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Thu May 09 21:40:43 2019 +0000
912b44cef0bcf2ddf29778ee2f5d8586933095afRob Wu — Bug 1546248 - Loosen Client-ID check in unit test r=rpl
134e12b67bba8cb1921aff84ddab311c4305f8a1Rob Wu — Bug 1546123 - Correct size calculation of theme previews r=mstriemer
043d273f14ca4ff406c4d6674701ecfa51ecbd9dRob Wu — Bug 1546980 - Add ratings and user counts to discopane r=mstriemer,flod
af2c36273f0c06c24d6dcc5625805f92f390eec0Rob Wu — Bug 1542262 - Match AMO's rating logic in about:addons r=mstriemer,Pike
077dec75c81a580e49256b4e988daab15e54427bRob Wu — Bug 1546248 - Add attribution parameters to AMO links r=mstriemer
53535f2ceb4c5569b7aa615ec1aee176bed92e17Rob Wu — Bug 1546248 - Put HTML discopane behind separate pref r=mstriemer
76eb966c5aa706e93e06e9b463bb1d305ff1b7f4Rob Wu — Bug 1546248 - Add notice to discopane when TAAR is enabled r=mstriemer,flod
23d7d4098ba3d98352b9d018161b2a676c3e5500Rob Wu — Bug 1546248 - Change "Get Add-ons" to "Recommendations" r=mstriemer,flod
1971986d9cd6a17872eb0698afc23624fef4b19aRob Wu — Bug 1546248 - Add discopane to about:addons HTML view r=mstriemer,flod,aswan
9f769e825727a431a5412de163382902707a3e1dNoemi Erli — Backed out changeset 38ce182f68ea (bug 1402530) for build bustages in nsMixedContentBlocker.cpp CLOSED TREE
11199ccc5f71dc14c819fa780c1732369972f0d5David Walsh — Bug 1515108 - Add DAMP test for project search r=jlast
a11a1329e0d60e056c2562a06a50253bf90e54b8James Graham — Bug 1504776 - Reenable tests that were disabled for a harness bug, r=annevk
31ed335e3d2ca3a22ff4ebbd2ad21be1682cd28dJames Graham — Bug 1504776 - Fix a test that tries to navigate the test window, r=annevk
38ce182f68ea52e21cf4a73ab857d12bd95d1616Sebastian Streich — Bug 1402530 - Use IsOriginPotentiallyTrustworthy in ShouldLoad r=ckerschb,jkt
f13164b1e651908978336f84e28c8a5150380565Raphael Pierzina — Bug 1546614 - Run telemetry-tests-client on macosx64, linux32, windows32 on CI; r=chutten,ahal
c84376bb87f13282fb87d9a08a45394c685123f2Jon Coppeard — Bug 1549853 - Ignore associations of zero bytes of malloc memory with a GC thing r=sfink?
7214702e12d20f2848fc186f752904310d6b276bJon Coppeard — Bug 1549986 - Make all concrete implementations of JSTracer final to aid devirtualization r=sfink?
c7395b64e19e763c7d1612f4d898e53a2a1f9a7cJulian Descottes — Bug 1549940 - Close about:debugging messages when clicking anywhere on the close button r=Ola
51a7edbe0a9e8f63e45d59d6a9a18bc0e700a199Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1549559 - Add bindings for ArcSlice and ThinArc, and use them to reduce copies of SVG path data. r=heycam
dc57611c4e71768dc1f0e226e4b891634ec71b78Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1549559 - Introduce ArcSlice, a small wrapper over ThinArc but without an explicit header. r=heycam