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Fri Apr 26 01:39:07 2013 +0000
7f68735fc8dabaddf9653ae498203f6f432d07aeJoel Maher — Bug 865780 - deploy a new to capture the fennec preference, datazilla output, and mozlog fix. r=armenzg
9defb9661f846ae02cfea88f0a2cec78206e00bdAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 864982 - Remove legacy err_msg/buginf/notice_msg logging r=jesup
f50572bf5e4931e214d8d0660bf6c83f82687d3dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8058ffec4f32782babd673e9e128ee7da7ac5e7eRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 858687 - Fix broken backout. r=lucasr
ac39efa583f7a3a6a7c537ff5d79049cb9d360a0Ms2ger — Bug 864727 - Followup: add missing change to MediaStreamList::WrapObject; r=bz on a CLOSED TREE
edda3c650b51dd5f2ccc05f72878b1dc2e9b8216Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 853387 - Make all plugins run out of process on Mac x86 now that we no longer support fallback for in-process quickdraw graphics/carbon events. r=smichaud
1a1edc45b5cf3e2a8045d08df89cf8040ef569ebSteve Fink — No bug, DONTBUILD. Updates to the static rooting analysis, including transition from Makefile to python script.
cf9d73c44cbf43e7d3fe906c188769c29dd27334Chris Peterson — Bug 863288 - Add sanity checks and error logging for bitmap decoding. r=mfinkle
ad5badac802f898930b7d20541d7f801b713455fJeff Gilbert — Bug 863477 - Use SurfaceCaps::Any() for CreateOffscreen for GLContexts for NPAPI plugins. r=cpeterson
34819ac4912ebd5d0299d0782d7a8b108620dc8cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 852420 - Suppress NeededToWrapXUL warning for generated content, r=bz
4f09599d049f29b6739e55702d99ec29d4450df5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 863898. Add support for dictionary arguments in JS-implemented WebIDL bindings. r=mccr8
74bd92b1c03343ae53e318f94690e195ca8f7966Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 7. Make the WebIDL binding Wrap methods take a handle for the scope object and use a Rooted for the parent. r=ms2ger
e98c80465618bd9b0919e103d93a22d259376a13Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 6. Make all the WrapNode methods take a handle for the scope object. r=ms2ger
1b1381894c4402d105cf59e45078bd9573facd01Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 5. Make all the WrapObject methods take a handle for the scope object. r=ms2ger
3011f288bfe7da7bafa1f52853341cfd5dd7fdc1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 4. Pass a handle for the scope object to all the various Wrap*Object stuff in BindingUtils. r=ms2ger
d13e71853e55348494a954403ef3f81c519d3dafBoris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 3. Pass a handle for the parent object to WebIDL dictionary ToObject. r=ms2ger
27c89b2200adc341f7606846a568c729ac09ad45Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 2. Pass a handle for the scope object to union conversions. r=ms2ger,terrence
a67479723670f4be9ab542f60880fb8e2ddc8dcbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 1. Root the global before calling WrapObject in XPCConvert. r=bholley
16ebd3f796c1699d2d9f3ca57e6622cc0f980f0aNicolas Silva — Bug 856079 - Merge ShadowLayer and LayerComposite (keeping the later). r=nrc
2f3ddbc27bfacbdd51f41fa004d441b2c956652eEitan Isaacson — Bug 865430 - Give dispatched mouse events from a11y an unkown input source. r=surkov
21b54ce74c1870cb16697f3986fe55657ff3ffd5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 865447 - Expose Accessfu input object for scripting purposes. r=yzen
de487abe67a2bc8888315eb822dbd031b48f2e67Daniel Holbert — Bug 865503: Simplify logic (and remove else-after-return) in nsTableFrame::AncestorsHaveStyleHeight. r=mats
6594045f097555ebf346e6e1d2652b7553d43e6dDaniel Holbert — Bug 865477: Use Maybe<> instead of nsAutoPtr<> for lazily-constructed nsHTMLReflowState in nsBlockFrame::Reflow(). r=bz
a536a231fafbd6e86799cdaebfb7f472b7d4a94dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 831514 - Work - You cannot pin sites that have a slash character in the tile ID. r=jimm
f077ac9f97e5b43327e98f8ff79e47ed16449592Andrew McCreight — Bug 865397 - Nicen up "id got defined" assertion. r=bholley
1296bb2e0445eccbdd494f1fba9360ef88183427Andrew McCreight — Bug 865317 - Allow a useful NodePool::Enumerator to be constructed for an empty CC graph. r=smaug
c253479e2a2e54dbbda2365fa8eeb484a9d52769Andrew McCreight — Bug 865306 - Add assertions for the initialization of the cycle collector's EdgePool::Iterators. r=smaug
2d8dfb7e10e66b5f24de933e514871efc1ff016aAndrew McCreight — Bug 837197 - Don't write poison shutdown CC logging. r=smaug
761ecc87c2ca5c28fc7991cb7c1f1e07f7793c64Andrew McCreight — Bug 863880 - Take a less ad hoc approach to forward declarations in bindings generation. r=bz
ceac3c6904d66d8131ca14709bd0a972675b831bAndrew McCreight — Bug 863964 - clean up forward class declarations in codegen. r=bz
a1ead1605ade330eb72abe0383bd2c5d2f7023deJonathan Kew — bug 854555 - ensure download icons are 32px even on Retina Macs. r=shorlander
f0f0cf98b3cdc8fce9edb59edc17b506305f93c6Ben Turner — Bug 861287, fix clang bustage.
c759d3eb1118e75caa76524a830140a7222915dbBenoit Girard — Bug 853358 - Add plugin profiling support. r=ehsan,bsmedberg
1a7dac116295392baded40c0ac56e7eeabfd3536Boris Zbarsky — Bug 704063. Add an unprefixed version of requestAnimationFrame. r=roc, sr=smaug
bff1304042580269e13440fc5ca83fe06fb12d1eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753453. Add a way for us to pass a high-res timestamp to requestAnimationFrame callbacks. r=roc
8dbc29b317ec43383d25734d21318605763c18bcBen Turner — Bug 861287 - 'Integrate IndexedDB into the gecko profiler'. r=khuey.
eeb9d7a408ab1595941fc2aa56719cced5badefeBrian Hackett — Bug 865153 - Remove resume point uses in dead blocks when restarting loop processing, r=h4writer.
63a501b7c61d89b9602df876931f02973486e672Dave Vasilevsky — Bug 863104 - Fix Dock progress drawing on 10.6. r=josh
dba3bdd9fe8855411ebc290480f0ae0d4f927a8aBenjamin Chen — Bug 862240 - Add null checking and reset the runnable member pointer when entering runnable method. r=drs
be0e8115a215d625d3b167a42c742159868db7b7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ba934ac9fc6b (bug 862448) for B2G reftest crashes.
2ecb09efe325aa2099a4ca75df00198a5df4aaddRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 684a5ca2efb7 (bug 858969) for Android M3 failures.
93259cd4c674e582aa007c6ad5443eb842b30378Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 039a1de069ed and e0f70c5a5f09 (bug 858687) for trobocheck2 failures.
1264667a08548b68226470ac1765f21064d4731eEd Morley — Bug 863091 - Followup: Fix test to expect correct return code after clobber
ba934ac9fc6bdb2e91882600ab2d2088cbdf096bJames Willcox — Bug 862448 - Fix the fast fencing path for GL when drawing buffer is preserved r=jgilbert
b49b5f42be79bf9290a0beca397e4ec7fbe054f4Ed Morley — Bug 863091 - Make auto clobbering opt-in rather than opt-out; r=glandium
5696aa5b935410e65c61b0d15d4a25be99ae8c6bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865532 - Don't attempt to stop an AudioBufferSourceNode that doesn't have a context; r=padenot
a85d75cdca55c73c3b8accfbfa48f26feca1d616Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865548 - Convert the node arrays in AudioContext to hashsets; r=padenot
02bc24b84712c86d52af1a21e8e2d4ae5027ba7fBen Turner — Backout bug 861287 for gcc build failures.
0e8b99f4d0b30a078e8aaf983481c36b91a1224fGene Lian — Bug 853752 - B2G MMS: after retrieving MMS, delete the thread containing the previous notification indication (follow-up fix). r=vicamo a=leo+
7b13433d8d0c4552dbd35d2cf4c085cf6d6d86eeBen Turner — Bug 861287 - 'Integrate IndexedDB into the gecko profiler'. r=khuey.
3dbdab219220d32e242a2e1f1fc123e5e8fc40dfBen Turner — Remove bad line endings from IDBFactory, no bug.
72ee55092cb83c43ac40361e32b51d8534c3bb1cLucas Rocha — Bug 858978 - Use DST_IN to draw ShapedButton (r=mfinkle)
039a1de069ed16479c73c22c037209d3bb303573Lucas Rocha — Bug 858687 - Rename browser_toolbar_menu.xml to browser_toolbar.xml (r=mfinkle)
e0f70c5a5f095431d0911551a0a1bb3b44e61d68Lucas Rocha — Bug 858687/862755/860308 - Major simplification of browser toolbar layout (r=mfinkle)
ed39a9db0fb190df0f0d9130f9e970cd0fdecb3fEd Morley — Backed out changeset 8a9a40bfa8e3 (bug 853151) for browser_social_markButton.js failures
9c11cfae5a695788d309d9b650aa5264ccc6b009Makoto Kato — Bug 853128 - Turn off injecting test of NtFlushBuffersFile on x64. r=ehsan
96c350f2c64a03a58907ef13ddaa88fad16aee9fJonathan Watt — Bug 864832 - Get rid of the majority of the remaining nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds calls, except for those related to transforms and nsSVGTextFrame2. r=mattwoodrow
78bdcb813be1cffebeb33a4f87b6eb8073ec3a1eDave Hunt — Bug 842633 - Allow subclasses of MarionetteTestRunner to add their own command line options. r=jgriffin
c9f50b631b7da596aecec506bfc910f89db41b39Jacek Caban — Bug 865216 - Recognize exacutables on WINNT in is_executable. r=glandium
7a0df791c0f8d8ed0ca49bcd5d17a49a9f57ca65Victor Porof — Bug 864802 - The _store on each variables view instance is redundant, r=rcampbell
83a790e5acd8a9b1b4b1a13ee39b15a7adc751e1Phil Ringnalda — Back out 96a806212cac (bug 865314) for apparently causing fairly frequent failures in test_spdy.js
8a9a40bfa8e3ad6c79333ec63a541dce0f503c44Shane Caraveo — bug 853151 refactoring recommend into SocialMark, r=felipe
f5adb2a4213572742ee737b50667acd8b87db333Jeff Walden — Bug 865036 - Add a Casting.h header to hold various casting methods, right now including a SafeCast method that asserts in-rangeness. r=froydnj
441c2a4b1ddebbf17c9d23d37bc3d6c2229a3532Jeff Walden — Bug 865036 - Implement mozilla::Is{S,Uns}igned. r=froydnj
8a8a161575760b23a81df70fa36afa6107a4ba0eJeff Walden — Bug 865036 - Implement mozilla::IsFloatingPoint and mozilla::IsArithmetic. r=froydnj
02d966a79f149a08b359ac19c6cbf1c1d5d19d56Bill McCloskey — Bug 662008 - Handle document title changes across processes (r=felipe)
84df49f43e7dd0f59e1562f9ef6d11806c657bd9Bill McCloskey — Bug 666801 - Handle webProgress for out-of-process content (r=felipe)
a8a547fb44a8bf92e2ad57a395fc50dcff47379aBill McCloskey — Bug 666801 - Use nsIWebProgress.isTopLevel attribute in browser code (r=felipe)
11260d91b2c8b54a1bb141dda05bbda8558d6797Bill McCloskey — Bug 666801 - Add DOMWindowID and isTopLevel to nsIWebProgress (r=smaug)
b25be40337874e6405825e937ff2af017a5ecca2Timothy Nikkel — Bug 863970. Remove some dead code in imagelib. r=seth
5d07eabd9a876afd2a98183958849dc7cf3e919fJeff Walden — Minor style fixes to ObjectImpl.h. No bug, r=sparky
8eac2a78a7918ad0bd4d7d05f529f2916d2eeb22Jeff Walden — Bug 858381 - Implement non-writable array lengths, and add a boatload of tests. r=jorendorff and r=bhackett for the major parts of this, r=jandem for the methodjit changes, r=jimb on a debugger test change, r=nmatsakis for the parallel test. (More details available in the bug, where individual components of the fix were separately reviewed.)
96509dd0406deeaacd1ba2b2bc7a8ab2b612e128Jeff Walden — Bug 864558 - Fix some minor issues with SMS sending and filtering. r=mounir, r=mrbkap taking into consideration a comment by bz
d3e73cfeb94cfea7e9d0818a5b02cb65aa1ad085Daniel Holbert — Bug 865396: Insert space between string literal and macro arg, to fix GCC 4.8 Wliteral-suffix build warning. r=sfink
1d23eecfc4b84f6a057b0f7ef3e1f28a0834203dAlexander Surkov — Bug 864646 - get rid nsARIAMap struct, r=tbsaunde
3255b8c57e83880bbff4db0a1bde611ca10e6384Boris Zbarsky — Bug 731746 part 4. When wrapping a JS-implemented webidl object, define the new object as a property on the implementing object. r=mccr8
b84fe2eb61381c7c2191644eb85166bae33c8882Boris Zbarsky — Bug 731746 part 3. Change JS-implemented webidl codegen to always invoke the parent constructor if there is a parent interface. r=mccr8
69ca7cb14709cd3da8f57b2f82ebebfb56473d36Boris Zbarsky — Bug 731746 part 2. Change JS-implemented webidl codegen to pass an nsPIDOMWindow, not an nsISupports, to the object constructor. r=mccr8
796d4d1042ba24bbe12a366ce1d463d3173c5cbbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 731746 part 1. Add a constructor on nsDOMEventTargetHelper that takes a window, for use by JS-implemented event targets. r=smaug
104e71fda7b901ffcd274f7d004f8ec4c921dbabNicholas Cameron — Bug 861636. Add some null checking to the ensure texture path and make EnsureTextureHost return void. r=nical
ab3495f72c8a9b15cf36a5fbd09a2beb966e8b46David Zbarsky — [Bug 864209] Remove Geolocation classinfo r=Ms2ger
0f87eee6f792aa65953a9e91b767d5e334f489edBrian Hackett — Bug 865192 - Remove unnecessary toPhi() coercion, r=dvander.
3ef3b7592a531825954d4930275c18c3e7ebf2e2Ginn Chen — Bug 861829 Fix symbol names of *stat on Solaris, make |dirent| work on Solaris r=dteller
064b6605f850da00d7b7e48ffd717ca877314cfcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865004 - Disconnect the AudioNode from the graph before deleting it; r=bzbarsky
722048a0587b6dbef660dd9ae2431f0563aa191aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
c1f983b78f1625fee2d390906ea263bb94ea2f9eShu-yu Guo — Bug 861904. (r=sstangl)
e1255e1e6ad3e0656ba13bd60d3ef518b3794eceShu-yu Guo — Bug 858582 - Prevent callsite cloning of callsite clones. (r=bhackett)
00c0b12c29e1e673aaf3e1e5f002c75f2a2e617aSeth Fowler — Bug 863319 - Improve assertions in browser_image mochitest. r=joe
d3a6b7822cdbfe063f9cc75327adbd93abd64761Luke Wagner — Bug 857700 - Fix race condition in AsmJSMachExceptionHandler (r=vlad)
96a806212cacbe387dce7f657dc3a53cc98070e3Patrick McManus — bug 865314 dont restrict parallel ssl handshakes with unknown spdy state r=jduell
ba1bd4eccd7cac4c426bd8871cf6b1058cc01f18Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 865147 - Fix crash in nsContentUtils::ContentIsDescendantOf by checking parent of 'before' node, r=bz, feedback=Ms2ger
972fffa53784e55bff073a425877253d8ea9349aMatt Woodrow — Bug 863922 - Use the device pixel size of plugin IOSurfaces since layers handles resolution scaling already. r=BenWa
7badc495dbba633a464b7e7f109571b88f3a3ed5Bobby Holley — Bug 865260 - Use IsXrayWrapper rather than ObjectIsNativeWrapper in nsWindowSH. r=bz