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Thu Sep 16 02:45:59 2010 +0000
bbd9ee911c092e75be88fd2166e7957a7d7beb9aBlair McBride — Bug 593535 - Failure to download extension causes about:addons to list the addon with no way to restart the download (strings only); r=dtownsend, a=blocks-beta7
cc85eaa0817239238978ad1f1aac63b24deafa40Kurt Schultz — Bug 590756 - The 'Update Add-ons Now' entry in the add-ons manager sounds as if updates were found and ready to be installed; r=bmcbride ui-r=limi a=dtownsend
7676e2b0fea0f968a78b31191b253be3a377fb16Dave Townsend — Bug 562790: Support the add-ons marketplace in the add-ons manager (strings only). r=Unfocused, a=blocks-beta7