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Fri May 16 18:53:54 2014 +0000
eb2a6f7785a2e3c61bf44a24f8ce234b9aa3d948Ryan VanderMeulen — Revert to revision 63dfac3c9c87 due to mass bustage pile-ups that landed after it on a CLOSED TREE.
9cc5c3a465e64e9fd1803ac4d9957da56ed2bb67Nicolas Silva — Bug 1010969 - Fix WError bustage on a CLOSED TREE
3bcf99458c815b1b4b1dd1f7725696e53374952dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1011389 - Don't fire a long-tap-up if the user moves after long-tap. r=dmitry.rojkov
afa7acd9c5e85318d2b99bb3f848a89349287f68Nicolas Silva — Bug 1010969 - Call RemoveTextureFromCompositable at the end of updates. r=sotaro
ac0218ff71560469e4f3e86898c4f965d43fdc32Nicolas Silva — Bug 1010206 - make the test webm-video/bug686957.html less likely to race when using async-video. r=padenot
38e5a78e407f6b9ce922f26a1ed6a0bd2a70c42eHonza Bambas — Bug 998608 - Intermittent netwerk/test/unit/test_range_requests.js | request reports itself as not pending from onDataAvailable!, r=michal
61855331b767b9ea04c272c6acb64d3391c7e320Honza Bambas — Bug 1011487 - HTTP cache v2: WalkCacheRunnable may release it's callback on a non-main thread, r=michal
829b4d9b610264c0889ff6eeb212a7caca45d8aaAndrew McCreight — Bug 1011137 - Reduce GC delay rather than CC delay with ICC. r=smaug
ca499636ff9e905831b36c8df5f302a99066b555Andrew McCreight — Bug 1011132 - Fix CYCLE_COLLECTOR_TIME_BETWEEN telemetry. r=smaug
a3cf9c577bd9936cb350197d513369799968fb58Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1008719. CSS syntax got changed to allow identifiers starting with "--", so update our escaping code accordingly. r=dholbert
37f9586504b22baeed50f8c6c473be820f5d6c9bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1004458. Maintain modal state on outer windows only instead of relying on forwarding from inner to outer. r=peterv
47896750ba40709e2caf5e04dc5dd4a20ea2a163Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1008236. Assert that binding generic getters/setters/methods return values that match the return type claimed in the jitinfo. r=smaug
9d4726566626704a9ed18872cb068670117c4452Nicolas Silva — Bug 924622 - Make sure gfx's ipc shutdown happens before shutting down xpcom threads. r=bsmedberg, sotaro
6cca7678a853b90475229658adb81d19b7d881caGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1009529 - add test for with null and with empty string having the same barprops, r=bz
c5307cfba415cb1562e7d27485e0b3ac31c28223Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 989583 - Install all tests (even disabled) from manifests. r=jmaher
63dfac3c9c87cf864228d5d4aa16b2df54808347Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1011011. DrawTargetSkia: Round alpha properly when creating Paint. r=mattwoodrow
19eafdcdefe3c2571e7233b120e95e54d3a7b0e9Dan Gohman — Bug 844779 - IonMonkey: Make loops contiguous. r=h4writer
5b936e5fcacf18a141cc49531b86c66c51f069cdJohn Lin — Bug 1010841 - Handle on-demand key frame request in OMX H.264 encoder. r=jesup
dc9bcd6653f01738cd5421195aeb2b5766a9674bNicolas Silva — Bug 1008211 - Backed out changeset 4e1e052624c2 because of a regression on B2G
713b0491788eaba6725fd33f689c2378d3e9d7f1Brian Hackett — Bug 1011366 - Allow unaligned accesses in irregexp, r=jandem.
8aa9171602f1929c24c7aff1b777987f67597f84Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
dea256792cec63a2249e4526d2c5a889e62f7971Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1010979 - Remove the non-margins codepaths from APZCCallbackHelper. r=botond
2928c68c0d8de28cd36b44ed78028c4969413b36Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1010119 - Roll back part of bug 978248 as it causes a regression and is not needed any more. r=botond
c666f8f24d292021ececaaf29ca3ba24f490d6a9Chris Lord — Bug 994088 - Only redraw everything on every frame with e10s in BasicCompositor. r=mattwoodrow
01e4e4f6507989516b776be28c08a5187040de6cMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1001948 - Catch exceptions for the profile dir removal too in toolkit/webapps/ tests. r=tabraldes
c0a3683c752e4e80ed4f55e7e04ffd12ba1afc3cJon Coppeard — Bug 982561 - Fix rooting analysis false positive caused by 36eba9f58983 r=me
40e2e7bc4f2702c3a4655dcddef46e0b2a141547Joel Maher — Bug 1004671 - SpecialPowers observer isn't robust enough in OOP. r=ted
66a520c18efefa844b682465a833960c754d00a6Hannes Verschore — Bug 911738 - IonMonkey: Add check to recompile when hitting heurstic that disabled inlining, r=jandem
85e85da7890933e5a46dfe7ea11251b4d0b4b03fJan de Mooij — Bug 1008590 - Don't store chars pointer for inline strings, store JSString length and flags separately. r=luke
10c6ee2c75240f6f3dfae13f3203c059f39a1a02Masayuki Nakano — Bug 777832 <tree> element shouldn't handle keydown event during editing column r=enndeakin
e5b1060172bea7860ca6cc040159cadf57d218d8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1008244 Don't consume Enter key at keypress event when <select size=1> has focus but its dropdown list is closed r=smaug
8475dbade7b3cb2f748e4deada61710325c28001Jon Coppeard — Bug 1011109 - Don't allow Rooted<nsXBLMaybeCompiled<T>> to compile r=sfink
67f5286dda31cd67d55396c5973c46d301049910Jon Coppeard — Bug 982561 - Add tests for weak maps with key delegates r=terrence
36eba9f589835a35fc5eaac1a373be47ae032003Jon Coppeard — Bug 982561 - Add zone edges for unmarked weakmap keys with delegates in a different zone r=terrence
0ca489a88977865fbf8a3b56f20a0ec0450b16f8Jon Coppeard — Bug 982561 - Convert JSCompartment's list of marked weakmaps into list of all weakmaps r=terrence
c8e329647317122d71b548e5072a59cde80af126Randell Jesup — Bug 1011214: Release OMX monitor when shutting down Encoder output drain thread r=jhlin
b3f9e15cbfae1542942999fcad105ca2888e3a4bJan de Mooij — Bug 1009664 - Remove duplicate fixed slot initialization in some cases. r=terrence
ca3eb182bca034cc43d0f3318856145dc62f77f7Jonathan Kew — bug 1009563 - let the Info icon on the neterror page auto-size according to line height. r=Unfocused
6deed68c2358d584d0988b200adc23fc88aa4113Brian Smith — Bug 1010634, Part 1: Fix compiler warnings in certverifier, r=cviecco
a4ae7060f43ac1a4e49b30dfd7a95c5212940d4bBrian Smith — Bug 1006958: Use mozilla::pkix::der to parse certificate policies instead of NSS, r=keeler
fe7bffe6bb06fbe0cf047f1c979acb14875d3d1cBrian Smith — Bug 1010581: Document Expect/Match/Skip terminology in mozilla::pkix::der and make that code more consistent, r=keeler
b9eff37173e1219027e2b5cb6822cb33504106b6Brian Smith — Bug 1006041: Use mozilla::pkix::der for decoding the extended key usage extension, r=keeler
3714913ab8c45c83d6fe89d21ad4df1e8c209f24Brian Smith — Bug 989564, Part 2: Remove CERTCertificate dependency from CheckBasicConstraints, r=keeler
c93eb56c4f06b032edd69485fc06d0303985f9a3Brian Smith — Bug 989564, Part 1: Decode basic constraints extension using mozilla::pkix::der, r=keeler