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Sat Nov 08 16:36:32 2008 +0000
229683caa4c3d61be3013d18b99f83e44fd9c4d5L. David Baron — Add some tests for @font-face (static cases, not dynamic ones). (Bug 457821)
70826688e82207c95e5c1c5d0202d5b384377abaL. David Baron — Add a set of fonts for presence testing, each of which has a single glyph at the codepoint for a capital letter A-Z. (Bug 457821)
04a589e040b9716c76a7b41d7c2564370e05e317L. David Baron — Allow HTTP(..), HTTP(../..) that allow HTTP reftests to use resources not in the same directory. (Bug 457821) r=jwalden
25ea3e7408bae99d55667affbe11f3ab8508b398L. David Baron — Make about:blank work correctly as a reference for reftests served over HTTP. (Bug 457821) r=jwalden