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Fri Apr 16 11:21:34 2010 +0000
739aec32e63e558029ffdee558ae509bf20ae6efHenri Sivonen — Bug 558302 - Make <button> non-scoping in the HTML5 parser. r=bnewman.
47f478e436adaa0d50923cb121d735b1b66fee85Henri Sivonen — Bug 555906 - </datalist> does not implicitly close an <option> in the HTML5 parser. r=bnewman.
a9a982dedd6f935adbf4241971da630f645aef89Henri Sivonen — Sync the Java sources of the HTML5 parser with the parser repo. rs=sicking. NPOTB.
7db9990e38719d5f5f8ade0dae9aabb8e3022e6bHenri Sivonen — Bug 500631 part 2 - Put an explicit space at the end of the isindex prompt. r=bnewman.
4aa2109bb5c6bd6157a477859f516aa0bdf6296aHenri Sivonen — Bug 500631 part 1 - Make the default isindex prompt use a localized string in the HTML5 parser. r=bnewman.
e648fd6a9dee8d7891f46fa79d4af64d75ead677Henri Sivonen — Test adjustment for bug 500631 - Update html5lib tree builder test data to reflect the new isindex prompt from the spec. r=bnewman.
a8327985f6e4372ce9abca8ad8e87321e11f2cd1Henri Sivonen — Bug 551344 part 3 - Address sicking's review comments in nsHtml5StreamParser.cpp. r=jonas.
47327da4d134e85f82f8dbdc577ed3610dd3de37Henri Sivonen — Bug 551344 part 2 - Address sicking's review comments in nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor.cpp. r=jonas.