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Wed Feb 20 12:07:46 2013 +0000
1bcc3c56b011fe85db8b70641cf4f13da3c93547Daniel Holbert — Bug 840179: Add parens in asserted condition in txExecutionState.cpp, to fix gcc build warning. r=sicking
9811bb0806fc74d0630d99cb7c11b430fc7a5512Daniel Holbert — Bug 842886: Initialize & compare size_t variables to SIZE_MAX instead of -1 in Debugger.cpp. r=ejpbruel
c9840572966bf99aedd7f1cb42d8df6f27be5654Josh Matthews — Bug 832232 - Protect against missing geolocation services during shutdown. r=dougt
462b9501603dfe30a166ae40eebc070f8e307604Gina Yeh — Bug 842471 - Invalid value type in BluetoothDevicePropertiesRunnable(), r=echou
49a58331057341affcf17051a0b2cf412e04d51cMonica Chew — Bug 829832 - NEEDS CLOBBER - Compute SHA256 hash on saving files in BackgroundFileSaver. (r=paolo,cviecco,sr=biesi)
3a8475b801a4f68b7b8d27a3981aed885b80614fMatthew Gregan — Bug 833724 - Use actual playback position to calculate free buffer space and change start-after-write logic in sydneyaudio Gonk backend. r=mchen
ea8b11062c0789d6133ece5b243d39a05e08b971Karl Tomlinson — b=788935 remove unused no-op virtual GLContext::WindowDestroyed() r=vlad
2a0579d3246f5a2ad1a0bb44ea12debda4c572eeKarl Tomlinson — b=842468 include border in scrollbar track min size r=roc
4e128eb0c20c7b8ab9c9f4a1dd1778405b643617Karl Tomlinson — b=842468 use scrollbar pref thickness instead of min for resizer size r=roc
2e368c01440eea6c7699157c0a81851bf3ff74c9Karl Tomlinson — b=609784 rename DBus Notifications nsAlertsService to resolve collision with XP service r=roc
7abea998c5b6703abc159d5b16ac8b6befeb09e2Karl Tomlinson — b=826158 remove unnecessary GtkTargetEntry::info code r=ebassi
caf862ef5cf2d5fd48c73d78fe9771be3fa748bbKarl Tomlinson — b=623380 destroy XtClient child window on unrealize r=stransky
1c3fed1032513ca9d2955fad8881e99640aa7af0Phil Ringnalda — Back out a104642698a0 (bug 842762) for b2g test bustage
e8c8d9373eba3573dfaaf5ce90419eb574ac4722Matt Brubeck — Back out dd103ec4c44b through fba3a342a530 because of B2G test failures on a CLOSED TREE
6d504df6f023173832683178f62e25d6e894be4dCameron McCormack — Bug 842772 - Followup to address review comments.
18fa6e840300a79004c0c87108de235efffcc245Dave Townsend — Bug 842839: Some add-on SDK files use windows line endings. r=gps
f5f3b3a8dc0cf28b6796b18a2b86adf7d1839b66Cameron McCormack — Bug 842772 - Don't test for mask-type when the pref is disabled. r=dbaron
b97e7f2242111a81e6a435b967d6ab4860fb4948Cameron McCormack — Bug 842829 - Fix test_condition_text.html to parse the style sheet after the pref is set. r=dbaron
83db4b776451236b30ff0b941a126696d067293aMatt Woodrow — Bug 840480 r=roc
68359d79d869ca4cc02c467f2480a8c22245f17fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 842376 - Update HTMLImageElement's named constructor to use optional arguments; r=bzbarsky
4682ed369545fe09622267173b9c711e18658916Gregory Szorc — Bug 841713 - Add objdir paths to virtualenv; r=ted
6e023073f89eb38819da4316ace28a908204e175Andrea Marchesini — Bug 842364 - Follow up 838343. r=bz
5a35db95c15f5d2f62eea5fcc3f3ea3d12108ee5Seth Fowler — Bug 839739 - Remove bad NS_ENSURE_STATE in imgRequestProxy::AdjustPriority. r=joe
321ab9290c0637f50b791b6a24e9b6a962636462Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b399e0488c098b663b996141f394376f2e11f4beDão Gottwald — Bug 838713 - Skip slow-startup check if startup was interrupted. r=jaws
cc8e0ae5459d03bd30af7829e849107371c3cef5Dão Gottwald — Bug 788584 - TabsProgressListener.onLocationChange should obey the LOCATION_CHANGE_SAME_DOCUMENT flag rather than null-checking aRequest. r=jaws
d7a59870712854e54075eaf62fe13485e3173163Richard Newman — Bug 842674 - Use correct constant for android.intent.action.EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE. r=nalexander
78cc2f94a2731db104d2f788ab644e2312b5d327Eddy Bruel — CLOSED TREE. (Bug 568593) Backed out changeset e0aa698192b7
e0aa698192b762271452c52569c5477b1ce866ecEddy Bruel — Bug 568953 - Refactor FunctionNode; r=jorendorff
fba3a342a53098efec345b5b1151f28da6c4e8a0Karl Tomlinson — b=788935 remove unused no-op virtual GLContext::WindowDestroyed() r=vlad
b2ebb1a101ebaceee5fdfaf6eb5ae1b2ea4d8363Karl Tomlinson — b=842468 include border in scrollbar track min size r=roc
44bddad4185a20ed7136d4164e6dedba794d23ffKarl Tomlinson — b=842468 use scrollbar pref thickness instead of min for resizer size r=roc
0de2844c2c7bc87198e49c7ed2dd3d5d06d920c1Karl Tomlinson — b=609784 rename DBus Notifications nsAlertsService to resolve collision with XP service r=roc
a911d160ec6b5a8953093aaad1facd363c62de0dKarl Tomlinson — b=826158 remove unnecessary GtkTargetEntry::info code r=ebassi
dd103ec4c44ba305cc5a08350e1352a7afcdb8ceKarl Tomlinson — b=623380 destroy XtClient child window on unrealize r=stransky
60c254ffc78fc1b3bd6bf7e5b6d5b02335695812Karl Tomlinson — back out f24c22852083 for xpcshell failures b=829832
a104642698a0a40b2f7e0bba316c28d63b00939cDave Townsend — Bug 842762: Uplift Add-on SDK changeset 4e44dd094e8636216e8c9ca5664866a5cf7d0cdd
27652a4eddb470d29d1850e02be5d73727385803Jonathan Kew — bug 842514 - consistently use signed types for appUnitsPerDevPixel variables. r=roc
408ad90d68dcc3b4968fc92d7e54861f2ff9369bLuke Wagner — Bug 842411 - Fire operation callback before time is up so we can test the non-aborting case (r=terrence)
5b56d8a519a57503d1f934da2ce30260dd2cae90David Anderson — Fix a bug in typed array speculation (bug 841462, r=jandem).
c36abb35fb9b39be560ae58eac5b4fd4408c7becMark Finkle — Bug 842421 - Make GeckoAsyncTask cancellable r=kats r=bnicholson
208b826dc3d30a69023f6ff6888c44a13f4401e7Mark Finkle — Bug 842374 - Use GeckoAsyncTask instead of AsyncTask when removing bookmarks r=kats
7210fcb55aae33d75a2ead157d9c0459a53ff5afKartikaya Gupta — Back out b3bdec87d963 (bug 840722) for causing bug 842418. r=me
04c9844e37b8006b07f13979dba295e644214cd9Mark Finkle — Bug 842457 - Limit columns in queries used for getCount r=bnicholson
f24c228520836fa570404ec16dd4336d97cd2f5eMonica Chew — Bug 829832 - Compute SHA256 hash on saving files in BackgroundFileSaver. (r=paolo,cviecco,sr=biesi)
8ca0f27d8758f6e94d1a4dc720099793be319bc5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 840871: TabsPanel is not needed to be shown right on startup. [r=mfinkle]
6e7a420f099a246fa7d412aa025c5672f6f4e4e8Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 840871: about:home thumbnails are drawn twice. [r=mfinkle]
2440035e859076941ab74baddd6957b41d8a0d79Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 840868: Reset window background once loaded. [r=mfinkle]
9f044f9e981a6aca3ed9c63b0025bba587bd919bNicholas Cameron — Bug 842389 - return the right thing from ProgressiveUpdate; r=BenWa,cwiiis
c81af89d1e73f3c91bbfbc11360705ec6468388aGavin Sharp — Bug 841359 - Always log error originating from windows with chrome principals. r=bz
a865bbcdc06dd4ec4c200bdea6334b04d60f7b40Chris Jones — Bug 841993: Clean up Transports of |opens| channels. r=bent,kanru,nical a=blocking-b2g
8619eb3bdee1abd6a8e456af8834a3b44390fdb8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 840825 - Clear distribution pref during testDistribution setup. r=wesj
16c9ccf0e50b856a1033e6cca670abe4b1b5eeb2Geoff Brown — Bug 837318: Update testVkbOverlap to account for tablet behavior; r=wesj
6b7d9acf0d5bae954491108b06113c5a7607d28aSeth Fowler — Bug 704059 - Part 3: Reenable tests that were orange due to SVG loading issues. r=me
e6d1fc7d753c58734ce72692240b28acb2fdc0efSeth Fowler — Bug 704059 - Part 2: Let images call imgStatusTracker::OnStopRequest. r=joe
184454414a012ed456f4f8206a26b51042d8a41fSeth Fowler — Bug 704059 - Part 1: Decouple OnStopRequest and OnStopDecode for VectorImage. r=joe, r=dholbert
b1b969b60454253378b38d88d96108bddb9e3dc3John Ford — bug 839298 - fix json file creation for git users r=ted
791937021ae575045951a930c65ade4fdfdaef9bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 840825 - Basic tests for distribution customization. r=gbrown,wesj
d4ca3db39a8d91d82cdf87cecb545d84ae151844Margaret Leibovic — Bug 840825 - Add blockForEventData method to EventExpecter. r=gbrown
4c5dc280a31e669089c34eca8d3a8a770c4c9e1bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
dc4ad3318146cd4fa371db5ef15734cb8b85fd3fEthan Hugg — Bug 842415 - Signaling code - replace PR_Lock calls with MutexAutoLock r=jesup
bc63e5a5a170f369880648ea02403c6cbc1b295fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 841503 - Delete a bunch of non-OMTC android codepaths. r=BenWa,snorp
90809831b9f4ff64d057dbc457dcf2f6392ae66cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset eac4470ca9f2 (bug 777712) for xpcshell failures.
136477aeba1e0b2639ad8326acf2b106fc8f6b43Boris Zbarsky — Bug 838691 part 5. Uncomment touch stuff on Document, since now it's controlled on a per-member basis, which is supported even for quickstubs. r=peterv
20931d1439b2cd7bdf2338b0aa87decce2d01efeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 838691 part 4. Add tests for pref-controlled and function-controlled properties. r=peterv
b5fa1cb51dc8f4385bf9e440536159f707e7e0cfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 838691 part 3. Switch touch event handler attributes to using a function to check whether they're enabled. r=peterv
35231869058aa71ac66801158f7a9fbe4b508313Boris Zbarsky — Bug 838691 part 2. Add codegen support for calling a function to determine whether a property should be exposed in a WebIDL binding. r=peterv
83952a3e9b74a352497137c10e1c3927c92f7b31Boris Zbarsky — Bug 838691 part 1. Add support in Prefable for calling a function to determine whether a property should be exposed in a WebIDL binding. r=peterv
f71e6d7c7ea373856006668e7aff187c2b066328Boris Zbarsky — Bug 839088 part 3. Add a way for callers of callback methods to ask for any exceptions from the callback to be rethrown on the ErrorResult. r=peterv
8832678a13dbd5cbb67b85e0f152b8b89fc0f914Boris Zbarsky — Bug 839088 part 2. Add way to indicate to a CallSetup that it should propagate any exceptions thrown during the call out to the ErrorResult for the call. r=peterv
313c30fbb1faa88a69f572320ee1b9121359006aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 839088 part 1. Add a way to throw a JS::Value on an ErrorResult. r=peterv
1b1b5e2368174347255aa1ad248bfe4e787b1ac8Marco Bonardo — Bug 842577 - Remove from History is visible for a paused download.
eac4470ca9f2a767bdfb9ab4cf50e93c594e1f3fYura Zenevich — Bug 777712 - Adding file descriptors leaks logging on web-workers-shutdown. r=yoric
54ea22cb33e1ff3d6270961b0d083b8d99d81270Shane Caraveo — Bug 828778 put icon in manifest so we can show provider icons in activation panel, r=gavin
126cfa64a877fee959468b1b75b5580ff7ad35d6Eddy Bruel — Bug 568593 - Refactor ModuleBox; r=jorendorff
e5720e459a543ca76af7946779bbb0930dce0d08Mike Conley — Bug 841811 - Remove deprecated enablePrivilege from test added in bug 790475. r=ehsan.
878874218b31ff8b776103ad5cd20250d592febeMorrison Cole — Bug 842346 - Fennec doesn't build with Java 7 because of JavaAddonManager. r=kats
a02cad4f32380702fe7412405906002429787437Eddy Bruel — Bug 757188 - Refactor FlowGraphSummary; r=jorendorff
451dd3f18ba5e94f0b5f68b59a507c34dbe8de71Jonathan Watt — Bug 842463 - Prevent crash when feImage is not in a document. r=dzbarsky.
ca980a7779d4339ee0d6ad1efcd1d3224a1be99cPaul Adenot — Bug 835381 - Add the new symbol to the symbol list for libnestegg.
3b15e153f662629e6466a526e640d16dbf2d3419Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 841802 - Part 2: Use TextDecoderBase from nsContentUtils::ConvertStringFromCharset(). r=hsivonen
a093423c5e5b642b142746d1f3f71728c236d0ebMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 841802 - Part 1: Add ErrorResult::ClearMessage(). r=bz
b143a7fb7f396327fadfaabb68ec2eb7d8522b0fPaul Adenot — Bug 835381 - Unit tests for the MediaSniffer to make sure Matroska files are not sniffed as WebM. r=kinetik
a1534b828aa7b66666b09a622af4ae4564fc41fdPaul Adenot — Bug 835381 - Use the new libnestegg API to sniff for WebM. r=kinetik
5d873401eb7bb18b95a32006af79a6e4338762adPaul Adenot — Bug 835381 - Update libnestegg to 38c83d9d4c0c5c84373aa285bd30094a12d6b6f6. r=kinetik
cde67a09beaddce99883c78b0a95bea91ad2e63cJonathan Watt — Bug 842128 - Don't call nsLayoutUtils::GetFontMetricsForFrame in nsProgressFrame::ComputeAutoSize. r=dbaron.