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Fri May 08 03:22:56 2009 +0000
c97e93f23f8904430b6bffc98c31cc9d67247060Robert O'Callahan — Bug 487371. Fix Darwin/X11 xulrunner start script. r=bsmedberg
3fcf1c20fdc028d080095f6a7bc0e3a8b13ef87aBen Turner — Bug 490703. Don't hold long-lived references to link elements from the browser. r=gavin
d917c7a63b1458eee79dee6f0cf52fe204adadb2Ben Turner — Bug 490715. Disconnect focus controller element references. r+sr=smaug
0dcf7c03b8199a83999fb1fd02f92d6f0a62f423Alfred Kayser — Bug 491825. Remove extraneous spaces. r=gavin
7db881363a22822bbadcbe1f5c400069ebbd40acRobert O'Callahan — Bug 476526. Release the style context before calling LoadBindings. r+sr=bzbarsky
26c4c46fcaac14ede31283854e2bb830c7dece99Robert O'Callahan — Bug 489389. Limit size of temporary surface for tiling based on current clip extents. r=vlad
c9db288cd5cca9ff3b7a58e57c763b95909be2baRobert O'Callahan — Backing out fix for bug 479852 due to regressions
665b73eb15c804b90b4978b7820e41067a955d59Ryo Onodera — Bug 489485. nsRect::ToNearest/Inner/OuterPixels should be nonstatic. r+sr=roc
4aa17bf8dcdae7a64ae4256cffdf9e87558a8cc6Matthew Gregan — Bug 488287. When playback ends, readyState should change to HAVE_CURRENT_DATA. r=doublec,sr=roc
24793a90135db0a0f492f4a6692219b9c387fe40Jonathan Kew — bug 490777 - don't hang/crash on unpaired low surrogate codepoint in RTL text, r=roc
f053a233cc7bbbd6ce0285e2e35106cb0fc3d1e1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 463350. Don't allow fieldsets to break vertically. r+sr=dbaron
3802713fbe2e6daa55c6606f9a67efcb8f566f0cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 488901. When an element's size changes and it has borders, we don't necessarily need to invalidate the entire border-box --- if there is no right or bottom border, and other conditions are met. r+sr=dbaron
fdd555ade242c6b18890333feab0a018cbaccc0fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 480819. Explicitly track all elements that need to be frozen when a document enters bfcache. r+sr=jst
6333316bdfbb5d445e9cb11fd8ff75fe92c44459Robert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 836d5856f1e5