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Wed Nov 10 16:11:14 2010 +0000
bdcaec24bbcb1c838f967208bf2301cfcecff67cPatrick Walton — Bug 596315 - Animate the opening and closing of the Web Console, r=dietrich, a=johnath
f9966f6545e0a34e51a05e981c54142e1189f1bcRob Campbell — Bug 608358 - inspect() and pprint() console helper functions not working on window object, r=gavin, a=blocking2.0
7780f04b558be3423e813954e317dc2e9741ea38Patrick Walton — Bug 607163 - Part 3: Remove !important from the Web Console CSS, r=dao, a=gavin
84ab587e76155686645c06c70cedc618237fc0d0Patrick Walton — Bug 607163 - Part 2: Move the Web Console CSS to browser.xul and fix a small ensuing styling regression, r=dao, a=gavin
14710b1bd29d69b9e1735fafa4cae13f51a76a0aPatrick Walton — Bug 607163 - Part 1: Make the Web Console's CSS conform to the Mozilla CSS performance guidelines, r=dao, a=gavin