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Tue Apr 20 07:42:08 2010 +0000
d10d49ee252d490c69d8e8d541adf987f2be5a07Mike Hommey — Bug 435550 - In about:, move some whitespaces from the xhtml to the locale dtd [r=pike]
cccd01dbb2a8e9b694fd5f87f87f0025dfb070daMike Hommey — Bug 558789 - Allow to build against system libevent [r=benjamin, r=cjones]
ef0dce9ad78403f31a5ba292c1bf7774f23401bcMike Hommey — Bug 530534 - Add -ldl in libxul-embedding pkg-config libraries [r=benjamin]
bfe106e6ca9a983a0059911df70b0701c0c1786bMike Hommey — Bug 528687 - Don't use TLS variables on mips, because of a binutils bug [r=benjamin]
a164b2809859dd76bc254e077b7191ffb4b06469Mike Hommey — Bug 532198 - Reimplement xptcinvoke for arm/linux in C [r=Jacob.Bramley, r=vladimir, sr=benjamin]
168586ac1ea916cae9a95385103ae3f1e5055715Mike Hommey — Bug 555910 - Increase stability and performance on mips by not using -Wa,-xgot [r=benjamin]
776a9dddf84557f2ad752618881b9fcd9fb27593Mike Hommey — Bug 555901 - Support for GNU/Hurd [r=benjamin]
dfca7a38cb5065d863c3559471065bc27e8eb593Mike Hommey — Bug 555894 - Don't use static strings when setting environment variables [r=vladimir, sr=benjamin]
0a14970933fc85b47a8abff5688390b4d39279a1Mike Hommey — Bug 555189 - Cleanup reftest and mochitest logs during 'make clean' [r=benjamin]
8dd00e5122fb30880d9be621793b1ae8b82a389bMike Hommey — Bug 554265 - Download search engine icons even when searchplugin is readonly [r=rflint]
5ae049189288fdff08c24d2189b9b3749a962fddMike Hommey — Bug 554036 - Mark bugs/424074-1-ref2.xul reftest as randomly failing with Gtk: its result depends on the Gtk theme used [r=smontagu]
07187a238dfe195e784205a3ebceff49907420edMike Hommey — Bug 554029 - Use Bitstream Vera as an alternative font in font-face/local-1 reftest [r=smontagu]
169cd7cf6a333ed62cb4d105bd66aa94d2eeb69fMike Hommey — Bug 543469 - Remove compiled python objects from automation during 'make clean' [r=ted.mielczarek]
cc7dda8df7780e6a6eaf50ec6e6afcf4eeed14ceMike Hommey — Bug 538929 - Avoid creating XRE_SYS_LOCAL_EXTENSION_PARENT_DIR and NS_APP_PREFS_OVERRIDE_DIR with wrong permissions [r=benjamin]
771a0f0a295bd2bae2ef9929404a06bcbf4fa558Mike Hommey — Bug 486681 - Support more HPPA CHOSTs on HPPA/Linux [r=timeless]