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Wed Feb 27 13:22:59 2013 +0000
0a91da5f5eab7ff18c55fa117ef4b707ee5bed51Ed Morley — Backed out changeset f73b7b8d1a2d (bug 829557) for failing to compile on Windows on a CLOSED TREE
f4760e97c0809124d60c2dbf321dab84ec0d576fEd Morley — Backed out changeset 622b744e5df9 (bug 829557)
905a4659c3d23c69be400f74b88a328d808b46e9Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 05c35dc73323 (bug 845526)
786e3cd28515715ac78bbd46667f58b62bb1e51eEd Morley — Backed out changeset dba7a059ed22 (bug 843214)
dba7a059ed222ed1515a878a3e3b906a55850aebRobert O'Callahan — Bug 843214. Make SourceMediaStream::AddTrack/AppendToTrack/HaveEnoughBuffered/DispatchWhenNotEnoughBuffered/EndTrack smoothly handle cases where track does not exist. r=jesup
05c35dc73323764e05fc366cc8d2fd5274bdd598Robert O'Callahan — Bug 845526. Limit complexity of invalid region in RemoveFrameFromLayerManager. r=mattwoodrow
622b744e5df9387fa352791b415b85fa9b1d0ef5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 829557. Part 2: Allow plugin code to reenter Gecko safely while while the plugin is processing an input event. r=bsmedberg
f73b7b8d1a2dc58c8892b551cd427f135efb6337Robert O'Callahan — Bug 829557. Part 1: When calling into plugin code, identify situations where it is safe (or unsafe) to reenter Gecko from plugin code. r=bsmedberg
abffab917ab76e607b95fbf38efb41844accabecFernando Jiménez — Bug 844243 - Installing a packaged app in which the mini-manifest app name is different than the webapp manifest app name is allowed, but should not be; r=fabrice
de7a2806e767681ed89379cdf1c5296cc5a94501Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
622278b04c1870c9d5723c7efe5b29efe354c485Ed Morley — Backed out changeset d9d90bf85bcf (bug 845569) for bug839758.js assertions
d28370e774b7fcb622a56bd79353abafff625b0bSimon Montagu — When unsetting dir=auto, don't clear the AncestorHasDirAuto flag on descendants if the parent itself has AncestorHasDirAuto set. Bug 844404, r=ehsan
eb26563bb2691ccb91268b30259bd467f37fe6c4Simon Montagu — Test for bug 844404
d8f64a7543866297bad6799e6c1739a78c498471Simon Montagu — Test for bug 841205
940a3216517acc793f423deaf0f01414de4257b8Alexander Surkov — Bug 845095 - enable logging for states/test_tree.xul
25a2e989162c95c4f1296e2977dedcbf9e49c8bbMakoto Kato — Bug 843992 - rename nsJISX4501 to nsJISX4051. r=masayuki
4cf6c8896c93f37fb8da0bcdf5b0da7fedd1949bYuan Xulei — Bug 818893 - Get caret position of the contenteditable r=djf
b082c2abd269d560772cdb59af0eddfecd5e6539Chia-hung Tai — Bug 810097 (follow-up): remove dead code as well. r=vicamo
a3aaa9067e143f785b4762ad4ecb2699580a9010Boris Zbarsky — Bug 838686 part 2. Use NodeFilterHolder in treewalker and nodeiterator and start using WebIDL codegen for NodeFilter. r=peterv
ac3b7681470c502d3fe0c0be29385233f8d5e942Boris Zbarsky — Bug 838686 part 1. Add a helper class that can store a WebIDL callback or an XPCOM interface. r=peterv
672ce8b62c32bd111aeecc0aa50f0e6012e29820L. David Baron — Bug 404077: Annotate one more known assertion.
4440a63381608848edcc565cee7409c608ce9271L. David Baron — Bug 404077: Use navigator.platform.startsWith rather than navigator.platform.indexOf, at Jesse's suggestion.
58890b4aadfb11b4073806bd6dbef20a9a086fb0L. David Baron — Bug 404077: Clean up erroneous expectAssertions calls from GC of objects created in a series of tests using showModalDialog.
710f17ddda96eaebaeef1f1c760c16c054a79778L. David Baron — Bug 404077: Clean up erroneous expectAssertions calls from GC of objects created in test_bug291653.html.
77ca1d9b59676734ce303ecd03f45b94c9654c40L. David Baron — Bug 404077: Clean up erroneous expectAssertions calls from GC of objects created in test_bug391777.html.
d08c129669087922112f800ff9ccb7461d7be630L. David Baron — Bug 404077: Do GC in a small number of tests to reduce the spread of GC-related assertions. r=Jesse
931ad73babc644324d41d3d9d23a54af702dc4a2Chia-hung Tai — Bug 810097 - B2G MMS: Retry retrieval on error. r=vyang
e3738346f3075b556fb4ba4ec48c8700bfa5ad52Brian Nicholson — Bug 845618 - Remove unused imports. r=kats
7164bd42720f6f1f7ba9164df0de5386920abed6Brian Nicholson — Bug 845612 - Add @Override annotations for implemented interfaces. r=kats
ed22faa72a821ccac550b6e821eec34b24611022Brian Nicholson — Bug 845612 - Add missing @Override annotations. r=kats
63a6466d8c466a5562c7ec478fc8d557d4723f7eDaniel Holbert — Bug 844529: Disable flex-item style fixup when resolving style for anonymous content in nsCSSFrameConstructor::ProcessChildren(). r=bz
17d25f2c3c3899e538c026638e2e14fac1ab0ff4Jason Duell — Bug 838988 - Incorrect download status in nsIRequest::OnStopRequest r=honza
ca131cc6fdac33a7ebcbcfd6e1f69a52ba24e982Josh Matthews — Bug 844684 - Decode GIFs that include an application extension string shorter than 11 bytes. r=joe
62f32eb94356870e47af4490fd1a0bc845d6812cMark Capella — Bug 841249 - [Robocop] Tests for distribution preferences, r=margaret
a9873a552eda15a2248ae8c631cff9da592f7d08Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 774964 - Implement the getPKCS12FilePassword dialog in native fennec. r=mfinkle
74d4c4a7e5c0bf32bd8f0ccdc9524d645528306eChris Peterson — Bug 845080 - Extract BackgroundService superclass. r=rnewman
12a80c7bb01a9aaa4ea5137b596adec5c4afb6f2Richard Newman — Bug 840267 - Follow-up: fix whitespace (whitespace only). r=trivial
4ee88e30412bbc7620634e8766fb71e84a1116ddRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 00ed3d264438 (bug 590422) for OSX browser-chrome failures on a CLOSED TREE.
80942ec06b479473f541db5260d3d87250c0a22bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6562cc879c53 (bug 845080) for Android build bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
0046a607a9159b21778b546e8adb6e30137a40c9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 816547: Make sure the Bitmap is accessed in UI thread in LWTheme. [r=mfinkle]
c39c03b6a256d571e6ba8129e12f8925a8d2981cLuke Wagner — Bug 845458 - IonMonkey: simplify constant double handling on x86 (r=dvander)
6562cc879c537915cca41dd72668e9bc3075a695Chris Peterson — Bug 845080 - Extract BackgroundService superclass. r=rnewman
7731263e33fe39665f59687974c9d8f82b757b2fBobby Holley — Bug 845201 - Pass mayThrow=true to iterate. r=mrbkap
eea25ab998eb086dc6e9091b270da839c80c307dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 839912 - Implement the URLUtils interface; r=Ms2ger
0db8acdceffa857532b5782839238d53d8753b50Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 843619: Remove robocop test for tabs tray menu button. [r=gbrown]
cacfde64decd4de489a5ae5d6b4200d8c1493baaSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 843619: Remove tabs tray menu. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
d9d90bf85bcf3322475e8d26c80bdf1e1f3a74e2Gary Kwong — Bug 845569 - Land tests for various bugs. r=terrence
4454f18d71bfb145cc1208be1db147a951560970Josh Matthews — Bug 843247 - Allow external links to be opened in private windows in perma-private mode. r=ehsan
9718c678cdde34ae45a29cced2a120658d92d744Jim Mathies — Bug 841511 - Cleanup and organize existing browser flyout settings and css. r=fryn
2b4e9accde67792df7a247ab097ba0a75459ad4cBenoit Girard — Bug 699538 - Workaround for spurious mouse events after crash when debugging. r=smichaud
80d52655c8b8c3ccf55829851d295f44dc5ac97bChris DeCairos — Bug 665598 - Add pref to disable Audio Data API. r=cpearce
b9bdc1d96b6a406a2e91c97a3bfff19805be88edShu-yu Guo — Bug 845016 - Inline Math.abs with double input and int output (r=sstangl)
a5c27d24d2a560a2e282b23f2b7ab11e2a96b5a2Josh Matthews — Bug 801366 - Add crashtest.
956f5c45646301c987f468a71c03bfc790138bd7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 845051 - (Part 2) Handle tab events directly in BrowserToolbar, instead of going through BrowserApp. r=mfinkle
dc4f4e042b3f013020a59559cdcd154ab8afc556Margaret Leibovic — Bug 845051 - (Part 1) Don't post Runnables to the main thread from onTabChanged, since it's always called on the main thread. r=mfinkle
592eb93c5d73f96f6055fe35f2c9126bae841e7fDaniel Holbert — Bug 845527: Use nsCOMArray::Length() instead of Count() for comparison vs. unsigned index in nsMemoryReporterManager. r=jlebar
94c4b6ba217b6ee4b705a1c9686f82ffcfdfe6c1Daniel Holbert — Bug 845429: Cast a known-nonnegative index to be unsigned for comparison vs. nsTArray::Length(), in nsDocShell::GetChildAt. r=tbsaunde
a212819b76b7c9e85fedc31aeda7ebdf58ce7fd1Chris Pearce — Bug 841239 - Have HTMLMediaElement.canPlayType respond affirmatively to codecs=mp3 and audio/x-m4a. r=padenot
e6c86595edbadd844e3388072cb8a3c819a174d8David Anderson — Prevent GC from occuring during IC linking (bug 837714, r=bhackett).
a0d8482e5532348572e05f63bc07e593cba81c84Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 843742 - Add a slide in animation for flyout sidebars. r=mbrubeck r=fryn ui-r=fryn
83c19059e39674a7fd843dd5cf7698b69d0d4d09Richard Newman — Bug 837875 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.sync.setup.activities.SendTabActivity.getOtherClients( r=nalexander
f246412bcadb5e89555cc0cc3eb8d7743fe94c2dNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 845226 - Move inlined functions into jsscriptinlines.h r=dvander
c5dd0f5ef51766032cdb890dc34b1a7bf828315bKyle Huey — Bug 845441: Remove DEBUG_CC. r=mccr8
6f0afe551e178f12c6fefa947bd0c6c1f13fc1c1Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 841505 et al - Disable test_xhr_timeout.html for frequent failures. r=khuey
920e402561568674a2b93e628de9c7fac33cc6ccRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
27c71bbc1675d83775337482b0a9998e90c52483Jonathan Watt — Bug 845437 - Get rid of the aImmediateRedraw from nsSliderFrame methods. r=dholbert.
ce21cc14287762b6db3d526094ef4f36bca8bf7dJonathan Watt — Bug 842163 - Show a focus ring around <input type=range>. r=mounir.
b6e113cd3eb0ba3032cbcf5264d762c6b71bad71Seth Fowler — Bug 845234 - Add null check in VectorImage's listener Cancel methods. r=dholbert
215273993b1f84a6cacbe60b64a7f4ebe8997692Boris Zbarsky — Back out changeset a4763990a983 (bug 838686) because gcc doesn't like it and we get a CLOSED TREE.
7e07e7ffe99ef7ef9a8fe8c67379065b41e22768Boris Zbarsky — Back out changeset 1c851a5bbc9f (bug 838686) because it depends on a changeset gcc doesn't like
4d3e8e7ee9779658151127980b4aad5806be2534David Humphrey (:humph) — Bug 839371 - Implement HTML5 <data> element. r=smaug
1c851a5bbc9fe9782f0cf347730b1650ca119276Boris Zbarsky — Bug 838686 part 2. Use NodeFilterHolder in treewalker and nodeiterator and start using WebIDL codegen for NodeFilter. r=peterv
a4763990a983c9e29a3cf49de18abecbbecba75dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 838686 part 1. Add a helper class that can store a WebIDL callback or an XPCOM interface. r=peterv
b0a1b994278e4ca332e11302be355a8f56f913deBoris Zbarsky — Bug 845313. Make mochitest-ipcplugins actually pay attention to the TEST_PATH. r=bsmedberg
4637a14499000f308ea25798207ad907a34f6f3aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 845075 - Move more tab-specific event handlers from GeckoApp to Tabs. r=mfinkle
b2c38a3b59dcff6269b1cf5f02abcb94055e9ba3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 843821 - Remove debug logging that accidentally landed. r=oops
2b8d0b73600e58b722e5b8a0828e504eb61be248Jim Blandy — Bug 839313: Don't use a runtime value root to implement the 'customNative' property of 'it'. r=waldo
e150e804f9029ee1d10b4d6b936551d7531282d4Jim Blandy — Bug 839313: In js/src/shell/js.cpp, Use JS_SET_RVAL, instead of assigning to *vp. r=waldo
4c8b199ed597e46d62c812f4c68e4ae97e9aee15Jim Blandy — Bug 839313: Replace JSVAL_VOID and similar constants with their JS::MumbleValue() equivalents. r=waldo
13ccc41033ec691658a2f08d88589b73c63a3ddbJoshua Cranmer — Bug 648980 - Add a hook for projects to have custom configure scripts. r=glandium
00ed3d264438713fe8450d6c713b1f2040ee33eaAvi Halachmi — Bug 590422: Remove delay line filter from timer thread. r=bz
a1d01526d34421e59928bd4e9babd3e5bdb46a25Ethan Hugg — Bug 844929: Accept numeric parameters > UINT_MAX in SDP o-lines
036f8a67636cc709aa2dccaab8495316bdc6f433Milan Sreckovic — Bug 844630 - Be explicit about environ visibility. r=bgirard
a38bbae7a53bff6941854e41ea59b9b87bde8ceeBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Assert proper cx stack handling in WrapperFactory::Rewrap. r=mrbkap
a099a2fcdc4eea37f1eb6545f5c1a50d9f2312d4Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Audit callers of GetNativeContext and use AutoPushJSContext where appropriate. r=mrbkap
0e9081767ffd9528f2e63c52bfdc7a03f558479fBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Introduce AutoPushJSContext. r=mrbkap
79519aeac030680d215502b12195a5fdccd840c6Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Improve pushing in nsJSEnvironment. r=mrbkap
e065138ccd48b449a199913da58bbc9f5e8addafBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Push a cx in AdoptNode. r=mrbkap
7b5cc572e391a1d34e0ec46520a21e1130fcb68aBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Push a cx in nsPrincipal::SetDomain. r=mrbkap
45e051989f292a12af607be12b2ccc55c980cb45Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Push a cx in nsWindowSH::NewResolve. r=mrbkap
19593a7c78f1a86a829503c1e5665661f54c4d04Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Implement stricter cx handling in xpc_EvalInSandbox. r=mrbkap
d6766dee457e2b4d59ca65c4da87911caf450b33Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Make nsCxPusher.Push(JSContext*) infallible. r=mrbkap
471fe31fc325774e0aa26b39ec442e23b5cb1e2eBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Remove PushBehavior. r=mrbkap
90724209f5552fc11863bf81d4d0b82074276684Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Move cx pushing into nsPluginProtoChainInstallRunner. r=mrbkap
34e3e1156a7f177b8300a330bb18934174dd2f90Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Make nsDocShell::AddState push the JSContext if it grabs one, and remove push in nsStructuredCloneContainer. r=mrbkap
ebd40f774d14531e466ea36f7c5eaf4e13fa1243Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Make SafeAutoJSContext actually push something. r=mrbkap
7736f5d80843cc3b3bcc817852753af51d6909c0Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Get rid of footgun bool param for nsCxPusher and use an explicit enum. r=mrbkap
8d8cb708ed97dfd44b171028570c873d84e0157fGlenna Buford — Bug 835868 - Consolidate cross-process permission checks for TCPSocket. r=jdm
29de190ac31c1b28b6f41259b679dfcbd20a6e86Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 844984: Remove overdraw in Awesomebar. [r=bnicholson]
6a930768eb8298f33eb36ae953ff5dcc43c4dca3Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 841666 - Use exponent over-estimation to truncate operations. r=h4writer
018649ef8ce6b1404497be8c45311f9ef0f4b3beBrian Nicholson — Bug 844590 - Use Looper.getMainLooper() for UiAsyncTask. r=kats
9c97e01125cc15fc83ec327bdc29980fc7d8f9bfNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 844305 - Check that excluded type are included before generating guards. r=bhackett
729d41f6743b5e2711d530cc413f7499babb60a7Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 844059 - Prevent int-specialized GetElementIC to produce stub for float typed arrays. r=dvander
4b91cf1b0430921f322b244356770c625e1ec42fMarshall Culpepper — Bug 775281: B2G Mochitest frontend fixes to enable xpcshell from r=jgriffin
b5ec301ad6c04f33cb0b63ddb10b2ce8f1fbc444Josh Matthews — Bug 832411 - Build fix for a CLOSED TREE.
85e419239adb0778263514b2aff5900415a29011Kyle Machulis — Bug 843913: Set DBus watch function to null on event loop exit; r=tzimmermann
c862b0b9a898fca9549bbd778961ea639dd2f13eJim Chen — Bug 844913 - Null-check getEditable() results in GeckoInputConnection; r=cpeterson
6e195e29b4d6b35993e977a37658386b1fc8157dJosh Matthews — Bug 832411 - Track geolocation requests' use of high accuracy and ensure the providers are update when necessary. r=dougt
f613612cb05c3cc8a09524797c689f428aac028bAndre Reinald — Bug 809254 - New Tab (⌘T) while minimized leaves the window minimized. r=dao
cf2f3b45cb3837773293e38186de7b4cefe58b27David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 840887 - Test the behavior of DirectoryIterator when the directory doesn't exist. r=froydnj
65108c196870bc6a9c7fc787559367caeabc0d2fDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 840887 - DirectoryIterator.prototype.exists - asynchronous version. r=froydnj
692f9ca217450328cb8d31c96385a3b4f22a6ec0David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 840887 - Fix behavior of DirectoryIterator when the directory doesn't exist - Windows version. r=froydnj
bd4206b887ffaba3b779218f29da7c48a0037f28David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 840887 - Fix behavior of DirectoryIterator when the directory doesn't exist - Unix version. r=froydnj
7c638eba3a46b48ebdcb70e6dadf8f281c01bb96David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 840887 - New OS.Constants constants. r=khuey
fe6e46c055871cc8139c964eb9c58beb19781c68Andrea Marchesini — Bug 843417 - LMK will never kill the Musicplayer app. r=mchen, f=jlebar
f5481770263dc96f2fbe4ba319836402b82e9f1aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 842986 - Implement MozFrameLoaderOwner on HTMLFrameElement. r=bz
41d43416168d32db5683ffe0bccfc727c1a66b6fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
87e9f84a9fc2c10b7eb29cc822b9064d9f4d880cRobert Longson — Bug 785606 - Support viewBox=none from SVG 1.2 Tiny r=jwatt
6bca0d84ff84359f92befedf62222a8ab853762bRail Aliiev — Bug 837019 - update mozilla-central gonk snapshot (otoro). r=hwine
d4b3e31be39e8c2e10f9d86b6f8e510bae7262a1Rail Aliiev — Bug 837019 - update mozilla-central gonk snapshot (unagi & panda). r=hwine
a2e147b93af6535bdb6f16b8553eda18d4b8d2bfRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 845277 - Asan builds burning with "js/src/jsproxy.h:346:7: error: visibility does not match previous declaration". r=bholley.
544ad097d83afa42a14f10bfdafe5edf3f96a9b2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 845341 - Make sure that PrivateBrowsingUtils.permanentPrivateBrowsing does not throw if the autostart pref doesn't have a default value; r=jdm
ca9fbb261ec706089a2a98a0bfaa1d98de458985Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 11). r=jwalden
f9b5cfcd1ca74a38cb4c9e80d733b984d6c97792Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 10). r=jwalden
6f1770a17c7a55554a1454a5b150e5e0d032b98fNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 9). r=jwalden
24251a0088bfc2786d80b1858a25282b2474c701Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 8). r=jwalden
dfb8986b9c1407bffac8f24e6450d64ad4266835Justin Lebar — Bug 844820 - Fix two benign races in nsTArray around sEmptyHdr. a=bz
01b282dacd663bedf5c73e075fb40b3845f44e85Bobby Holley — Bug 812693 - Remove GetJSObjectOfWrapper. r=mrbkap
c92816f3028c79db4a16a4b5f7bb7d746080602aBrian Hackett — Bug 835587 - Add syntax only mode to parser, r=jorendorff.
7bdc94c723f30754739a793af634686d4cf1a80eJames Willcox — Bug 844289 - Guard against missing Surface.mNativeSurface on Android r=kats
9cbb040ed6da24a209666df1a96ccb6c1d1a41bfAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 837523 - Additional checks for unsupported app behavior r=ehugg
bf6ef4772884397681a98b82a99004afa7982e14Geoff Brown — Bug 844797 - Avoid UnboundLocalError on dumpDir in checkForCrashes; r=edmorley
5228ec314dc99a425d9007f90c889b263bc58f0fGeoff Brown — Bug 798683 - Replace getChildCount() calls in robocop tests; r=bnicholson
cf2e08f56575e44ec29b5134c174389022237bbeBerker Peksag — Bug 801618 - WebApps installer does not need asyncCopy. r=yoric
d181c19294876e9b8a6580f67a16e9e952068fe5Nanci Bonfim — Bug 800278 - FrameWorker.ports using Map instead of object. r=jaws
e952b94e1f789257a936f027cde1be2b3013cbf8Jorge Luis Mendez — Bug 793728 - Implement OS X backend for the Ambient Light API. r=BenWa, r=dougt, r=bz
9198ac37724ba1d0ce61190e8ee841fe56147138Jan de Mooij — Bug 844893 - Don't assert when two threads call getVMWrapper at the same time. r=luke
b00914c9e7d4b0e224ef81c40ac336646b4b8a03Jacek Caban — Bug 716859 - Avoid jump crossing variable declaration (GCC bustage fix)
a936abbcf23fb8e694d42bf2d97775731499f9f7Jacek Caban — Bug 844905 - Change MediaResource::GetContentType return type to nsCString. r=cpearce