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Wed Feb 09 09:56:40 2022 +0000
99073046b39c268cf1381abe5a21389dcb7dd37dButkovits Atila — Backed out changeset c885ece84961 (bug 1587094) for causing graphics crashes (bug 1754385). a=backout
f9ff3583f4bbbdc5c3c58c1e54e0f89aa701c098Butkovits Atila — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
16f402e6eb682bd62711ff6007346826413034ecMike Hommey — Bug 1754154 - Add missing include for nsINamed in RLBoxSandboxPool.h. r=xpcom-reviewers,mccr8
83f985945d8af66429d523e543f1ecaa7f218c08Mike Hommey — Bug 1754147 - Remove REQUIRES_UNIFIED_BUILD from modules/woff2. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mhentges
1d74044e043b6752a376894f501d35173e1b6dabDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1753333 - Update the Firefox Suggest best match group label with the final string. r=daisuke
46c23a830db14901758da2b09c144d6d1b0e2ad7Kagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1754032 - Enable all stream prefs in streams dir r=evilpie
21e3a3185ff99739c306a774ae57d8a786d5a3feEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1746248 - Remove dead mix-blend-mode shader code. r=lsalzman
55c6d1a20979e0773dc3878a9aa9696a1c57f2e6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1746248 - Implement mix-blend-mode: plus-lighter in WebRender. r=lsalzman
e4d4cbdd2bea6aaaca590320e5dc3d7414758f23Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1746248 - Style system and plumbing for mix-blend-mode: plus-lighter. r=jrmuizel,layout-reviewers,boris
983ec74706bccbfa156343efd94794ea99029673Bryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1753493 - Add NS_INTERFACE_MAP_ENTRY(nsISupports) macro to MediaSession. r=media-playback-reviewers,chunmin
aed2e2e811c387e16e4aff86fdfce03e4230cdb3Brad Werth — Bug 1754107: Release the memory allocated by calls to VTSessionCopyProperty. r=media-playback-reviewers,alwu
0a012cc69ec257d50881fb96fc4c8605d11bbd7fDaniel Holbert — Bug 1754315: Fix non-unified build errors in layout/painting, and mark it as safe to build in non-unified mode. r=boris
75b6d96aaf65f88998c92c26b37e59329beaded1Byron Campen — Bug 1748333: Wait for BeginShutdown to resolve before deleting, regardless of whether we're doing a blocking delete or not. r=ng
da663d369bc8ff824d96b8e4eb756e6c7aa21782Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1748333 - Add DeletionPolicy to TaskQueueWrapper. r=ng
8535c12ad9a77d9b4e1f83661416472036e57c8aMarian-Vasile Laza — Backed out changeset 1a3e8d640a35 (bug 1754032) for causing wpt failures on writable-stream.html. CLOSED TREE
216db1a8defd33d9efe0623261dcd5f211b90a9bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1751679 - Make `WhiteSpaceVisibilityKeeper::MergeFirstLineOfRightBlockElementIntoAncestorLeftBlockElement` track DOM points while the DOM tree is being changed r=m_kato
7941091cc105359eeb6af6bbd8375ea3f1762123emilymichaels — Bug 1749038 - Adding a keyboard command to toggle narrate in reader mode. r=niklas,mtigley
70ea492ad2456aed1d741ec39e04c06757a24b3eMicah Tigley — Bug 1753401 - Change PiP toggle's visibility threshold back to 1.0. r=mhowell
054b40d42ff5263567f998e0bbbe8b71a617b1c3sotaro — Bug 1754134 - Remove ImageBufferWrapper::AsPlanarYCbCrImage() r=media-playback-reviewers,alwu
6dd8bcfb8ea79a781ec7ba9d3b6073ea8229db8cNika Layzell — Bug 1747526 - Return a handle from asyncShutdown to observe and cancel thread shutdown progress, r=xpcom-reviewers,KrisWright
533c3879ff8515c47fabdc7e6bb14fbf57205dfaNika Layzell — Bug 1738734 - Directly pass around handles rather than using TransportDescriptor, r=jld,media-playback-reviewers,alwu
7f57e0fd7f855d18632391977aaf6c898d999cceNika Layzell — Bug 1751071 - Correctly forward-declare/import included but unused types in ipdlh headers, r=ipc-reviewers,mccr8
22d20440782677fcffccad4336e3ebdd3dd9d8c0ahochheiden — Bug 1753555 - Replaced `ProcessHandler` in `run_python_test` with a more standard solution r=ahal
312470a8e5f288d0d902a93d613395ff141c2cb2lougeniac64 — Bug 1713137 - Fixed sync TPS tests r=markh
9fc47916fba074ae592943d09208a528f86c7e5bByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Compensate for bug 1751509 by waiting for gathering to finish. r=jib
b946cbf9f5d826a781e85288366223c0765b8c3dByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Remove this assert, since in ICE restart cases it may not be true. r=mjf
aaa4dfe8b3925de8430c5a41ff04ccb87f1090b5Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Let failure to init a non-obsolete stream slide. r=mjf
9c25fc4e6a832852b515331fcea599fab5b699bdByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Fix leaks/uafs caused by repeated setting of STUN/TURN servers. r=mjf
458238d76dc27c55f7cfcb2b35419973c7c46c0aByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Set STUN/TURN servers _before_ adding streams, since that is required now. r=mjf
33a99b2ca936d0f653bcd9ea830b0229e4dcf9a1Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Give each stream its own copy of the ICE config when it is created. r=mjf
faa316e8ed1292a60ec49f6b7cf3758281ac6629Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: If no pairs are started, but gathering is done, do not cancel the grace period timer. r=mjf
4ceb2e958df65f2bb666d3d3147da7b95bf81cf8Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Don't bother trying to pair obsolete streams. r=mjf
b6e4501a6ec84e8323a9c5cf653f2979282d4abdByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Stop storing this as a bare pointer. r=mjf
3bbb2706fe05e471b7e080ce25fdb3e2fa9996eeByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Allow empty list of STUN/TURN servers to be set. r=mjf
0dfff3bd0b1e3b74aa1761286f14d77b9f3c14b0Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Create NrIceCtx::SetIceConfig. r=mjf
f466f23b4f08f0831bbc04c5e37f4a0bc3e6ba1aByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Move initial configuration setting into a setConfiguration call. r=mjf,emilio
f040f134be492c2d825584f7d08101ee98b2ba6bByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Create and use MediaTransportHandler::SetIceConfig. r=mjf
82b9f5abf881202ff54337faf83e6a8d180725b2Byron Campen — Bug 1253706: Webidl/JS for RTCPeerConnection.setConfiguration r=jib,emilio
56935008c600a2e57d2a3b9188f2c8dcdd0a4fb2Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1253706: Mochitests for setConfiguration. r=jib
13f2b39a4e0b85051c1f1df91e4a8f2fe83cbdd9Byron Campen — Bug 1253706: Web-platform-tests for bug. r=jib
359574aa5cd331a1796a51e6c09eeeb9476396caByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1752896: In NAT simulator, check that incoming packets are arriving at the right port in addition to checking that they are arriving _from_ the right port. r=mjf
92375f87a1aeaccd5ca1318ad1a4700ebe90d563Daniel Holbert — Bug 1754295 part 3: Fix non-unified build errors in layout/tables, and mark it as safe to build in non-unified mode. r=boris
aa4fa8ab784fc8471d9f2ddb2216e7392d17c240Daniel Holbert — Bug 1754295 part 2: Fix non-unified build errors in layout/mathml, and mark it as safe to build in non-unified mode. r=TYLin
64c32cd419c98a3f925f646ba722c03c0897a7adDaniel Holbert — Bug 1754295 part 1: Fix non-unified build errors in layout/forms, and mark it as safe to build in non-unified mode. r=TYLin
b8a0c1af84ba6ac9510330db65f77576a2b0b331Narcis Beleuzu — Bug 1754127 - Disable browser_browserGlue_upgradeDialog_trigger.js. r=aryx DONTBUILD
f9a5faad48cc0fd27ae394b3448fce5fd3cccb90Randell Jesup — Bug 1754215: Update process model documentation for webServiceWorkers r=nika
d63e0200ed269111384bbe62463628766947999aMarian-Vasile Laza — Backed out changeset 9c6f30f619d7 (bug 1747149) for causing xpcshell failures on test_BrowserUtils.js. CLOSED TREE
9e8bea30c24b7e373ab118fe851b1287e615f188Steve Fink — Bug 1752646 - Merge Idle and non-Idle markers for CCSlice and ForgetSkippable r=jonco
9a2fb94d912431da85ccd590f0c247b35bb24b42Steve Fink — Bug 1752646 - Record whether a GC slice was triggered and budgeted for idle time r=jonco
9e5b21457976e87c9b5753712821ba3f90e50b6eSteve Fink — Bug 1752646 - Emit a marker when a GC interrupt is requested r=smaug
dc74a9409316df46f74170fc3d7f81cd9fb4d4eaSteve Fink — Bug 1751543 - Skip the "can I GC yet?" check entirely in the parent process r=smaug
113b63526eb22cd81ee640178136cfddf9fb2c9bEd Lee — Bug 1754126 - Skip colorway theme test if it has already expired r=pdahiya
d295fb16a0cb8bbfbb18af3ef0722e686f1e21cbTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1752658 Part 7 - Generalize GenerateFlexLines to populate FlexLayoutResult. r=dholbert
8eebe46df776eea80812b50b3a33532f4fec527cTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1752658 Part 6 - Pass FlexLayoutResult into ReflowChildren(). r=dholbert
68cc1c64bb665e110e15db81deb1bdb794694cf3Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1752658 Part 5 - Pass flex container's tentative cross size into DoFlexLayout and others. r=dholbert
dd2291e298d0962a83dd568be060410252003be4Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1752658 Part 4 - Aggregate DoFlexLayout's output data in a struct instead of output arguments. r=dholbert
25f556801924704367b383c0561199c42326b9b1Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1752658 Part 3 - Reduce scope of the struts array in Reflow(). r=dholbert
112d24a3a28030acbd462245ee18808779ab476fTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1752658 Part 2 - Remove aConsumedBSize from DoFlexLayout() and ComputeCrossSize(). r=dholbert
88181dec11e8ce070aa6b64c7ef76c9bb1c5cadbTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1752658 Part 1 - Compute gap sizes only in flex container's first-in-flow. r=dholbert
41400853180cccf84292a8c6d7efbf19f0d3e141Sam Foster — Bug 1747423 - Remove the @buttonState* preprocessor %defines; remove vars from (macos only) .panel-buttons r=amy
bbcd805fe7e3c97e7413298ac83fce1260c7ca92Sam Foster — Bug 1747423 - Remove the @buttonState* preprocessor vars from zoom controls in r=dao
fed0f04a2ae29908a58b484106aa842a9989a0a6Sam Foster — Bug 1747423 - Remove the @buttonState* preprocessor vars from .subviewradio controls r=dao
cdc88799f225b484deebe37463efbcba88fd7f4aSam Foster — Bug 1747423 - Remove the @buttonState* preprocessor vars from panel toolbarbuttons. r=dao
65aeb7b5bf11ab9b04157c040329893e76504e25Tim Giles — Bug 1753517 - Remove unneeded logging. r=sgalich,dimi
3cbea97694169152a3824637fe95175c14a30190alwu — Bug 1754274 - add more logs on ffmpeg video decoder. r=media-playback-reviewers,bryce
3a06c4a39172a6a0b1fe38a8fc33e8c58efaa076Mitchell Hentges — Bug 1753769: "" in tests should use explicit paths r=ahal
20bfbd2a38192d6dabf74aa7639264f049c9e9a0Hubert Boma Manilla — Bug 1753594 - [devtools] Improve removing breakpoints in pretty-printed files test r=ochameau
9c6f30f619d7581e1840d6ee26beca99069058adMeg Viar — Bug 1747149 - Consolidate logic for when to show VPN promo and add BrowserUtils tests r=dmose,preferences-reviewers,prathiksha,Gijs
a368d080f3c9bb0426b51db0387303a7656a07b5Daniel Holbert — Bug 1754277: Fix non-unified build errors in layout/svg, and mark it as safe to build in non-unified mode. r=emilio
49db3f1cc79acdf2bc693a4ff610654eda0ad558Glenn Watson — Bug 1754160 - Adjust fuzziness for perma tier2 android hw tests r=gfx-reviewers,aosmond
346a4ffcb536b19b705e4ab8a4adbfadbeae794fGlenn Watson — Bug 1754131 - Adjust fuzziness for perma tier2 android hw tests r=gfx-reviewers,aosmond
f0aca3fbb2719bb12a999e8e1fd2adb8c2c919ddHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1754129 - Add a mochitest for scroll linked effects. r=botond
e0a19a3de9f9c5c07ccd3192be96bdd485289be7Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1754129 - Factor out a function to collect APZTestData for the given element. r=botond
7d634518027b9bfc0e1991b762895de0e907f47eMarian-Vasile Laza — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1750515, bug 1753025) for causing wpt failures on idlharness.https.any... CLOSED TREE
aba36b4b45034d974428ff59de42e12b2199395dMarian-Vasile Laza — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1751023) for causing mochitest failures on test_playback_rate.html.
792f90c569d4a763ecc932836ef503f64f431bd4Marian-Vasile Laza — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
f93a4ff5c045531102de678c93951deb095137d6Jamie Nicol — Bug 1331109 - Enable GPU process on Android. r=gfx-reviewers,aosmond
a7773f9b80194a6a7af8c77752722026088329a2Sammy Khamis — Bug 1752664 - sync shortly after a tab change event r=Gijs,markh
9ef7d4b7bbf39e6ba98458b392043eaf41f45708Daniel Holbert — Bug 1754105: Fix non-unified build errors in layout/xul, and mark it as safe to build in non-unified mode. r=emilio
1a3e8d640a351d9bdb85eb60ad9daf1fd6505f76Kagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1754032 - Enable all stream prefs in streams dir r=evilpie
898e9848c1bdfcedde24b66427aaa9712382c21dNiklas Baumgardner — Bug 1749585 - Add Telemetry probes for Picture-in-Picture toggle clicks. r=mhowell,kpatenio
c482ca59c40d9430177c9cd6caf1fefb61ad15c3Niklas Baumgardner — Bug 1749586 - Add code for PiP first time toggle experiment. r=mhowell,kpatenio
d8ac36c3cfe47ac14659276401fe73b6c4585b08Tim Giles — Bug 1747893 - Fix credit cards not syncing correctly once disabled on subsequent startup. r=sgalich
bc79c3fe21947e36e2715f499025a47b1793d667Tim Giles — Bug 1745973 - Add UK, FR, DE to credit card autofill supported countries pref. r=sgalich,dimi
104a9dfbecb6c63ddbb34d4702a2262a948549c9Tim Giles — Bug 1745248 - Add form autofill pref migration and tests. r=dimi,sgalich
76ddec1f1d48516bdb41b04bd93c44e983079c78Tim Giles — Bug 1745248 - Fix tests from removing the form autofill module pref and allowing each feature to determine if it should be available or not. r=dimi,sgalich
7ceca0dff0623084ac1e47dd326a6f552d714cf3Tim Giles — Bug 1745248 - Allow each autofill feature to hide its prefs if the feature is not supported in the search region. r=dimi,sgalich
229e5309bc92113ea8c696f40db0fbb56c3a33b6Tim Giles — Bug 1745248 - Allow each autofill feature to detect if it should be enabled depending on search region. r=dimi,sgalich,preferences-reviewers,skhamis,LougeniaBailey
0d643f840ab6987d0ae718985186f54a6b26124cTim Giles — Bug 1740027 - Migrate "Test Verification" MDN doc to Firefox Source Docs. r=jmaher
a43ff41952b55715e6be915a12a739d962d9cdc9Lukas Bernhard — Bug 1754235 - Narrow RegEx flag reads to corresponding size - r=iain
397e6f2fda20c91b3eb3f4b6b2f0b9c2870d3839Boris Chiou — Bug 1738135 - Don't create ScrollTimeline for each Animation. r=hiro
640f182b21baa81fcfa8c991e6f0b8895e124428Joel Maher — Bug 1751497 - adjust wpt test-verify and test-coverage tasks to be fission only. r=releng-reviewers,gbrown
9771e7cbe14832a4237a1431a03cc4acc43d376bEden Chuang — Bug 1750515 - Enable NavigationPreload API on Nightly. r=dom-worker-reviewers,smaug
f671d5206b88ca92fb0a451d1aa4807736363799Eden Chuang — Bug 1753025 - Adding debugging log for FetchSerivce/FetchInstance. r=dom-worker-reviewers,jesup
99bacb6a3d9216f0c18151fb67ae55c4f692e5c5Eden Chuang — Bug 1753025 - Using correct principal to create channel for NavigationPreload. r=dom-worker-reviewers,jesup
6eba0bf71c5608568a133701e8ca96f613418044Agi Sferro — Bug 1754244 - Remove deprecated enterpiseRootsEnabled. r=calu
81ce6c343d131158666c6909d4c7e0149e0ef133Alexandre Lissy — Bug 1753642 - Ensure UtilityProcessHost cleanup in unexpected shutdown r=nika
cd8c65b9e854a2f8b9ecdec143323c04c78424bbAlexandre Lissy — Bug 1753642 - Add test of hard kill and clean shutdown for UtilityProcess r=nika
703e7c358f73f4ea98731a94f1409ae758188863Paul Adenot — Bug 1751023 - Fix static-analysis warnings in AudioSink. r=media-playback-reviewers,chunmin,webidl,mccr8
946a654afa042912e401da66f6ae4712b54e54faPaul Adenot — Bug 1751023 - Fix static analysis warnings in MediaDecoderStateMachine. r=media-playback-reviewers,chunmin
4c4b0ebd4a76ce4fd733e0ba22d7b6d648d6f6d1Agi Sferro — Bug 1750623 - Always set isTopLevel=true for ENV_EXTENSION senders. r=robwu,jonalmeida