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Thu Dec 02 12:19:10 2010 +0000
251cd89364a8e08eaa956de02fd279f5eca118bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 part 2. Make username/password stringify undefined to empty string. r=sicking, a=blocker
43437276f9f174878ac212b6c03eb4efa831ac20Boris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 part 1. Infrastructure for supporting AUTF8String in quickstubs. r=jorendorff
5f664ece27590bed20d50c8d7cb752b15ecf9567Boris Zbarsky — Bug 609272. Make sure to not apply clipping of overflow when printing to the root element, because it doesn't really make use of its overflow style itself. r=dbaron
80426f61cb135ab784c37b22a93dccd2f6ff9267Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614058. Fix regression in IsEqualNode. r=jst, a=blocker