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Tue Sep 07 22:09:01 2010 +0000
7b4ebf471dd04f340357a92529a66ceab82595c6Michael Wu — Bug 592888 - Special handling for multixpi install event checking, r=Mossop a=test-only
e1b1e9dfcdaf4b29db888e3cb11682424fcca91dMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 592586 Remove code for "group tab by sites" [r+a=dietrich]
4e0ade1d0968553368fda678550faa5a7976683aMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 591706 - GroupItem.add: don't compute findInsertionPoint if we don't have a dropPos [r+a=dietrich]
729be7ad43cf76b5dfa88cbd572dc91a3494c800Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 588999 - Add Tab Candy escape button to Tab Candy view [r+a=dietrich]
1499c617241b3654d96d01f2ef07c71b68fca147Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 592592 - Non-breaking spaces inserted when multiple spaces are typed, even in pre-wrap-styled text r,a=roc
c63f70603dd4252db3df308e41be247ea0f03662Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 592601 - Add "face" to the list of white-listed attributes; r=bz a=jst