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Thu Mar 28 12:31:20 2013 +0000
293498096b28db1095f01f0ef9f130afd3dea2bfDaniel Holbert — Bug 840388 followup: Remove completely unused variable 'chromeParent' introduced in cf276949f2b6, to fix unused variable build warning. (trivial patch, no review)
afe27d80eeef99d75e26223b5578a4cdb73735eeDaniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 7: Fix or disable reftests that depend on min-width:auto / min-height:auto. r=dbaron
e7a9e30409ebfd2e430e554b5ba85f07b8d5e602Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 6: Back out ff0658329dbd, bug 763689 part 1 (CSS parser support for min-width:auto & min-height:auto). r=dbaron
f8b5090d02e5498afbb10711686997a4861571dcDaniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 5: Back out 6bb37077d615, bug 763689 part 2 (style-system handling for min-width:auto). r=dbaron
5db313632268579f5b66e6728cb08985148ff1a7Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 4: Back out 82f73bdb2237, bug 763689 part 3 (style-system handling for min-height:auto). r=dbaron
7a289f49170f58373d94a39507b5b916560e6589Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 3: Back out part of 076d87bf30d0, bug 666041 part 7 (flexbox frame class impl -- just removing the code that deals with min-height:auto). r=dbaron
1eae876d6c3afda2db30b2f41dd935d58e28ac16Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 2: Back out de6a5c46a8ff, bug 666041 part 8 (special-handling for min-width:auto as min-content, for flex items). r=dbaron
edd98255e81d2b5aa4b366654be351efcdd92f50Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 1: Back out ed5120ffd118 from bug 794748 (mochitest for min-width:auto). r=dbaron
95274843db65e4ae1d23a88738628448cc266e27Tanvi Vyas — Bug 841850 - Mochitests. r=smaug
f46bbb876415cf01aa646aa6a646205e96555e87Tanvi Vyas — Bug 841850 - Check the target of a link click and update the content type from TYPE_SUBDOCUMENT to TYPE_DOCUMENT if the target is a new document. r=bz
844ef68557d8339001a1dc7ea25a10737be07bb1Tanvi Vyas — Bug 836951 - Add mDocShell to nsSecureBrowserUIImpl. Traverse up to the root doc shell. r=bsmith,smaug
cdcf6581c682bfef3270e25d3390897cfb71a0deTanvi Vyas — Bug 840388 - Mochitests that navigate https frames to http frames, both when a secure parent exists and when no secure parents exist. Tested with the mixed active content pref enabled and disabled. r=smaug
cf276949f2b65be190249b943557efa629e11c53Tanvi Vyas — Bug 840388 - Check if a iframe has any https parents. If not, then there is no mixed content since we are not on a secure page. r=smaug
7fdeab2a549dafa1373d3e76b9167c63f97178dfMark Hammond — Bug 820743 - test-only change to (hopefully!) fix intermittent chat resize orange. r=me
023023d36160f20851d7e55ff2ceef340132ddacCameron McCormack — Bug 850655 - Make CharIterator::Next() not crash when at the end of text. r=longsonr
4573d094fa710a11e4e907bf7b9d636925b1cedbBas Schouten — Bug 854468 - Part 2: Package command line recording code. r=ted
8ba09dac7d26a64866c3c416f648fe201d741b91Randell Jesup — Bug 853998: bustage fix for the SyncRunnable test (warning fix) r=abr on a CLOSED TREE
71cf55aee147ec0d781da69a3ea5a758efc2e905Boris Zbarsky — Bug 607441 part 2. Mark the scoped sheet rule processor dirty when author styles are enabled or disabled. r=dbaron
423f679f1d443c48b2493dcb50e47a0fd31b92f9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 607441 part 1. Don't disable SVG presentational attributes when page styles are disabled. r=dbaron,jwatt
5ce029bac59f155a140a192c42053034811c426dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 855025. Always do Xrays for DOM interface objects. r=peterv
1b8b0c20f8bae72293315d97b55ec06983f0926fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 853910 part 2. Stop using prclist for individual ListenerCollections. r=khuey
86253d3b7facbe116ca5277955dae767da944d8cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 853910 part 1. Stop using prclist for our list of ListenerCollections. r=khuey
d507ab8a001946dfae3357686f583275733cfb27EKR — Bug 853998 test (WIP)
687b479332b3d1fbdf184d7eb855ccc9a8b02275Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 853998 - Convert sync dispatches from SIPCC threads to use SyncRunnable r=jesup
9a04c4a506dfe80e08f2fc66dfbb26d3b301c253Benjamin Smedberg Bug 853998 - Add a common "SyncRunnable" class which dispatches events totally synchronously, avoiding event loop spinning or automatic promotion of this event to a nsThread, r=bsmedberg
bc6dfc2e65f07c10eb63c9970a8d0c63b8b04adcRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset bab9914e9a31 (bug 853576) for SM rootanalysis orange on a CLOSED TREE.
da133fd0dbb72e9c57cd3e04a6f09761808e8283Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4afb61ad2964cc442753d7607e0d193b2ec34c27Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 846422 - Hide context menus when popups appear [r=mbrubeck]
5985422885681177d2bf5ff0e87fb8e0460f0ff9Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853753 - Remove accidental second copy of test. rs=test
6422928d26e4c232856ca5d7df19fb1179bb495fBobby Holley — Bug 854139 - Handle all DOM objects, not just ones that unwrap to nsISupports. r=bz
ab716af952561438e404de8b9d2fda96a6c4491cBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Components shim tests. r=mrbkap
9ca7defc8a0fcc74170b3f22b8d6af8ad8420da0Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Components shim telemetry. r=mrbkap
68842f61d58b4fc2af38e69d5c388b2a16dea660Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Omit Components object for content scopes. r=mrbkap
a835569488a8618a5fe4c3c06d52dfa77df3101eBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Define a lazily-resolved shim for Components. r=mrbkap
7b2f668e489d4451a99789fcd9327bd28e7e45b2Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Make Components console warning test pref-aware. r=mrbkap
a2998da65e3a61aabd670877c328b90f302804d8Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Stop attaching Components in InitClasses. r=mrbkap
d5dfcbbcd176acf30a779eaac2344657fa642b6bBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Remove the aTarget parameter from AttachComponentsObject. r=mrbkap
e5b54db9ddb63b0d9535ec6324d20bc43ac1febfBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Fix two more toolkit tests. r=me
adb4ae9d355a946c2a8ab58ed0c2ca6e77733761Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853573 - Add test.
51ff01206ba4ea80d03a9783c18c178cfaa5709fNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853555 - Add test.
bab9914e9a31fc201330ae3ccf7c0332277cbf2aNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853576 - Check for negative indices supplied in scatter r=shu
8539f16b6763f6a9b8883c05461c3d8a0753d89aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 854629 Part 2: Remove nsISupports when there is only one base class r=Ms2ger
833ddc983ff535d7899eca7c538b5542dfbf8a30David Zbarsky — Bug 854629 Part 1: Remove nsIDOMSVGUnitTypes r=Ms2ger
28feb89ac66681174e664982a5a0b8abf6f324b1David Zbarsky — Bug 854629 Part 0: Remove the rest of XPIDL bindings for SVG elements r=Ms2ger
889cee343aea51f63a4defffdd2c691eca3a5585David Zbarsky — Bug 840417 Part 2: Remove nsSVGUnknownElement r=Ms2ger
4a86211079c7c86e7bf8318d578e807ce4d2432cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 840417 Part 1: Move nsIDOMSVGElement up to nsSVGElement r=Ms2ger
54e4bbd35f150dcad41aabd2df7c7c5921002cf5David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Remove nsIDOMSVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes r=Ms2ger f=jwatt
143617847dc68959cf104a6497141c6be93e25bfJan Beich — Bug 854152 - Make sure GLIB_CFLAGS are passed for LinuxGamepad.cpp. r=ted
627021947bfdb879d50959b290d78cdf24dc5933Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 825560 - Support readyState on PeerConnection. r=jesup
c773de367eeaefcf3750c2192beec20ce41d19d7Trevor Saunders — bug 845134 - enable more logging
01de5071069b45c4d351a87d8cc8738f5b2e310fRandell Jesup — Bug 843695: bustage fix rs=me on a CLOSED TREE
e3e6a4b4502851cd0aa8018d04593bc40abd82c4Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853555 - Avoid using `a[i] = b` until we are sure that `i` is defined on `a` r=till
40b1eec8a12a38689abe843fe42e98b8d08baa1fCameron McCormack — Bug 855183 - Reflow SVG text sooner on full page zoom. r=longsonr
a4ae083f9caf98377f343575707b75a5be1f69c3Randell Jesup — Bug 843695: Make some DataChannels assertions fatal in opt/release r=derf,r=ted
2ab3b6ef07865a883ba7d5dbf5aa7d8d52fb6ea8Randell Jesup — Bug 842126: Avoid deadlock if we can't send an Open message r=mcmanus
82441eb369e8560350d04eac12e6b8fe52a0dc72Randell Jesup — Bug 839650: Remove assertion suppression from dom/media/tests/mochitest r=jsmith
b839ca9cf702aae515c8e2d5274ee9a00ea3e074Terrence Cole — Backed out changeset 3af927a8260c for suspected bustage on a CLOSED TREE
574122faa48533b8aca098d2bf4da279079a6da9Brandon Waterloo — Bug 853490 - Added a block so that Windows pinch-to-zoom ends with a MozMagnifyGesture--implicitly, the end of the gesture. Parity with OS X. r=jmathies
3af927a8260cea080dd734115c415f20c764654cTerrence Cole — Bug 852802 - Add incremental needsBarrier to the runtime and check it first; r=billm