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Mon Jul 13 22:34:04 2009 +0000
7239b015f833dfafc730cc722a9945a769f6abd6Robert Sayre — Fix dtrace build bustage.
85a00250da71836eb44c0349bcb6372f8e8ae2f4Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central.
c4b5d3e7a8fa4b9f0c645c7d1a6cdd605a8b6fccAndreas Gal — Make js_ValueToString inline (503669, r=jwalden).
66b1c6455b292d8b70c382e992f0c7aa75d3e83aAndreas Gal — Follup-fix for 503665 (missing inlines).
3be83011ee33e51230e659b14380d4201ed81f49Andreas Gal — Make Scope::hold/drop and parts of Scope::search inline (503665, r=jwalden).
6ca843fc1e67b0e1e396a4b84602d9ead9e03429David Anderson — Static analysis build fixes, follow-up to bug 497948.
b6a8110a858fe00012f2c5d2b79b3b2cbf8f4c40David Anderson — Refactored deduceTypeStability/closeLoop for a general cleanup needed for recursion (bug 497948, r=gal+sayrer).
2073d5aae8b6d4fd5ae00b8c560f1ba44a2d5da4Andreas Gal — Avoid integer math for GC trigger factor calculation in allocation path (503463, r=dmandelin).
38fb8ab98e59e245ea94bf18452bf10209499e66Julian Seward — Bug 496693 - NJ: comment and refactor DeadCodeFilter vs Assembler::gen interactions, r=edwsmith.
274d57daf19cf3155b293af3886c0c2fbfa98783David Mandelin — Bug 502789: correct regexp->native compiler of handling case-insensitive matching of characters with multiple lower-case forms, r=lw
808a72c76b715a33e64c78fdbd970f8fd307f256Andreas Gal — Make sure js_FinalizeStringRT can be inlined into js_GC() (503462, r=dmandelin).
81af09df80334592031e0a02f3be343df455cbffAndreas Gal — Inline FinalizeObject into js_GC() along with making Scope hold() and drop() inline, too (503461, r=dmandelin).
65688b644bf5ebc309d1ff54ce92a28548ea0a14Andreas Gal — Bump local gcthings limit to 64 (503156, r=igor).
38586a845abde69d6dcbb86ab54ea7e6202e1fdeAndreas Gal — Avoid 16-bit arithmethic in GC arenas (503419, r=dmandelin).
67c02bffdfde069729d7682a3c410dedbe6869d8Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
ce6425a86c0b01d11df73e93c3bf712906c68519Andreas Gal — Make CHECK_FOR_STRING_INDEX an inline function (503666, r=jwalden).
37dbc2a251ecd9b3b3010318d26eeab6bfad1e01David Anderson — Build fix, follow-up to bug 503595.
e502974c740b59beddc163250d54b064007ae3bbDavid Anderson — Fix -0 modulo -x disagreement on Windows (bug 503595, r=sayrer).
9a3e207064254c544caef216e29cc96cefbfa5f1Andreas Gal — Remove unnecessary cast to unsigned (introduced by bug 502241, r=graydon).
af893ea83f096c34cf013b88e510aa90d2d0d973Graydon Hoare — Bug 503593 - NJ: whitespace and modeline cleanup, r=gal.
458e6d7143544164c05576863e71e87be00e5722Blake Kaplan — Bug 502449 - Now that our pseudo-frame can have a call object it needs slots, too. r=igor
216de166d5049cc1698a8cd0fd059d5770530b7aBrendan Eich — Bug 503524 - JSON.stringify does not condition number-typed space parameter per spec (r=sayrer).
3ac0a33eec855e943cadcdc1ab2a00a01279c75eBrendan Eich — Optimize stringify edge case. r=sayrer/jorendorff.
4fb3ac42c81cc77a7a80ae174125c832349ddcebGraydon Hoare — Bug 503437 - NJ: Commit missing CodeAlloc and NativePPC files from Adobe, r=gal.
70734c9d310c97f610826c5e0b42f12b48a17a63Jason Orendorff — Bug 503464 - Memory leak in JSScope::drop. r=brendan.
c8489ee35bb2a574c725170d20f13deb28404773David Anderson — Fixed division and modulo bugs with negative numbers and 0 (bug 498237, r=gal).
a5cdd08c43fece574adfab770e070ba3bf3ccd78Graydon Hoare — Bug 502953 - Followup patch to remove residual makefile entries, r=dvander.
1f377d1dab92864351f929f471f31a3e3b2c3504Brendan Eich — Bug 503343 - Change JSScope macros to methods. r=jorendorff
754aaae97667bc990d76ec1f4b18518d21b4d4e4Brendan Eich — Pick nits including warning provoker in jsregexp.cpp from bugs 463535 and 453730.
51ed66617fb5bb2d0c08b51aad6d8942273f711fBrendan Eich — Optimize GCto avoid atomic decrement in js_DropScope (503155, r=jorendorff).
bfd1f4324a2f34962562487e95d221c74839ddaaJason Orendorff — Bug 503198 - Restore ability to trace initprop/setprop with non-branded scope and function rhs. r=brendan.
700866ae679d0a32bb8b58cce12f067e7dab19b6Jason Orendorff — Bug 503191 - trace-test.js aborts in testAddAnyInconvertibleObject et al. r=Waldo.
89e1d7f88044ebdd508ca9735c56958b0f519e70Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 499605: localize _labels, _patches and pending_lives in Assembler. r=edwsmith.
91cb8d578da7311cb626c9cbd6a3f0d97f6130eeNicholas Nethercote — Bug 502788: avoid many redundant NULL comparisons in the LirReader pipeline. r=edwsmith.
6661bcf160cb5221d6eeaba876bd498b97cf3cfcJason Orendorff — Bug 502914 - JIT code can call js_AddProperty when the property already exists (Assertion failure: !SCOPE_HAS_PROPERTY(scope, sprop), at ../jsbuiltins.cpp:257). r=gal.
ea09ea5a5eebc2a46cbcf8489323387305e8a438Jason Orendorff — Last-minute change to the unit test in the previous changeset a08e3540da32, requested by bz in bug 502890 comment 6. Informal r=graydon.
a08e3540da329b3aaadbfd46ea847ab9b3a596a6Jason Orendorff — Bug 502890 - Assigning to a called method on trace does not change the object's shape. r=gal,r=brendan.
c76558a87dd9f1f28aeba6f81d165bbe0f04ff8cDavid Mandelin — Bug 453730: trace JSOP_ARGUMENTS, r=gal
14ae4c00c420a728e9ab50d5eb9f60dd59231f0fGraydon Hoare — Bug 502953 - Remove dead TraceTreeDrawer, r=dvander.
395a17e2767ff800474b48d25658f50ad20206a1David Anderson — Fixed two rare cases where missing globals in a nested loop could result in an outer recording using an incorrect typemap entry for those slots (bug 502604, r=gal).
d6d75f566719582eaf3eac6884b78edded7cec02Jason Orendorff — Bug 498565 - Setting inline style always misses property cache. r=brendan.
2ad60e33bda8f04fabcda1a71ace2b9a25d59146Jason Orendorff — Give the LIR instruction for loading obj->map the name "map" in debug output. r=brendan in bug 498565 comment 18.
632d8deadb8c2dbdb4ebd81841c3d3249e444f60Jason Orendorff — Minor cleanup. Fuse if-if in js_FillPropertyCache. r=brendan in bug 498565 comment 18.
6c9d9a6fa977cf496bf82755eec45fc39e5b9b01Leon Sha — Bug 502584. Firefox will crash when visiting on sparc platform. r=gal. NPOTB code
c32dc733062ba0e40634a33f17684c4c7de20746Nicholas Nethercote — Trivial fix for a TMFILES=liveness debug output assertion failure.
08d7b82b70809558a77ae879faeb0915b6e2a9ceNicholas Nethercote — Add some info on troubleshooting in the TraceVis README.
39882ccf1a24ffbb208d30c5d70f6dced343c331Nicholas Nethercote — Fix compile breakage on optimized builds caused by my last commit.
82986a4e5223356c26128f8faa7f89cad192f232Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 502539: move displacements into load instructions. r=gal,edwsmith.