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Fri Apr 05 21:47:45 2019 +0000
98064c475d2fa83bae11ae6c9f7b72476e61a124Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1533584 - Part 2: Make sure browser_storage_listings.js does not depend on the value of the privacy.documentCookies.maxage pref
b803066dee9e99d77643674f235574e1926fc90fTom Prince — Bug 1533589: [win64-aarch64] Simplify logic about unpacking builds in update-verify; r=sfraser
26eb65cf93251d14d13fbf8c94e66dbc4798d92aTom Prince — Bug 1541122: [try-staging] Don't restrict the branch that cron-bouncer-check runs on; r=mtabara
e5ebda0bbbf19eb17eea05eecb2a0da26497a495Tom Prince — Bug 1541122: [try-staging] Specify bouncer-prefix in cron bouncer check as well; r=mtabara
3f5574c474ed44c5ea63dd0b1c1d5b2d9c8c998cJan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1539907 - Don't write category labels for histograms when not recorded on target r=chutten
176a8c9d1b7b3aa8f5f2d4f4400d156d46d3e5feLuca Greco — Bug 1541449 - storage.local API should fire onChanged event when falsey values are removed. r=mixedpuppy
fefc86a2f630b55ac6e2207da28353911cb8d5ccCarolina Jimenez Gomez — Bug 1480925 - Removes anti-patterns related with Ci.nsIWhatever. r=keeler,yzen
2779f688f9cae38188155fa3c8047dcb964ddff9Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset b4258c7fb49b (bug 1533589) as per request. CLOSED TREE
b4258c7fb49b5120a95d35d600d8ba59cf5a7c1aTom Prince — Bug 1533589: [win64-aarch64] Simplify logic about unpacking builds in update-verify; r=sfraser
16819d232d4dd193f91831142723617babe71e68Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1539166 - Trigger periodic prio ping once a day r=chutten
42c3f90105c16beee971c0e9421f5fb974894a78Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1539166 - Trigger periodic ecosystem ping once a day r=chutten
5bac63a7f0219d47130e16c0691764f22cf995f7Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1539166 - Allow other periodic pings to be sent at regular intervals r=chutten
50ada71796e43e3b4c7e221687060f25539aa692Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1539166 - Simplify daily ping reschedule r=chutten
19caa11e5eb7ab6d11ad24a998ff4de4d628c95eJan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1539166 - Remove unused variables r=chutten
e66a133f9624e19fc1f44eb8e84f2dc8e705cf04Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1539166 - Remove expired probes from scheduler r=chutten
2c0325bf2543d560379cf85e53d43cef772c1914Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1539166 - Refactor the session scheduler into its own module r=chutten
1922e2efbb65df48de5da978b9db4530dc77bc4aMatt Howell — Bug 1498689 - Support partner builds changing the stub installer download URL. r=agashlin,mkaply
5f3cae719797603c1a0e504bf762f3aa6fe02eccBogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
7ebac3cebe066baae409dd6ce650a9b953619d3eBrendan Dahl — Bug 1541569 - Fix terminal colors for mach formatter. r=jgraham
9b412ab507f36e2efb015a8be29170671c504b95Csoregi Natalia — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1540580) for crashtest assertion failures on RemoteDecoderManagerParent.cpp. CLOSED TREE
efc734d0f5066083469378f593e4a2464c4e4cbaBrad Werth — Bug 1541158 Part 2: Add a test that only RDM content is affected by full zoom changes. r=pbro
fce9f2905ff0eb3845b1e585fbd6fead4c663ce2Brad Werth — Bug 1541158 Part 1: Passthrough zoom to RDM document. r=pbro
9c03d5b451e0a6c44b6e446ede5a8309701f3067Mike Conley — Bug 1535354 - Add a toggle to trigger Picture-in-Picture that appears over top of <video> elements. Disabled by default. r=jaws,flod
1d3fca2f0721c26585e70fa9aabb9069c99052ecDoug Thayer — Bug 1538572 - Replace mApis nsTArray with RenderRootArray r=sotaro
dd68a6245f61cc68835c87f71b1116a75d41266fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1533584 - Enable capping the maximum life-time of client-side cookies to seven days on Nightly; r=baku
5caaf6e60336d06aaa34bff1795460dc6b4f4793Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1541250 - Change wdspec tests to not rely on cookie max-age lifetimes a year from now; r=ato
648001848ed20a1070bcd8844e853491ec764af4Simon Fraser — Bug 1539905 Ensure a copy is taken of memoized values r=mtabara
4058cdcc2f179e34a5bc6e24044a31f122e2fdffDão Gottwald — Bug 1542099 - Return a11y focus to the input when arrow left/arrow right/home/end keys are pressed. r=Standard8
2e8a7fee489774e1a4f3b1feb5801c232396f6beNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1541352 - Debounce autocompletion action in JSTerm. r=ochameau.
34c20181c54f0e53d1f042a5e1a97d7b87b357bcJonathan Kew — Bug 1541668 - Make nsTextFrame::GetRenderedText ignore full-width and full-size-kana transforms. r=Jamie,mats
d7d6faf624f378cc52c74ea489bdba4f1060cc32Jonathan Kew — Bug 1541668 - Add a11y gettext tests for content that uses CSS text-transform. r=Jamie
8855bf5ed33f745cadfbd59870e997cae6f3d2caAkshay Kumar — Bug 1536773 - WebAuthn does not return userHandle back during Authentication r=jcj
8deb6ef69c7df9963ab0a1c6c93d95478fc82dd6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1415037 - Re-enable browser_siteData.js now that bug 1498102 has been fixed; r=asuth
a5cb418d7462f99f7d0135ccf90cc889c0077ce3Jason Laster — Bug 1542230 Editor breakpoint should fill the gutter. r=davidwalsh
4de00f3a05ad77e7f9c30a49988a7ee088d6e2ffChris AtLee — Bug 1531032: disable tier2 jobs from running with try syntax unless specifically enabled. r=tomprince
f37d7d177f7971344472ec37211be2df2d61605cJan de Mooij — Bug 1542190 - Remove Realm::marked_ flag. r=jonco
979503384353d10d369288e46245a37b8169d780Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 919711 - Add a CodeMirror inputStyle to make it accessible; r=bgrins.
f15dfc64b11e8e875f9cf6dbb23064fe28c63ea0Erica Wright — Bug 1529517 - Add prefs for defining expected values in each content blocking category. r=johannh,flod
077289867c854f276a5383d027a3e5449aab138dFlorin Strugariu — Bug 1541849 [mozproxy]mozproxy is not downloading mozproxy executable files when running localy r=tarek
2cfe7741179d35e73b729cffb3a0bcf56be4ea49Paul Adenot — Bug 1541097 - Fix test by waiting for each steps. r=jlast
f60d8ef4388d3058d783f2cc467f072f1360c4d8Mark Striemer — Bug 1525091 - Part 2: Theme previews in HTML about:addons r=jaws
cf8d76b471b09d2dbccdcab095faa82bc42b498aMark Striemer — Bug 1525091 - Part 1: Avoid height change on string load in HTML about:addons r=jaws,Gijs,zbraniecki
c47de582c3267a2c75244f60cd19ff02178f0befMark Striemer — Bug 1525173 - HTML about:addons detail view r=jaws,flod
3bf1176d151b6d5d2b6a84b41b3181af9da3c50bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1537622 - add rudimentary support for linting XUL files, r=Standard8
f8891238701098a0ec340357c2095e037825f47eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1537622 - fix various minor eslint issues in XUL files, r=Standard8
0913f775a77178ed7319916fa24b5ae97fecf056Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset e2a6e9aafcf6 (bug 1541147) for gecko decision task failure. CLOSED TREE
aa44b9bb3b6ab95ee008065fdd3c51289a049702Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1541513 part 7. Stop using AutoJSContext in XPConnect. r=mccr8
95b4640811171b43cc81e03dc87e408256908e24Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1541513 part 6. Stop using AutoJSContext in XPCWrappedNativeInfo. r=mccr8
92f5dfde163e587388a8d4f1eda4a0f91b7784deBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1541513 part 5. Stop using AutoJSContext in XPCWrappedNativeProto. r=mccr8
ff2ab8f83c38608c815d9267e073cb031f60388fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1541513 part 4. Stop using AutoJSContext in NativeData2JS. r=mccr8
3189597f56eef90c0df72e89055b907bad3fb067Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1541513 part 3. Stop using AutoJSContext in NativeInterface2JSObject. r=mccr8
26c882bc26e13efdcb1253f67572751b428c07bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1541513 part 2. Stop using AutoJSContext in some simple XPCConvert cases. r=mccr8
af078caf2797892b58ea44a4d29006028edaa4f6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1541513 part 1. Stop requiring a JSContext for JS_SetAllNonReservedSlotsToUndefined. r=jandem
e2a6e9aafcf61264fa7067e6fe30f0dd3fa5acf8Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1541147 - [Coverity] Create a try job that performs coverity static-analysis for patches. r=bastien
9b51c3898373af124eca57bbde65c5480cfeeeacTed Campbell — Bug 1541495 - Use UniquePtr for jit::RematerializedFrame. r=jonco
7b3fc26d7fbb3e1995e71abf7b3d9d1de61ccd6dCsoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 3779175a4d7f (bug 1541147) for gecko decision bustage. CLOSED TREE
3779175a4d7fdd3eb5b6fd380342d41c22764690Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1541147 - [Coverity] Create a try job that performs coverity static-analysis for patches. r=bastien
a9048220ad8bddb66327733185cecca91af6db9fBryce Van Dyk — Bug 1540580 - Add crashtest for WebM with 0 sized samples. r=jya
5b14f480129cb48c23042654dfd40c81929d1f11Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1540580 - WebM demuxer skips empty samples. r=jya
73e57709c5ee59675cc4b4c79e25793b75d0f7c1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1325897 - Unship some Universal CRT DLLs. r=dmajor,glandium
b948a38f204a455bdae51b7611bb4077e1acc373Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1541957 - [ci] Fix regression causing geckoview tests to run without e10s, r=gbrown