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Fri Oct 14 17:56:10 2011 +0000
921f44191dcb9e59d941441ec713b49d3d5d43f7Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Manual fixup of overzealous brace hoisting. r=mrbkap
fd0a23a7f093dbf9b9c0dbf30df5fa2257492e0fBobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Manual fixup of multi-line c++ cast alignment. r=mrbkap
25a5c9891392c72ac42f2771176d3f0d803ae890Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Hoist 'else' clauses to the line of the previous close-curly-brace. r=mrbkap
2efe763ee2ca511dd5461de4d5e9a013bc48e0f6Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Move the open-brace for if, else, for, while, and switch to the same line as the keyword or condition. r=mrbkap
0a2a7c748da6a979a262067d5ae4684db82b7c52Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Add space between keyword and paren for: if, for, while, and switch. r=mrbkap
0b91a5164a64bdfe59ba94c8aa183d2d38ecee67Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Fix alignment of arguments and tests relative to parens. r=mrbkap
ac22bf1a3e238428d70ede09ca6fd31f179884ecBobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Move all multi-line continuation backslashes to column 79 (where possible). r=mrbkap
014c9cf5088f1af09d9d3969771c9ef857b3dd78Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Remove trailing whitespace within XPConnect. r=mrbkap
51541b56d20d588edc5a6111d670ca5af3db39d5Bobby Holley — Bug 691411 - Move js/src/xpconnect to js/xpconnect and rename source files while we're at it. r=khuey, sr=mrbkap
80d7e83b765985cae8aeff60b47b311d0422bbe1Bobby Holley — Bug 691411 - Remove various dead directories in XPConnect. r=khuey