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Sat Mar 02 21:28:09 2013 +0000
0f0745beec38c5108aa7664848aed8b549b57908Gregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Remove
0b5d4e17261997a93fa332eaa1a25fdbcedbbbb0Gregory Szorc — Merge last PGO-green changeset of inbound to mozilla-central
412dc022e86e2883844dfcb336f139d250a5c29dMatt Brubeck — Bug 846988 - Handle additional arguments to setTimeout in Timer.jsm [r=neil]
cb648c353966114dec84e4ebd3c80a6c95becd2eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 729649 Progress meters on XP should be chunk style r=bbondy
172a43d03b542aebcd1f4375fa5a8cf7df09051aNeil Rashbrook — Backed out changeset 4fa6b9dbe823 for incorrect commit comment
4fa6b9dbe8239b112e443ee423764b335654f409Jim Mathies — Bug 729549 Progress meters on XP should be chunk style r=Neil
4936f2b632ae55978617aa811eb5c493c2bc0728Jim Mathies — Bug 658829 part 5 - render classic progress meters r=Neil
41ea14d7f14e241a0814fc0cab3133a9701faa5dJim Mathies — Bug 658829 part 5 - render themed progress meters r=Neil
d353df0caf90c32aff5d9aabaad27f2e463ffb23Jim Mathies — Bug 658829 part 4 - add helper methods r=Neil
00f8d9c10f6b79f9e8f825bcc631fd0ef76bb311Neil Rashbrook — Bug 658829 part 3 - move GetProgress*Value to nsNativeTheme r=jimm
ca5350cf3b1d1702c23c7b829e8617f53293f8c3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 658829 part 2 - stop using undetermined binding r=jimm
4ab31c69d24622464a2648ff93b3aecf0d45622fJim Mathies — Bug 392672 Make progress meter corner pixels transparent r=bbondy
fbdbdebeb0dd51c0b949244edef9e38916d27984Jim Mathies — Bug 658829 part 1 - preliminary cleanup r=bbondy
1cd1a9fdf8fba4c777b4cb044cad1641c0186010Neil Rashbrook — Bug 738952 Make it possible for a stream converter to propagate the actual MIME type to the document r=bz
7d93ba84ce2f3718173b98978ee5876bd1650e6fRobert Longson — Bug 843072 - Crash with getExtentOfChar(0) if there is no text. r=dholbert
ac4c5ef2e0645cbe37981931ac78ae1d21bbfd26Brian R. Bondy — Bug 845011 - Ctrl-s doesn't save current document. r=sfoster
4467d607386cdfb58f74c353be364106768256ccBrian R. Bondy — Bug 843536 - Ctrl-o doesn't open file picker. r=sfoster
69043531c9624a9f573aeb0bad5541fc4c3fbccbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 846786 - Allow GfxInfoThread.hasData() to be called after GfxInfoThread.getData(). r=Cwiiis
c709055b68f431de50db53a03525f14dd6b05fa3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 787001 - Don't set the global compositor first-paint flag when a background tab receives the before-first-paint event. r=Cwiiis
fd5dcdb118555a9905dc12010daea61e39540227Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 822666 - Robustify zoom comparison warning against floating point rounding. r=Cwiiis
6ae1781d5e188443e58852b9857b7a61ce9c3c26Jonathan Watt — Bug 843725 - Add support for changing the value of <input type=range> using the up/down/left/right/pgup/pgdn/home/end keys. r=mounir, r=smaug.
fc74c83f5ed5addd91f855f05f40a96d6b405a70Ms2ger — Bug 638219 - Followup to fix the output for test failures on tbpl.
e6bb3e29f1aa5faeed975c76d1d020eff6dd1c0aMs2ger — Backout changeset 84e8e319f735 for breaking rootanalysis build.
18e3fafbec3eccc6c796afaa944797ddd8e7b81fMs2ger — Bug 846769 - Allow up to five assertions in test_seek.html.
2bff7f5e13a4bdadcb0c218f5ebc5889d83411deMs2ger — Bug 846096 - Try harder to get a CC before this test finished.
38d783eae64ee8ba08ddb27df2c6716b25c085caMs2ger — Bug 671976 - Allow for up to two occurrences of this assertion on Windows.
0546579b0c06ed6277258c18943dcc6ae6295c0fMark Hammond — Bug 831489 - prevent social chats from stealing focus. r=gavin
3ae8720e2a118e1b02ce744581c37983ee41bcc8Mark Hammond — Bug 821208 - don't reference chatbox.iframe until the XBL bindings have been created. r=gavin
2f35f1c8d0f9eb4099bdb388a9354b906aea01d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 845666. Add support for sequences containing other sequences (or dictionaries containing sequences) to WebIDL. r=peterv
a41e3c011069bc21ad0708f323a619eb4d9d7832David Zbarsky — Use single quotes in Bindings.conf, no bug, r=me
42f356cfcce3f55c77ef1e634440047c9b353d09David Zbarsky — Bug 846977 - SVGMatrix doesn't need to inherit nsISupports r=bz
9a52e8f0a337ef880fcc63a974096061a86ff548David Zbarsky — Bug 846662 - Rename DOMSVGTests to SVGTests r=jwatt
6a225df3780e01f92ec580a916666a4f3a8d3228Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 845283 - Move formatting buffer onto the stack
a63ce4ed61c84b330d62c567af948afff22521afNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 16). r=jwalden
6dcde763a1869f5cbfe5f3271c42183b8f774fd1Eric Chou — Bug 841648 - Clear mIOLoop when the UnixSocketImpl instance changes its target file descriptor, f=tzimmerman, r=qdot
a3b6552229f87833270d930ac06191805b9cf37dNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 15). r=jwalden
e0bc07a40a671fcabb08cb42a3010a4306e106b8Gina Yeh — Bug 846647 - Update call state before reseting call array, r=echou
f9e71905f5d6949af13131fb60c8ba44fe21f491Alexander Surkov — Bug 843637 - move MSAA folder under Windows folder, r=tbsaunde
736b43ee49d466e04822396259c8018729af654aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 831781 - Some touchups to the code to make it more consistent and robust. r=Cwiiis
c48096095ae27aeaec428978409e7028261e7e8dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 831781 - Add support for zooming in/out with gamepad zoom buttons. r=Cwiiis
afac1e603462cd01c41fd8222e001cf1e5e636dfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 831781 - Extract a getAdjustedZoomFactor method to encapsulate the zoom edge resistance. No functional change. r=Cwiiis
f65ac1718a02b1e4242c33ce0cf7e1223c632c6bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 831781 - Add support for ouya gamepad joystick-based scrolling. r=Cwiiis
93b2766c6f256ca0b2088fa9364b67794ba27784Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 769524 - Remove sleep workaround now that bug 772672 is fixed. r=gbrown
da718adb662124c821c88ca08a3d9dc3fb0bbbefL. David Baron — Bug 671976: Tweak timing in the hopes of forcing the assertion to stay before TEST-END on Linux32; add additional leakage of expected assertions for Windows.
ee20a1ffe205c9168215ba058d387734a6246cfbMark Capella — Bug 811905 - Make bookmarks and history buttons in awesomescreen look more clickable, r=wesj
84e8e319f7354e9056f537d9f87c289e1e65b64eNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 829602 - Switch to self-hosted version of Parallel Array r=dvander,till
5a6defdc0478dcc73e49304729a4ab095175d270Geoff Brown — Bug 846353: Fix typos in robocop testBookmarksTab, testDoorHanger and testShareLink; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
25ac92017a5aca4a136262658ca773894443bed0Terrence Cole — Bug 638219 - Fix test selection after prior landings for bug 638219; rs=Waldo
00d6250f12e815067b0459834de3a75ef0c78065Margaret Leibovic — Bug 846102 - Remove sub-frame offset from cursor handle position calculation. r=bnicholson
39b225c258501e3a1c1b1faa29a633d31a4f842cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 748469 - (Part 2) Clean up FormAssist.positionAndShowPopup. r=wesj
7e5af7df02b7681b8d5cbc568884721470167f3fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 748469 - (Part 1) Move FormAssistPopup viewport math to Java. r=kats
49c2e8c98a087a8d1016ef5df0586b644209e7ddTrevor Saunders — bug 845562 - nsFrameSelection doesn't need to inherit from nsISupports r=smaug
26fd44dd98a5e468727085bb2c41cebdb757305aTrevor Saunders — bug 845562 - remove GetFrameSelection() from nsISelectionPrivate r=smaug
00c6018cb20ec2d98bdd314b72fdcfa5e6b66294Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 846922 - Read late write stacks on windows. r=BenWa.
7a2ee65ecfa095088df17b170bc6b55d214163aaWes Johnston — Bug 838400 - Set an explicit minHeight on context menu items. r=sriram DONTBUILD
860744693b7dcce618dd16298c25da02257496f9Wes Johnston — backout 24dd58c6390c to fix commit message
533ec27c9c33b8e3610a3a812175525828b0fcb0Brian Hackett — Bug 834240 - Add missing setPendingNukeTypes, r=dvander.
7f88297be02744b870fc4410a7e6f4e898c7cedeGeoff Brown — Bug 769919: Allow retry when getting awesomebar ListView in robocop tests; r=jmaher
f44860760c1fe837d37ed9d1c1bde838f7622d58Daniel Holbert — Bug 845868: Reorder js.cpp's #include list so that GCC doesn't spam Wattributes warnings about attributes being ignored on class decl-after-definition. r=Waldo
d90114adfbad1ce299fd4aa55efd5e5cf0ca5875Mark Capella — Bug 784331 - No indication if a page is in reader mode, r=lucasr
5668dcdcdbdd3451718dd1befb0388eeef1cb42dWes Johnston — Bug 844834 - Use system colors for dialog titles. r=sriram
24dd58c6390c1137f53b52df75f3407d2d3f30a5Wes Johnston — Bug 828400 - Set an explicit minHeight on context menu items. r=sriram
e6a9a560661769b5237d57bfb2526faf5f5a435aFabrice Desré — Backout e0be1d5500f2 (bug 833795) for causing bug 846816
e7ac597e55b685c597f5d1d0dab7a2a78ba498a0Matt Brubeck — Bug 840588 - Create a mach wrapper that searches up from $CWD for a topsrcdir [r=gps]
ab0dfce25486d6e6069bb97b9728244f159fb463Matt Brubeck — Bug 840588 - add topsrcdir and mozconfig to mozinfo.json [r=ted]
46c7aef70f6d9a0895237d5b0279eb01fefb56acJim Mathies — Bug 843014 - 'Search for' context menu item should quote selected text. r=fryn
33511e4407a0fa373c4468168d6239fe12dd5d98Jim Mathies — Bug 846679 - Export WinUtils so we can use its handy dandy routines in other places besides widget. r=masayuki
9777754132a49552e12ed6381d053ee52d685e46Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Set all test-independent command-line bits up once, pass in; r=terrence
4ef9fd3500874ed6ccbc0b67635134c851b30f43Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Move test result output into result processing function; r=terrence
396ab87da092e55f92b52395154780134bcb15b1Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Reuse cmd saved in results object rather than rebuilding it; r=terrence
750b5be0a25cccaf338274b81d7a21586b992bc8Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Use TestOutput class to wrap test results; r=terrence
513464517953eb7b5cec6589fc2ccadaf2568306Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Save static paths in module-level constants; r=terrence
a8d5cbaa6a46ecd2af63fc04d9c8531a6d7a4fd6Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Extract valgrind setup, prepend in Test.command(); r=terrence
008743f80cb126ed6b964b7917fee01898eea3d1Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Move command construction into Test class method; r=terrence