa0d5d2c4c25947e6d2e1Brian Hackett — Bug 830042 - Tolerate objects/strings with a null payload when marking VM stack, r=billm.
c71380f318edb1e9707a84bf94e9b1a0136e3036Ethan Hugg — Bug 830451 Treat PEER_REFLEXIVE like SERVER_REFLEXIVE r=adam
9229b7917f472fba11f25ee272d628202aeac9e0Frank Yan — Bug 611553 - Android: Make DOMWillOpenModalDialog a chrome-only event. r=mbrubeck
64eb6292b965b3cd08ae4a982b2ee7648e2b87d0Frank Yan — Bug 611553 - Make DOMWillOpenModalDialog a chrome-only event. r=dolske r=smaug
f719315ea4121c192a8c9f5c0f65fc114472e351Brian Hackett — Bug 831040 - Disallow GCs during error reporting for allocation and string/inflate bad inputs, r=terrence.
3e149de4b63871eb66b4555be097f4c348e19618David Zbarsky — Bug 830230 - Convert SVGPatternElement to WebIDL r=bz
69eec5e8a4777df33957a05b4c3d88c4626871b8David Zbarsky — Bug 827174 - Remove nsIDOMSVGLocatable and nsIDOMSVGTransformable r=bz
ac716d8a677a647c0b10e6f8d489edb08079a4f5David Zbarsky — Bug 830230: Move SVGPatternElement to mozilla::dom r=bz
459a4d696fd8e704d138c555310582b2c0ca2af9David Zbarsky — Bug 830181 - Convert SVGSymbolElement to WebIDL r=bz
53b31a85dbcf529953afeafad3ef6016c116ab33David Zbarsky — Bug 830181: Move SVGSymbolElement to mozilla::dom r=bz
d00c3bba992903596b151abdf253c858269541b8David Zbarsky — Bug 827172 - Convert SVGPathElement to WebIDL r=bz
c0bd6c23fe2bee9c875ebee2a6fbaf7ea583791aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 827182: Convert SVGUseElement to WebIDL
61f35673a6025f6ba38a67b0749dd9583739afe4David Zbarsky — Bug 827182: Move SVGUseElement to mozilla::dom
644a74f5904a1ad7071252cfe0f7e16fb8fedf62Jared Wein — Bug 829416 - SocialAPI ambient panel appears in middle of screen when toolbar is in Text mode. r=mixedpuppy
31a9be21a0a43e5e228131ccaaf697c1dd0bddb4Asaf Romano — Bug 830064 - The new downloads view does not support drag and drop. r=mak
780c48afccc10218d7ecae8da22239c2d322681bBrad Lassey — bug 831354 - Ship fonts for content in Firefox for Android r=mfinkle
c4b6301bee26ed1a4936874656d00d8f55e0967dEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
752093e9327e2a4a6bb95a56f807efb95020627eTing-Yuan Huang — Bug 823351 - Setup the dependency of jchuff.c on jpeg_nbits_table.h; r=ted
abd216c2ded312961abb828844980d474768f46bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 827158 - Part 3: Move the ValidityState API to Web IDL bindings; r=bzbarsky
43391698ce5e19e62172c4ee5c748e1a4d117644Malini Das — Bug 829566 - have marionette client send right tap event depending on shim, r=jgriffin