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Sat Dec 21 00:37:32 2013 +0000
b3d4af4ec2df387821fe8649a956f4fa65b9bb35Tim Taubert — merge elm to m-c IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
08b937925c4223024a1fbb41c129d05c07c935e9Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
14571394bf7ed7b3412deb9c56d5e2e7a03a75cbTim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
67c515f2064e4e60b9fc0a1beb16fe03305c93afMark Hammond — Bug 949695 tests followup - fix test_handleSyncError to reset error account so it passes when run twice
10e5556d93be736a1807a28832a2a1cf95120a4bMark Hammond — Bug 949695 tests followup - convert more tests to run with both identity managers.
b3d8ec11e22227d2ad26eef9b74c272016c847f6Mark Hammond — Bug 949695 tests followup - convert test_service_wipeServer to identity_test infrastructure
ebbb473f88e818a86b4752640245730574a8e427Mark Hammond — Bug 949695 tests followup - Add ability to run tests twice - once with each identity manager - and have test_service_startOver use it.
1f24bfdc28ea73bafae63f532abd377c5fd0ab79Mark Hammond — Bug 949259 followup - refactor identity config for tests and remove need to pass params to BrowserIDManager.
da352ff3e3eeb48abf05db0e1e0def45c5240b01Mark Hammond — Bug 949695 followup - add resetCredentials/resetSyncKey to avoid BrowserID setters from being called.
f3ff4bbaa1a5f9ceee692fdcda27e9b559f1dbabTim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
31f9d496d6171d79dce915d04ea663bc09078f67Mark Hammond — dump JSON.stringified error on HAWK.signCertificate error
9039f1de78296d97259c3c088b13dcebba2d7148Mark Hammond — Have the sync setup dialog do the right thing if identity.fxaccounts.enabled=true
9c26c558c80cc68b77946011f94f2a862610fd14Mark Hammond — put sync identity initialization behind a pref
1d0f7baa7629e35bd0881efce2926952c032902dNick Alexander — Bug 951883 - Part 2: Remove temporary compile time guards. r=me
04c636ebe2dc0cc578d8d7b38c0fa3bf8ca1c19fNick Alexander — Bug 951883 - Part 1: Revert name of BrowserProvider. r=me
1e5821e13a77c56d138cf04d3243be25295b079fTim Taubert — Bug 951857 - Bring back UI entry points and the setup dialog for old sync r=markh
882f69c9cadc20b1633ee843ddedc21c24213018Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
755f7983b4e27cd63717a4d50299762ab7242d73Brian Warner — Leave the fxa jelly up after signin/signup. r=ckarlof
5663a2789f97da77b3f51774fc8d737e7257c0c5Nick Alexander — Bug 899217 - Part 2: Connect about:accounts to FirefoxAccountsHelper. r=rnewman
136b89107d14d69df8a94fce6d95c1340ef0b987Nick Alexander — Bug 899217 - Part 1: Register about:accounts code. r=rnewman
237ba42b4e627fcda8f163a8a9aa6d02a89ad7c4Nick Alexander — Bug 918012 - Sync with FxAccount and token server. r=rnewman
da24040517c33df5b4f523fdc9b54b80414743f4Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
90dc9c1209d9056c4f2b6abba33803a68e899827Chris Karlof — Bug 949695 - integrate weave with browserid_identity on elm.
fb85979614ed02232658fbef9ce5b273dc4b7b66Brian Warner — Bug 949259 (elm) - bring elm up-to-date with patch in bug 949259.
55127b9b19d71ba74f7b8007add498f1357fa416Brian Warner — Bug 949244 - fix getSignedInUser when the email is still unverified and other FxAccounts.jsm improvements.
50fef04086e9b41d7cdd73b8be1ee8f8d25fd762Brian Warner — Bug 949699 - switch fxa jelly to "moar_native".
bea6a04adfe895fcc777fb5c2cb26e98ce1dd74bMark Hammond — Get browser-aboutAccounts test working.
1b9829ecb1ce7222394b962d97383aec2b4a1e2fNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
645dd937f6a68b9aaaceacaf514e59c7332a0f4fNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
460a43f82d0c4a6de0aa70e5f8a77df6d988f280Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
bd5d668bbac482e5203a1cfef5a8c208e94e9ba4Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
73a447af8c4aab01a18496f7c867627af9ef9a54Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
1e18bf475edb08f1ef365caacdd84b063981cc5fNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
1c895f764624e3033fd6fafe698846bd619745ecNick Alexander — Merge b-i to elm
1228eae98745fed4d9bd118b0ea3bec9b441551eNick Alexander — Merge b-i to elm
1edbcdfbf2abef7b046dc8f860996e14b3ed6a26Nick Alexander — Bug 892025 - Implement Android client for FxAccount auth server. r=rnewman
cebbbcbc483c62344efb29f75709a1b006a264f2Nick Alexander — Merge b-i to elm
5c79d2c2bcdc9b499361c2ff988d2aaf29298096Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
6d6d05aa654d53198d3b48748f5cf33355153043Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
ac4db1c226986322854d0f9dfafdf927f6251557Sam Penrose — Bug 911384 - Follow-up: tolerate explicitly falsy payloads in computeHAWK. r=rnewman
fe534998400415f1a10e999076392e21840de6b4Richard Newman — Merge m-c to elm.
90b4798f2f5f5d56677406c2304ec25c52e58cb7Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
589597d28687e80194d0fb1d4172ab38e6728ec7Nick Alexander — Bug 889749 - Expand the TLS ciphersuite offered for Android background services. r=rnewman
5822931bbb59d383e3175df3db1f0f758a787a15Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
d2238c0ea704c4b3a9b9ec3a1a08a5f893b1ca70Nick Alexander — Fix merge.
5f1c03e2cecf19071d3b48f4c63b9b18339ecdc7Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
8de9317c8bcd7d58d45e9bf2f0e78699458756d6Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
c18094ecbe37c4ddb1ef0a2829b68a1dece10415Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
80715c6f37ba44891354086ec905d61f70b8e113Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
7044272f8c01daeb0522ca9b5588caa31268c834Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
fba1f69a6228a0be03683bed3deef6d9b488ca9bNick Alexander — Fix merge. r=me
c16fd75183e4c7f375ac10676604a9584eed595fNick Alexander — Merge fx-team to elm
79f78ae68eec2d67a5027f8959ca66171ad467faTim Taubert — No Bug - Fix Log4Moz xpcshell bustage
7cd9d464ac58d3250ecd3f8c69adebb4e7b030aeTim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
6774532951f6d1b9f4b3704968b6e8bcefb0de45Tim Taubert — Bug 926709 - Replace UI entry points for sync setup with opening about:accounts; r=gavin
4dda9a646aea5bc02383ad6c2a0322637a2c4843Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
218c10f70144c889ec458431ba5912abc210de69Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
cf771a58ad4baa8ac8a062f67a2565e83c8ae062Nick Alexander — Fix merge 3.
703f707d6734ea5143875abd6955dcccf12b0535Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
2c939203db7a668ed32603d2ea6a51b555657eedZach Carter — Bug 910844 - Allow Firefox Accounts jelly to check signed-in status and to sign out. r=gavin,markh
258a0a22e62b9fa37ad54f18c4b354e4e18c5a1cZach Carter — Bug 910479 - Store user credentials after Firefox Account creation/log in. r=gavin
d3e0826d289951de7c0ad6c78d6b5f5a65b63df7Gavin Sharp — merge m-c into elm
8d3ffb67cc081a9c4380027e2988f587534fb272Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
97ec8fcaa755c6388930edd5b6211d508dfef4d9Nick Alexander — Fix merge (take 2).
26f7871068f002c7e053628a1a0651b40e1a15e9Nick Alexander — Fix merge.
c73deceb25c56667f0101a42bed6659435c27d1cNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
205a579f88a998339bf9ff060e9cd31f5d6888aaSam Penrose — Bug 911378 - A BrowserID/Hawk based IdentityManager for Sync. r=rnewman
0c9dcef135a5f1d2b131666584b33622391f16caNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
15146c4fe36cec0e255273f298aecf2f35f4e984Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm.
8c808dea546ba4cd389c2797ba3f0abab634ae2cNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
688af5b68534a70af6635d8ad414114504c5a68dNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
8fc12719c6108e427cb702a356776a7a94e7fea8Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
9ec2eeb12e7a7e412672b7dc8080ec759ab66b33Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
dcd727bc903413c4ff534b416b999c782a82b5d1Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
f8edb60ff8cfb6cccce3165e996a19d71d29c4dcNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
1b6d001a9da78eb75b8043db84df1ea3a9de4728Nick Alexander — Bug 799732 - Add Android TokenServerClient for interacting with token server. r=rnewman
1f0a9902541e37a28ea0cb33798696c146cc8483Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
aaf21c55c69d2c829128386bb6a24f98836ae9a1Nick Alexander — Bug 799734 - Implement generating BrowserID certificates and assertions. r=rnewman
e48bc467fc212d64594177fabbc7c379ec65d5b2Zach Carter — Bug 913199 - Use HTTPS for FxAccounts server URL. r=rnewman
76cca13e414017757346ecb91ea198f66ff869f7Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
46b54dbb3335fcedd3c18c98b058e570e67bba62Ben Hearsum — Merge heads.
315a9772923604398fca800f8a646eaedc35343eNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
de0a3c68a036f0ec1cb0eb8b3e589f7aef377745Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
e73c642fdb2befe3e73048d62768806cb5f6584eNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm.
cdfd1aa2a0e8b310ddd639a95cc288396a4e3c2dZach Carter — Bug 909967 - Introduce a Firefox Accounts module for storing/retrieving user credentials. r=gavin,gps
50dd2514c44b1d0508bffcec2b25af78e21458c3Zach Carter — Bug 919698 - Update account tests location. r=jaws
9d1e265d051bb65523c0c3fefcab84311db6c172Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm.
6e7bc3daa40447a9ac75721229a82841c0fc7a59Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
ef5453969fc767e4680b9594597ac7df788e9595Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm.
0a3f1dccaa0609d6bbf7c64920d51c975b744a5aNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
16f7aaba7243382709a6348fb8d938cecb89b4e4Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
c0b32e1685d38ee98756968e638ab91adfad1449Nick Alexander — Bug 808813 - Part 3: Add FxAccount manifest declarations. r=rnewman
951501e7b41973875a0c8ff77c27a7ac0361bb83Nick Alexander — Bug 808813 - Part 2: Implement Firefox Account Android account type. r=rnewman
b0a11b99ac0560d28b15cc37a795afbc5ff4611eNick Alexander — Bug 808813 - Part 1: Add MOZ_ANDROID_SHARED_FXACCOUNT_TYPE. r=rnewman
ee798af61816cc4a208f889ac41f84392af28dbdNick Alexander — Bug 906884 - Set Fennec ContentProvider android:label meta-data for next-gen Sync. r=rnewman
4e0a9ded805872c7bd7083e44691fa8a330fd8d2Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm.
3ff599ec9e3c94fde373646abe25aacdb4209999Brian Warner — Bug 911384 - add HAWK support (HTTP client authentication protocol). r=rnewman
3bd00b0909c795ebcf9974d37ba321c8ac3e3603Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
412940ddc5eb38c93f8abb56699b9d00259f29cfNick Alexander — Merge m-c to elm
1b8119764e04bb137285a9a1392e337c6756f913Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
ff718cdbd54b9edfebdf4fb422f0538ac7fcc649Zach Carter — Bug 904612 - Implement first version of about:accounts wrapper for desktop; r=gavin,ttaubert
a4d249ce59ac509546e377e2476ce21c11412b23Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 571b2854e11f
3b67e23589f7d9bca1f57696eddfff33a3d73bf6Tim Taubert — merge m-c to elm
571b2854e11ff4479f8d05f92010d47af74b6ee6Zach Carter — imported patch lloyd-patch