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Tue Nov 05 22:07:34 2019 +0000
e96c1ca93d2597b77def89d16f594c3e3b98787bNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 5d1f3e0160fa (bug 1592718) for BC failures on debugger.js . CLOSED TREE
0c306145f19e4c4ca0982afdb3513e83db7dfac7Edwin Takahashi — Bug 1592855 - run mach vendor rust with python3 r=froydnj
0f875399e986934acd11a4418a5b8270060325d3Edwin Takahashi — Bug 1592855 - run mach vendor dav1d with python3 r=ahal
e9c23b0282eea039de2a1762e07139adfb393312Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1593984 - Set -moz-appearance: none on the milestone toolbarbutton. r=timhuang
e31f18a526623e868887ec8bd285d3706a32e129Julian Descottes — Bug 1594023 - Log actorIDs instead of js objects in DevTools target-list r=ochameau
7271753097f953121de6e4a7881abf1111c3794dBrian Grinstead — Bug 1594123 - Fix lookup of toolbarbutton-icon in TabsList r=mconley
baf4f9cc8ff3342f3a671b2791c64a8886a0b33cJon Coppeard — Bug 1594061 - Make FinalizationGroups work correctly when called from a different realm r=sfink
5319361284412e36acd0235d85cfa25149bc9a67Jon Coppeard — Bug 1593260 - Don't use remove_if for sweeping GCVector as the predicate can modify the elements r=anba
4257591c09c6586fc06f3837e66ed5be81bcee96Edwin Takahashi — Bug 1592855 - run mach vendor aom with python3 r=dminor
27c058fff29bcefbf40f81b82c8f990bf01ef5beEdwin Takahashi — Bug 1592855 - run mach vendor python with python3 r=ahal
af5556dcd6bb19e49fff2b0d732f01262146b870Brian Grinstead — Bug 1594110 - Remove unused searchPrefsLink UI Tour target r=mak
3a49bec953389927936256a24c99bcde4ea13bd1Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1554499 - Store WebRenderAnimationData using display item type as key r=jrmuizel
c802ab8cc73058de7f422c8f450d3f0cd9546df9Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1554499 - Remove member variables that were previously only used to calculate per frame index r=mattwoodrow
f60fee4844602e6978be09ab76761c9912369f6dMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1554499 - Add missing CalculatePerFrameIndex implementations r=mattwoodrow
a49d1c9e8b143f666f1ff2268c6262b1294e7f00Alexis Beingessner — Bug 1554499 - Rename PerFrameKey -> PerFrameIndex for most methods r=mattwoodrow
133cddb65f59041b380e805668f515d711aeef0bAlexis Beingessner — Bug 1554499 - change ComputePerFrameKey to be a static method. r=mattwoodrow
4db47986ccce962f09c79d443788a2bb3757f55eGeoff Brown — Bug 1592754 - Improve TV handling of modified reftest reference files; r=ahal
0e3e0d51aaf6eee8f95fde1dd93849ce732f96e1Brendan Dahl — Bug 1470510 - Rename nsXULWindow and nsIXULWindow to AppWindow and nsIAppWindow. r=smaug
67f2b416b27017704978b551e172fe10e415bf0dBrendan Dahl — Bug 1470510 - Merge nsWebShellWindow into nsXULWindow r=smaug
489afa3eb121ff1ab70f405880acd757502d1e38Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1594025 - move 'this site is not deceptive' string into markup to allow help hamburger menu to copy it, r=flod,fluent-reviewers
ab19234907a0e553676b1c1bd45d37c8627f85e9Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1593966 - Add minimal support for the DW_FORM_GNU_ref_alt and DW_FORM_GNU_strp_alt operand forms in dump_syms r=froydnj
0614c786ca70ef998274b1bcebbcd612a5d5d00aJunior Hsu — Bug 1544231 - add image/webp to default navigation value of the Accept header, r=mayhemer
26d95900951d4b7b4875456ba0990176956fc02eCosmin Sabou — Bug 1591770 - Add expectations for the-autofocus-attribute/first.html on android and win. r=jgraham
082bcb14a8c5796ea53715de00b37852f9d45b35Geoff Brown — Bug 1592608 - Add more fields to ReftestManifest test descriptions; r=ahal,froydnj
c33c9703069bc316367059a3277575db1503441fSimon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Fixed some log messages. r=ttung
bd872bd17560fb20663d4be58c3cb48eb0ce99e3Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Do not use mContinueCalled for determining whether to cache a cursor response. r=ttung,asuth
61c29e7a541969295ba51ef4de6f5771a04cb987Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Removed duplication between different BackgroundCursorChild::HandleResponse overloads. r=ttung,asuth
c6d3254dcd8e3fc253b9620fb9417e6745a61f57Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Extract common function for discarding cached responses. r=ttung,asuth
9eeb9fd126bc068a35cba011ff06e25f1908ab01Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Extract functions for accessing sort key into Cursor. r=ytausky,asuth
1abd3e7f9df46911581ba653270bc8a8864374d8Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Removed implicit conversion operator of CachedStatement. r=ttung,asuth
cf53f4e5731358d2d0fd8cfc8e86292e917e1c76Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Reduced duplication for handling sort key comparisons in SQL queries and improved type-safety. r=ttung,asuth
b525ad6838f091c2ab7cfc52cda593eca7941fa8Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Add support for preloading key-only cursors. r=ttung,asuth
c009bbdbbfd5451756cb1f3dc421b82df50911d1Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Support preloading also for index cursors. r=ttung,asuth
89817a19f3b38187bca7eecd50cbf39867c4dad8Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Send extra records with every ObjectStoreCursorResponse if enabled by pref. r=ttung,asuth
2f0447b228c762d88198398974e2818c0d3b5dc5Simon Giesecke — Bug 1168606 - Introduce preference for maximum number of extra records to preload, defaulting to 0/off for now. r=ttung,asuth
933f3452a368cddf7a67bf71e2956ee7cac9a718AndrĂ© Bargull — Bug 1593801: Fix conditional load of BigInt digits. r=jandem
70bd926c6ca95e796a9187a437993688ffae3c3dRyan Hunt — Bug 1592783 - Update in-tree and spec-tests for trapping change. r=lth
801e6ae4efdeb516250c6800e31f969d337b8f40Ryan Hunt — Bug 1592783 - Change bulk-memory instructions to trap before writing. r=lth