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Wed Oct 24 21:58:52 2018 +0000
8ca56f27dc5864f2c8be0c6aa498cb24ebb7e65eMark Banner — Bug 1501662 - Various updates to .eslintignore for dom/, netwerk/, and modules/. r=mossop
10cbe0b169b395d41aa31ab8d27ca72b9ed07b09Mark Banner — Bug 1501662 - Add more .eslintrc.js files for test directories (dom, modules, netwerk and parser). r=mossop
a4e64a2df8a92a1c680497e81b1b7695fa4562d3Botond Ballo — Bug 1493976 - Reset the resolution to 1 when entering fullscreen mode. r=kats,xidorn
fb10b0a27752dd20111cf8790f6d3fbde9513d91Botond Ballo — Bug 1493976 - Define OutOfFlowDisplayData::ComputeVisibleRectForFrame() out of line. r=kats
1d3872dd20e192fba9c2e2f2dd4cff1e476e869aBotond Ballo — Bug 1493742 - When accepting a layout viewport update from the main thread, constrain its position to enclose the visual viewport. r=kats
4833b89bb969cf1709eba8f8960136c85e750d94Tom Prince — No bug: Fix yamllint error.
73cfb79f183ac786b56dd97e63e969642ed0919fJan Henning — Bug 1500906 - Suppress FileUriExposedExceptions when launching helper apps. r=jchen
fa86045075416389c2d59efad35226b6d8d56561Csoregi Natalia — Bug 1488973 - Followup for eslint failure. CLOSED TREE
a1f419870e136b8838471fde0d1094f2942fa20aJeff Gilbert — Bug 1501134 - Don't consider snorm compatible with unorm for CopyTexImage. r=kvark
2c675ab661cad80e1cc5a791de042a3322110adcAndrew McCreight — Bug 1492584, part 3 - Remove JS component loader registration. r=kmag
2df4dcfce65f9a9a0e41d3f65390c614d147cc1bAndrew McCreight — Bug 1492584, part 2 - Make mozJSComponentLoader::sSelf a strong reference. r=kmag
70984251b17425dc35f140dbca8097064184afc5Andrew McCreight — Bug 1492584, part 1 - Eagerly initialize nsLayoutModule in the component manager. r=froydnj
306bbd5916452a6151ec4bcfc128cd119134430eTom Prince — Bug 1497860: [taskgraph] Ensure that mozharness actions don't contain spaces; r=Callek
c5bded90844ee80d7fc2475ae999fe0b843391ccTom Prince — Bug 1497860: [taskgraph] Use yaml lists for mozharness actions; r=Callek
41e237ce7cccf1bcec005719145831a59289efbcTom Prince — No bug: [mozharness] Remove unused `--revision` option from l10n scripts; r=Callek
08b16a40d372d72f0a8eda2f56cad2064e4df6b3Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1488973: Add tests for localisation of unprivileged content. r=flod,mossop
755d616d0cb9b7d43c6f587999ed53c38130e917Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1488973: Register locale sources in all processes. r=mossop
4f1fd54c853fd655e91975b364dd5640559f5f6eZibi Braniecki — Bug 1488973: Wrap privileged promises in a promise for the document we`re returning to. r=smaug
cc08f0f9cd01231b0b55f77cfc26b2b18c9d23bbTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1501531 - Update ccache stats parser for ccache 3.5 release. r=froydnj
3a7ba1fe0277d580a678b86ab92d4496d4fe6681Julian Descottes — Bug 1500062 - Add error logging middleware to new aboutdebugging;r=ladybenko,daisuke
798b3777f30f4170fb094e1acce33eb70dcbd44aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1501046 - Skip reporting checkerboarding to telemetry if the sanity test is running. r=botond
7790c75ca3911352162feecf5b61dbe29233b259Jim Blandy — Bug 1426467: Part 5: Mochitest: pause/unpause window while worker sends messages, without breaking run-to-completion. r=baku
1564ebaca63f8f796ababdcb61c7df09c189b3a9Abdoulaye O. Ly — Bug 1499227 - Trigger multiselect on mousedown event instead of on click event. r=jaws
121ccc3d4437ee3a44aa29d4c94feb17073f815cWes Kocher — Bug 1499871 - Fix spelling of "NotAllowedError" r=achronop
74998050fbc4bf8da4dab2626c033cec0b34dbfbDão Gottwald — Bug 1499652 - Pass on return values from forwarded textbox methods. r=Standard8
d1052b2d28f6c4239e8870465ccc09ef95f308acshindli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
0b9e4abc5911fb241ba351c07e7cc2f3e4fb2ed7Jim Blandy — Bug 1426467: Part 4: Segregate WorkerDebuggeeRunnables into their own queues. r=baku
f3d51256c5d728e4b324525917b481565f5690d9Logan Smyth — Bug 1500632 - source-map-url-service should trigger subscribers when files matching them are detected. r=tromey
4c162e4eda0879b7ea1761c3db4679e403273479Brendan Dahl — Bug 1501478 - Fix payment dialog in browser.xhtml. r=MattN
a263875f2a4c7c1b02445f9b90cb4ed9c3875c8aAgi Sferro — Bug 1500511 - Fix javadoc issue in GeckoRuntimeSettings. r=jchen.
25f35a82a1761e1b90e3cbd4ef9962a543b5b6ccTom Prince — No bug: [tryselect] Add docs for `mach try again` to toc-tree; r=ahal
da119c04dff63cf6165e6cc31c8e1c29424aa3baNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset e66bbfad641e (bug 1497694) for bc failures on browser_advanced_update.js. CLOSED TREE
b6d8e8d3ed2e377c53876900e02cff7cab62deb6Tom Prince — Bug 1497575: [staging-release] Add some docs for `mach try release`; r=Callek
b732bad1fa11286fd516c37501a79cab475a921aflorin.strugariu — Bug 1493648 - Can we run the Godot Engine wasm benchmark in automation? r=jmaher
1dc4651530f8290007b9440c9013493cc0ef65f2Chris H-C — bug 1490945 - Improve Telemetry Event docs slightly r=Dexter
481aad44be651f02ef3c7596802011ccd40631c1Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1501552 - Link directly to permission preferences from web notifications. r=jaws
1a0b7f5e0282052c0bd67a98143cdcd2c4cb39faMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1500215 - PID suffix ION_SPEW_FILENAME for logs in multiprocess context r=sfink
486615f18dd75bebea50fbbb1154b67d8b915426Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1500920 - Correct branchIfPretenuredGroup r=jandem
a90b3d91f1a442866f0cae3a350701f48056c895Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1500920 - Correct check for pretenured flag in unboxed objects constructors r=jandem
e66bbfad641e0ad2c666a54d315fe37491e923a1Qinghao_Jack_Song — Bug 1497694 - Migrate Update History in Update section of Preferences to use Fluent for localization r=Gijs,flod,zbraniecki,jaws
0ffffb5e0954d2e782ea4da7292d617f435ad3c0WR Updater Bot — Bug 1501615 - Update webrender to commit 70fd6273c3bc8ed0209e195d869fa3251e1184c7. r=kats
9688858bc5daf50a48ff789cf8ecf455ec315c3bAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1460914 - [xpcshell] Cleanup code to build the xpcshell command, r=ted
ab0947533e9afba5a0a9e2abd09735bfa3c090a4Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1460914 - [xpcshell] Stop ignoring failures in head.js when setting prefs, r=ted
664384a424edde8a0ab46f33f71c169619ec3ebaJulian Descottes — Bug 1501622 - For consistency, clear innerHTML in SwatchTooltips;r=pbro
43ce349e156691358e51bc2dd5d3c048c4a07d74Julian Descottes — Bug 1501622 - Cleanup CSS variable preview tooltip content when hovering new variable;r=pbro