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Sat Dec 12 05:18:28 2015 +0000
d8ce27c85590380ef025bb4ed66e564a4dff9bffKris Maglione — Bug 1229874: Support defineLazyServiceGetter in components-import eslint helper. r=miker
68963ed12683861d6ba5cdc29bdc83124c5577c7Dave Townsend — Bug 1231867: Remove use of the spread operator to support node 4.2. r=miker
c56806034eda39d8275a071152eb2704411906a9Kris Maglione — Bug 1231827: Fix ESLint regressions in toolkit/components/extensions. r=trivial
48aaaf45934f491490d0dca6c48617e097772bf5Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
06a9506d70b99f6220495e234f739b2f150f2600Manuel Casas Barrado — Bug 1215570 - Update the rooms context whenever the domain/tab changes whilst tab sharing. r=standard8
a2ad9909ffa076902b7d85abf5a8646d4753c440alex_johnson — Bug 1228414 - Replaced all the possible Toast.makeTexts with Snackbars. r=sebastian
b4fa22948cf411dddee52b893f2f49bad4dcf9d7Jan Odvarko — Bug 1230544 - JSON Viewer: support for .json URL extensions; r=jryans
58b6faf4c31c9145981552c22c924d4e7c5d8baesgiles — Bug 1230838 - Let hover events fall through to Gecko when accessibility is turned on - don't throw an exception in the NativePanZoomController when default prevented. r=kats
74f815f997bb2443ab39c403afce33c5cbbae58fTim Nguyen — Bug 1227235 - Color tweaks to the tabbar svg icons. r=dao
5f2d518835e2aba575100bf9c7ffcff0bf503f86Luis Miguel [:quicksaver] — Bug 1228980 - Display favicons of tab entries in aboutSessionRestore-based pages. r=ttaubert