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Thu Sep 05 10:06:42 2013 +0000
676322e0166cc3970b1467b796260b4219a60078Phil Ringnalda — Back out 4537337759b7 (bug 910517) because nobody expects the talos inquisition
f6d0b53da118af96a5a59879d33d440c671841e7George Wright — Bug 903722 - Only demote to a software canvas if we're a GL-backed Skia canvas r=bjacob
b2730cc16df13d50feb7722dd4e088366929d0cePhil Ringnalda — Back out e46601eb7279:533dc9ea3301 (bug 912322) for Android reftest bustage
470293fe677c7d4442199cffa8cb5d3bcd6d5f34Mark Finkle — Bug 911018 - Call HardwareUtils.init in GeckoView r=bnicholson
cfcf5b7edc53d88982e51d28fc95307db7f1ad7eMark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Dynamically pull resource IDs to avoid reordering r=kats
9f3ef3de56172cadda8803c21bafa3eb5129859fMark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Disable geckoview packaging in l10n builds r=glandium
965457d9bc1e27925f196406a472e01023feb36eMark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Add support for disabling geckoview packaging r=glandium
9ff14d43346dd6b92d8c863d63c28bcf7e55ce5fShane Tully — Bug 880118 - Integrate the GeckoView library into the build system r=cpeterson
997672af6fc8750c7dcee69595ec1d40e82d50f1Dan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Reverse the default register allocation order so that low registers like eax on x86/x64 are preferred over high registers. r=h4writer
7a887cc385cb4250ab9199641db1a592ca57dd2bDan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Spidermonkey: Alleviate register allocation constraints in ICGetElem_Arguments::Compiler::generateStubCode. r=nbp
8a34b197be1d7b298afcd6d8a347ccfb7bf222f9Dan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Spidermonkey: Fix ARM trampoline code to inform its RegisterSet of its use of a context register. r=nbp
4537337759b73a894a7c6b4c1d4b2b1d4d68010dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 910517 - Remove nsIMemoryReporter, and rename nsIMemoryMultiReporter as nsIMemoryReporter. r=mmcr8.
bf286f1d5489d2b2985cccfbf32f917124058e2fDan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Add an explicit scope aroud the InvokeState object's lifetime. r=luke
0e876da27431beceee6027b3cc4ece46086189b0Dan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Use jsbytecode instead of int for the switch mask variables, and name the magic opcode used to enable interrupts. r=luke
7792dc26b3e1c71c02072295966d88c9c4b24e2eDan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Remove the for(;;) surrounding the interpreter loop, as it isn't needed, and adjust indentation for consistency. r=luke
d09951d9e0c01f9c92890100b364ded52c1c328cDan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Inline check_backedge, which is only used in one place. r=luke
6df80a4fdb06a24ba5b83c71d2e49731c7598e51Dan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Simply uses of BRANCH. r=luke
ebb5b0609fe601da56ea5500381f79d8fe7d8d85Dan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Delete obsolete comments. r=jorendorff
e46601eb7279c2896af0f178f30dddebe86fae02Bobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Stop making XBL methods available to the web. r=bz
d15d14b1e637f751d3fdeeb092129ad0e8ac3532Bobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Fix tests. r=bz
533dc9ea33010db8ea822a84b7212728a2a9297aBobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Update semantics of IsChromeOrXBL to return true for remote XUL. r=bz
75bd62bdd4a0a27763e9c03470db0e377c0a4c34Patrick Wang — Bug 910990 - prevent from build failure with older version of ethtool in linux. r=abr,ekr,khuey
20658bd801b1c94d8a8f85107e93c213ca25d38cBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 912294: Fix pre increment operator in InlineListIterator and InlineListReverseIterator; r=dvander
a40169f091ea751e074d6cc21015500b38036fceWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
7035eecefd2565b822e9f236926b7c5b33a129c0Brian Birtles — Bug 912305 - Fix documentation of RadialGradientPattern constructor; r=bas, DONTBUILD (comment-only)
12e4307ff333c9f8bb93fa73bc3a6fd2109d6f8eYaron Tausky — Bug 911553 - Trap Proxy calls from ToPrimitive. r=bholley
6c0117fbfe6951225ffa503bee4c1fcba53b00edYaron Tausky — Bug 793212 - Refactor IonBuilder::TestCommonPropFunc. r=efaust
c8dffd55eeeff68d14e55fe0c86c207984b0bed1Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 910777 - Add JSCLASS_IMPLEMENTS_BARRIERS to the Binary Data classes with custom trace r=sfink
0016284ded203e24f5fcad2cf9277e1c9477435fMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 911634. r=gps
d9ad02ac2fcb9371aa177112c50d9058ca4cee79Jonas Finnemann Jensen — Bug 910658 - Add "qnew = -U" to defaults section in mach mercurial-setup; r=gps
45097bc3a57898f22a4f3b74f8f8cf7511f5d0a4Mike Hommey — Bug 912293 - Remove now redundant boilerplate from r=gps
92ee006ec0a59d93557d8197ad020ed226faa65dMike Hommey — Bug 912293 - Add a generic header and footer to generated Makefiles. r=gps
595ef28d3cf1d60ffe70d6f76f4effbbb7021504Mike Hommey — Bug 912368 - Set relativesrcdir in config/tests/src-simple/Makefile and adjust so that it works. r=gps
c2ef6df8c8d69398d99fafa85d88e6a354fb3ea0Mike Hommey — Bug 911936 - Kill make depend. r=gps
34ca46861c2839621576b4f24231458504303c77Mike Hommey — Bug 911634 - Create a in the objdir when starting a build, and include it from r=gps
88f62538d582fd57e6e478b0575c96389d5de7f6Mike Hommey — Back out changeset 6fe5a446b775 (bug 903118)
2c0ffcf95bcbf1350e3f3e7f5f45d6dac0843f82Mike Hommey — Bug 911924 - Remove MAKE_DIRS leftovers. r=ted
ba4acc701c7eba41836a681babc05ded9136bd5fGregory Szorc — Bug 908977 - Generate XPIDL-derived headers directly into dist/include; r=glandium
95e4b6b44eebb9ab0fdf4389f13eb2f3ea527ec1Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 906843 - Instrument signaling for isolation of system delays r=ehugg
7509132548d925670b3051c919f901b9b96dd619Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 365e150efda0 (bug 910899) for multiple test failures on a CLOSED TREE
5a86fde943e62e8656b8e5174e10de3ed1f3519aBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Followup bustage fix for some functions that were renamed out from under me. r=me CLOSED TREE
746266548b657302dc9fab8f49ba84581e61e5b3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 911771 followup. Just nuke the broken code. r=CLOSED TREE
4db34d255ed0070b9f8a7eacc67a1e35b0c78aa9Botond Ballo — Bug 904533 - Compute FrameMetrics::mCompositionBounds correctly for subframes. r=tn
6537b89b9063bfc48dec8fbb9bad2af11d0d6e98Robert Longson — Bug 906601 - filter processing memory allocation should be fallible. r=jwatt
1e63861a73d93b45284379c5fe1bcb279aa2e995Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 902075 - Add telemetry for plugin click-to-activate doorhanger UI, r=vladan
eb82f789664b509ecb6f66094c5e0dd657b2035bGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 7 - accessible. r=surkov
1c3c7005f6af6f078def0533ae6a1890fdc48df4Georg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 6 - widget. r=roc
1332d461d52ec7febce82c286011b5933ad7216dGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 5 - layout. r=roc
af8b8c91286c2279b5f3b4fd37466f1cedb0f1fbGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 4 - content. r=smaug
4b9221731b0e413c9b0bf55336823833b55f196cGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 3 - toolkit. r=bsmedberg
3bcbfbc9591bda8c4de01d18371bc70cbe9a763fGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 2 - dom/plugins. r=bsmedberg
46a5c7cf1ec40ee749f2c1c913d3f45902759bd9Georg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 1 - Always enable test-plugins for reftests. r=jmaher
0e9fc39801fc88c3d649967320459a2919239f35Georg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Let all plugins except Flash default to click-to-play. r=bsmedberg
dd6d206a9a8a87b3f8eed20a9b78f2afdd080715Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Make GetNativeGlobal consumers call GetWindowProxy and rm the former. r=mccr8
156e8e401a833f3281c8a9e7b8d5b96f80e5e464Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove check for non-WindowProxy objects on an scx. r=mccr8
32c995dfd0806a0ee44f5f3a739d3c900a723286Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove xpc_UnmarkGrayContext. r=mccr8
cd8526f29c2f807f7a1170a74be453c7bdad7434Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL. r=luke,mccr8
6a1f5a4594aed54de19f95d093ab090daecdcb9bBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Stop storing the window proxy on the JSContext. r=mccr8
8e4bd1c50df4797665d2b056b3117220de3af10bBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Have nsGlobalWindow go through nsJSContext to access the outer. r=mccr8
14df512b792aeb64e3608f4e4de70151a411f354Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Stop depending on the default compartment object for DOM JSContexts. r=mccr8
6ca662ba7c557d378bd2641dc737c5c031ba9e58Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Add an API to opt out of default compartment objects. r=luke
bb9646daf4c382ba31f91df5acd20a6e62a5fb38Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Explicitly traverse outer windows, rather than doing it via JSContext iteration. r=mccr8
c800b53263d221923333191d3e1933af1bac6112Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Explicitly trace outer windows, rather than doing it via JSContext iteration. r=mccr8
001f423a94e8fedf82591e2f7cb9e225cf679cd6Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Add an API to determine if we're marking gray. r=billm
6490e2abb8b3a3aec14cdf39f657b60b7052cb32Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Only use JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL for DOM JSContexts. r=mccr8
7ccebf05488c23702234daffaae17676aa3af4a7Randell Jesup — Bug 912450: remove WEBRTC_EXPORT to avoid exporting webrtc symbols from xul.dll r=ted
8628391a5a8bd2eafede7e31257be60ff9c661baPatrick McManus — bug 912582 - false start rc4 and rsa accomodations need exact principal matches r=dkeeler
b5d62f5c733c1b2da7e1f79979303c45fb37dc57Benoit Girard — Bug 907544 - Pass the D3DSurface9 down into Cairo for LockRect. r=jrmuizel
365e150efda033ec762f658877354ea0622fc006Neil Rashbrook — Bug 910899 Plugin placeholder XBL anonymous elements need anonids r=jaws
4a5e5f94a4f7de1fbe460620a68f5fbf6df1ee93Daniel Holbert — Bug 859807: Request longer timeout for test_transitions_per_property.html. r=dbaron
8790cc20505b55680fb9de88a20019eedd6cbe1fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 911771. Remove uses of MOZ_DEBUG in .cpp files, since there is no such thing there. Use DEBUG instead. r=glandium
3e07ffec398e5116c080b48ac819f03f637d6b81Boris Zbarsky — Bug 910795 part 2. Use the new Rebind() setup to avoid creating string copies for variadic string arguments. r=smaug
d42f8528d09f8b41bd8b15efe878eed35694a201Boris Zbarsky — Bug 910795 part 1. Add a way to Rebind() an nsString to be a dependent string. r=bsmedberg
0783c819410df43f5dd5caa6b1db64e3ad31f109Patrick McManus — bug 907800 - only retry http 408 when it is suspected of being a persistent reuse race r=jduell
15a71c6cb0d3ab794fee0b4307ef108162e66f05Karl Tomlinson — b=906966 limit ScriptProcessorNode input channel count through channelCount and channelCountMode r=ehsan
4d5107aea7080cbc0e7e4ac11e37da2f81caeffeKarl Tomlinson — b=906966 limit ConvolverNode and PannerNode input channel count through channelCount and channelCountMode r=ehsan
2ee662f747a2194cf28a7678aa3b1f8555f26e6bKarl Tomlinson — tests for convolver and panner channelCount b=906966
c2bfb5b08f75e6bbe246271170f200b2ece5158aKarl Tomlinson — b=907986 remove unused ThreeDPoint::Distance() r=padenot
1100a5bc013b541c635bc42bd753531e95c952e4Karl Tomlinson — b=907986 handle zero front-right plane projection without NaNs r=padenot
1eaccb673d334e5fcf3c8f62ce86a7ec98a02a1dKarl Tomlinson — test equalpower panning effect with panner directly above b=907986
86c9a90d8408b9c364bf1eebc9aadfddf0dcb7c9Karl Tomlinson — b=907986 normalize orientation vectors early and keep existing state if directions are undefined r=padenot
084b01d1b6b381c82606e3a4f7b9e4ef2548aa4aKarl Tomlinson — b=907986 avoid under and overflow in Normalize() r=padenot
845d86b48e8525e792bae94b7e8b63493dcfa80fKarl Tomlinson — b=907986 don't calculate upProjection twice r=padenot
18e8eadef06fa025613b81b9d8eb87cc85e4b4e9Karl Tomlinson — crashtests for bug 907986
0343a9d0f208a20d97d2eb2b40bc54df870e679aKarl Tomlinson — revert 3171b6ad0055 b=907986
743278b7340f88d6d5071bbd1b4fd79bf35c21f8Gregory Szorc — Bug 896797 - Part 3: Use install manifests for managing dist/include; r=glandium
a895979d4c8ba4aaa51f6be40e37df076b6646a2David Burns — Bug 912244: Correct screenshot with element highlighting in Marionette; r=jgriffin