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Fri Apr 05 00:57:47 2013 +0000
55f9e3e3dae7aae2f422cc0f79508d00ffd148a7Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9967368c7c72:5d817fa463cb (bug 847983) for mochitest-8 crashes
3b237165e5c7f73d57c76203fe6f8a5e171c69b3Chris Lord — Bug 822810 - Enable low precision rendering in more scenarios. r=kats
c4f46d70fa1c285f24f8b9f55dc3c318a3d09563Chris Peterson — Bug 857335 - Add EventDispatcher warnings about events with no listeners. r=mfinkle r=kats
bc3f63dbba94dd4427b0e625dcf47ce076d45649Chris Peterson — Bug 579517 - Remove some PRBools. r=ehsan
97d4b08ee4af69c159295967b28cf55d689beca9Jan de Mooij — Bug 857580 - Fix breakpoint trampoline to store a NULL stub pointer. r=djvj
c13f65b59301fbf86928b393591141d7dd8470a8Shane Caraveo — bug 851936 allow uninstall of builtin providers, r=markh
f6ba788a7eea93f3722b1a999b7a16d0ddc99478Tim Abraldes — bug 852805. Add an event handler to the "find in page" textbox to make 'enter' equivalent to 'find next'. r=ally
8a97d3df713a9b5ff5eee72ed5a4e5fcc3b377d0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4081996a7420 (bug 855276) for mochitest-other orange on a CLOSED TREE.
9967368c7c724e0815db5d0960f7f70d7b3bf3bbJim Chen — Bug 847983 - Try harder to get a valid frame; r=masayuki
2606c534949383ed25f1549ddcaf0a87d88f0d1aJim Chen — Bug 847983 - Don't include empty elements at end of range; r=masayuki
5d817fa463cbb7a75c4314cdbacd296fde8759a4Jim Chen — Bug 847983 - Skip script text nodes for content events; r=masayuki
6c18d264e0b5035d0baa58e123050f56473e5b1bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset cbed4fe28c54 (bug 858084) for talos bustage.
0ab0587c3ed5ec09420740df5aa4e000ec01fdbcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 854269 - Pin still selected when pressing Bac or Forward buttons. r=sfoster
c0b57faff59d3808c2f97b68b65739eb11fa214aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 855590 - Start page does not refresh app bar Star button state. r=sfoster
8b35998de0fef0e674cc8f4f2f20ca3041fdaba1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 850458 - Add full screen video element to html5 video controls. r=mbrubeck
0cfcf56f7b4ef5d80fc4d952f015b09be46c8264Brian R. Bondy — Bug 842130 - Fix fullscreen video which currently isn't working. r=mbrubeck
ababa309ae8ba12a26e717b8fcb6e7afd8621d52Brian R. Bondy — Bug 841228 - Defect - Hover state on buttons (like the bookmark star) persists after you tap the button. r=jimm
d26881860f30ddce639b470694e63d62d477d7b0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 715fce49a07b and abbc05319449 (bug 851916) for B2G mochitest-2 orange.
9be5069796d7e647001c77fe659c50b3fa28411cNils Maier — Bug 857690 - Introduce xpc::ZoneStatsExtras and xpc::CompartmentStatsExtras. r=njn
12554c928f609720def90615003c0f04e99086a5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 856247 - Disable TestStartupCache on B2G desktop builds. r=mhommey, f=fabrice
ede8de979d5cc280b0185f5e0b787771478b0559Kannan Vijayan — Bug 857576 - Make sure isOwnProperty() method of the input typeset's single typeobject's property typeset is run before main body of IonBuilder::jsop_getprop method. r=bhackett
cbed4fe28c54ed2dd2bab4c1914cad44bec84597Joel Maher — Bug 858084 - upload a new to to fix the mozcrash issue. r=armenzg
4081996a74200ac7a7534d4fbcf2ea7d7c5ae9faKyle Huey — Bug 855276: Add assertions to catch the cause. r=bent
911ace364d7545ef40e6d2a4fccafb92797ef1bcDavid Burns — Bug 857717 - Scroll to element before clicking on it with Marionette r=mdas
da3acb67bb2376a8faf616caa479c45ccd29657aYiming Yang — Bug 848489 - send 'contextmenu' event if we are long pressing, r=mdas
a199d6b86acb68d9ef85cb1cab0a14c565dd4680Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d5d98779e401 (bug 846906) - again - for test failures on a CLOSED TREE.
be04d2e65dbed2b02f514442e45c12f865494ab5Till Schneidereit — Re-add executable flag to mach (removed in bug 846906). r=me
d5d98779e4011050ebb5171f06aa0da9f2709c29Eddy Bruel — Bug 846906 - Implement nsAppShellService::CreateWindowlessBrowser; r=bz; sr=benjamin
6b8868104188d18eaff56400e29e2f4f79ea12deRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 061b9318815b (bug 846906) for accidentally removing mach.
bc837398007ef62e7e7669158651daa4632e6111Josh Matthews — Bug 854926 - Never request confirmation to close the last private browsing window. r=gavin
2bd9decf97bb2044ef70ce4468a847c2ca6c9731Scott Johnson — Bug 520992: Adjust computed width and height before returning to account for box-sizing. [r=bz]
92b2414679cdaa8243c5e326c9fc2738d403a5a7Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 855730 - Disable test due to high failure rate.
e3d726d595aec09b41fbfa37c0c4987c0a18da2bNathan Froyd — Bug 857254 - add CGTemplatedType and use it everywhere; r=bz
9731f2f75dbd83ec2e34acff7d54b27b45773830Nathan Froyd — Bug 857254 - use CGIfWrapper more consistently; r=bz
061b9318815bcdaaded4cb49a63e8f2adf313d9aEddy Bruel — Bug 846906 - Implement nsAppShellService::CreateWindowlessBrowser; r=bz; sr=benjamin
e02f86260dad5c2ca625cf029a43524bca30352dChris Peterson — Bug 798172 - Apple's default clang 4.2 does not have __builtin_bswap16(). r=Waldo
1b3b6f79cd7b77edbe55ea7720cf1233c9ddc06cMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
715fce49a07bddbf6b09a1cb9654787ee1de3d4eAryeh Gregor — Bug 851916 part 2 - createHTMLDocument() should work with no arguments; r=bz
abbc05319449f666196210af5430e56b3cbe6661Aryeh Gregor — Bug 851916 part 1 - Update dom/imptests/webapps/ and harness; r=Ms2ger
d77817dcc9eff1524d7d03211a5b48f7af65d9d0Jon Coppeard — Bug 855350 - GC: Add CustomAutoRooter and use it internally r=terrence
a53e33b99e4223fd3babd98bda4c06e5dd156e77Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 840244 - Calculate camera and device rotation, rotate video to compensate. r=blassey
b6dfce2d61cd878920e442e3d0d14be8dfa90eacGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 835973 - Update alder code for mozilla-central changes in getMainHandler. r=blassey
2cb3e0f8f8bd1d5471a550408319bf118c3288b8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 835973 - Make build work when WebRTC is disabled by not trying to link the WebRTC jar. r=glandium
d1195963bc7c71cff0d0c16864b1d091ca0166e5Dan Mosedale — Bug 839907 - Fix Android getUserMedia video by giving it a dummy surface. Compile Java classes. r=glandium.
f7a0f01292af81e10d48bf09d3870d95531272d1Dan Mosedale — Bug 835973 - Fix Java capture build bustage by commenting out ref to unused Java rendering code. r=blassey
186883a36aa08fd9c779e6f448f2fc076bd2ba42Dan Mosedale — Bug 835973 - Build and package Android Java video capture classes so they can be found for use by getUserMedia. r=glandium
18670d48447f5b391313a4ade11dafb63d75dca7Dan Mosedale — Bug 839841 - Load Android classes needed by getUserMedia reliably. r=blassey
22cd5ee33178b0741b05b0cb68b7c05ecdbd0b2bDan Mosedale — Bug 830942 - Make VideoEngine attach to JVM on Android to support getUserMedia video capture. r=blassey
b76af038db2af0d906d075dd0b847170b0bfb63dDan Mosedale — Bug 830935 - Add a method for getting Fennec's Activity Context from AndroidBridge. r=blassey
5dd1785e07a02d52f2cc79f4cb45790cada08bc4Dan Mosedale — Bug 839836 - Add an alternative to FindClass that works outside the main thread. r=blassey
6354187a454d3958431f610c3d538473c30c1f98Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 839831 - make jsjni_* functions usable without MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API. r=blassey
c96c8b020a27e0ca6476ab582e8d5a45e8eb5dfeEd Morley — Bug 820170 - A clobber is required on Windows to avoid crashes; CLOSED TREE
2a6c83f2499ecc008b5bd9fd44de6e88691c9905Mounir Lamouri — Bug 857536 - Cleanup the CSS properties applied on <input type='file'> from forms.css. r=bz
7bc2f7391b4f1bedab8b5247b0d2f6a13ac3100dGabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - documents should know their globals. r=smaug
372ae5eae8b9041cf58783980ac91ad6fdbdbb91Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - nsDOMEventTarget holds a global. r=smaug
36fcd3edc6b832c818bbf8e504b4c02ecb0266caGabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - JunkScope. r=bholley
788e34b8872e21e19909570dfceeeda37bab9445Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - GetNativeForGlobal. r=bholley
11370b00b64d699770ce862ebaab40ed96f1a6f8Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - using nsIGlobalObject in documents. r=smaug
721d5133532c9e274f43a0d8dae78b72497fd645Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - Weak ref support for globals. r=bholley
91e4887f38c93168264ebee1d750ca8f30220cf4Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - assert in XPCWrappedNativeScope::SetGlobal. r=bholley
3cbcfd5416de85f50497cc1b22f4a02edec5abc0Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - Turning BackstagePass into non-singleton. r=bholley
6acc9f720ac7c48049d00c26cf279abca5f24b79Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - SandboxPrivate for jsd global. r=bholley
630dd45829a311f9dee049005cbaf3064605edceGabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - SandboxPrivate. r=bholley
6798397d5e128dfa11cc6b555194215c900dca46Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - nsIGlobalObject. r=bholley
2c3ca8354b1e0a304af50ee3cb7e815e776ec056Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 820170 - merge scope members on nsDocument. r=smaug
b50cc6512288ead34bde14a77d5d531e50295d60Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 856155 - End IME composition before sending touch events to content. r=jchen
343da9f79907e562799c3f7302a072f7c4a9e888Geoff Brown — Bug 855146 - Enable SpecialPowers in robocop tests; r=jmaher
e9113b268416457ddfd14fdc93f1dfa2bc9b8726Matt Woodrow — Bug 855233 - Recreate mask layers if the ContainerParameters offset changes. r=nrc
db4edcd5986e66d352315742dde8deade1011080Boris Zbarsky — Bug 855700. Make returning an nsIVariant from a WebIDL interface work. r=smaug
3455bab4adc7c7e3127905be77b6b3a77b7d09f8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 856819 part 2. Sort js-implemented interfaces in a given file so that the declarations in C++ come in the right order. r=mccr8
7e28ac04452a92e5a6aafc0ea52b86dfcdf5f0d7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 856819 part 1. Refactor the dependency-sorting we do for dictionaries so that we can also use it for JS-implemented interfaces. r=mccr8
87326badb104b97469acf35d51116737e651f837Boris Zbarsky — Bug 856841. Don't pass in an implicit JSContext based on argument or return value types for JS-implemented interfaces. r=mccr8
1d285beb58422181539145f982c670dadbb58c55Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 6. Handle cases when the C++ class we want to actually inherit from is not the one that the WebIDL interface is mapped to. r=mccr8
658ef1af48783467d5fc8c30d8cb239d0df71aa8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 5. Add tests for JS-implemented interfaces inheriting from other interfaces. r=mccr8
bc202c64b731f0677044b9511c1ea8b7a08b2841Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 4. Fix forward-declarations and includes for JS-implemented interfaces. r=mccr8
f2795dffde2052b2c3f6581f66808c5e4e428d44Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 3. Handle JS-implemented interfaces having a parent interface. r=mccr8
33d93829b2fa00fcb80dc5746e597c9436f98979Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 2. Add an infallible constructor for CallbackObjects which are already in the right compartment and use this to simplify construction of the autogenerated implementation of a JS-implemented WebIDL binding. r=mccr8
7d2c6a721c1aa8e1dcedf7e6f5f6ea1336339901Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852219 part 1. Don't mark JS-implemented interfaces with descendant interfaces as final. r=khuey,mccr8
4f857bd3df51e8f1c1a20331d8d090a470ae34e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 854532. Make _asInstance codegen always produce code in the same order. r=khuey
f5059c01c19738bd8c5ff667cb171e85bd12fb40Seth Fowler — Bug 856486 (Part 2) - Buffer the last fully-decoded frame for multipart images. r=jrmuizel
499692d0ad63fabfa14772419061e76e440eff21Seth Fowler — Bug 856486 (Part 1) - Avoid asserts triggered by rapid off-main-thread decoding. r=jrmuizel
9ecc1799f6f47089243894b9546bc9b0eb3f0bfeAnthony Jones — Bug 852251 - Check for null on CompositorChild::Get()
88d40212e3190afa0c5933a4f086bdcf00176814Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 35ba787bc3db, e95379bbcfd5, and fff4886f812c (bug 847983) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
21bc922aea3385915e8642c76141fe3d887c92c8Rodrigo Silveira — bug 856241 - Remove closing multiple tabs dialog r=mbrubeck
35ba787bc3db9e0ff7abe6f6003178b4f5b1cc86Jim Chen — Bug 847983 - Try harder to get a valid frame; r=masayuki
e95379bbcfd52db0cb2d0430be72959463e83ca5Jim Chen — Bug 847983 - Don't include empty elements at end of range; r=masayuki
fff4886f812c48ec9fc1a7f4dfbd825cfbf8f22eJim Chen — Bug 847983 - Skip script text nodes for content events; r=masayuki
648d89ed11ee17cc6d05f1bd991e4b75d47dcf76Bill McCloskey — Bug 855536 - Add initExtendedSlot (r=njn)
5302617ee727558f19c81d973b3e499640f2827eGuilherme Gonçalves — Bug 855704 - Log error messages in webspeech. r=smaug
b5452903fc2ff4c413784225c40cd9136af5e029Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset e03a9a31e9c4 (bug 857617) because of build bustage
f12175267ab7436bb207cdd6726c776fd93b77dfNathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 5 - convert xdr bits to use Endian.h; r=Waldo
fa1191b1d320dfa0cfd400b65d4808ebd91d5ea2Nathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 4 - convert the jsclone bits to use Endian.h; r=Waldo
f9878fed7d54bd5fd7ab2bf32400610a1c11bc03Nathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 3 - convert SHA1.cpp to use Endian.h; r=Waldo
ea8ae9085ea16cf6931c7496f7a89b835dc52557Nathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 2 - add tests for mfbt/Endian.h; r=Waldo
4b3a5c36598ccceb9b211fdeb74305fac9d267beNathan Froyd — Bug 798172 - part 1 - add mfbt/Endian.h; r=Waldo
ab825d9e6d1658562b18379b750cb20e64ce59d8Nathan Froyd — Bug 853646 - part 1 - add mozilla::IsIntegral to TypeTraits.h; r=Waldo
349a8651db2418405df1aac5a80a68039b66d025Nathan Froyd — Bug 853646 - part 0a - remove js::StripConst and use mozilla::RemoveConst instead; r=Waldo
4faeb3a2aa2461d5ccc5913279a85263b6c69ea4Nathan Froyd — Bug 853646 - part 0 - add mozilla::Remove{Const,Volatile,CV} to TypeTraits.h; r=Waldo
e03a9a31e9c464d1cdd7274fe340c65998f8328aAryeh Gregor — Bug 857617 - Clean up nsEditor::InsertTextImpl; r=ehsan
8a7f1b9af814f33df485be6230e302af713b8278Yura Zenevich — Bug 857749 - fixed an issue with utterance generator function for application. r=eeejay
29f935fba1665fa0f2c813c46914c90664fc4317Robert Lickenbrock — Bug 854803 - Part 2: Don't try to enqueue more decoding from DecodeDoneWorker. r=seth
2dc2f5db57ea123ef2fbb2926909830eee58c197Robert Lickenbrock — Bug 854803 - Part 1: Account for more decoder state in RasterImage::IsDecodeFinished(). r=seth
0c94dce475334e9d13a88dd8f4c45db7b26ef5d3Mats Palmgren — Bug 856243 - Add missing do_QueryFrame support and fix typo that caused most MathML frames to not QueryFrame to nsIMathMLFrame. Add static assertions to prevent those kinds of errors in the future. r=dholbert
5d1887ea9d43347c87f747e479da58dd2a3508cbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 853721 - Part 2: Hook up DelayNode to the media streams graph and implement delaying of incoming audio; r=roc
bdf9d4faddd9ccc07e36f772475598609d4e276dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 727697. Add facility to dump audio output as WAV files. r=kinetik
0673f4718ee2d6df39b4efb829882d15f79f7129Ehsan Akhgari — Follow-up to bug 857790 - Undo the unintentional change to PodOperations.h
66ff22df8956d7416a5764831903b6375d11c696Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 857793 - Always return the defaultValue before the first scheduled event on an AudioParam; r=roc
8084f411a027748411643040c44b21a156ed810fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 857790 - Convert AudioParam time values to ticks relative to the source stream, not the destination stream; r=roc
75877a8b12b416646bdef40b126341e1c0bfa7a2Blake Kaplan — Bug 855036 - Don't treat a string as an object. r=gwagner
1879c2786e7d169496818711fdfdf15dc6e975a8Blake Kaplan — Bug 851965 - Remove this crashtest due to hanging. r=gwagner