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Sat Nov 03 00:06:35 2012 +0000
6134edeea9028da59b3e8e0f9607d5ba6c8e5582Mike Habicher — Bug 808030 - Make camera default to smallest non-0x0 thumbnail size with reduced quality. r=cjones
20aa8606eca4f0179ae2a11ae5773046ec02e72fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 807056 - BrowserElement* purgeHistory(). r=jlebar
605db61115a470d3f3ae766645e8d08562b53e03Zach Carter — Bug 804143 - [Identity] Make id flow OOP. r=benadida
b4aae7165b67dbf31bb9f0af57b297b60eb558d6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
7bf38352bbc639235e18d63b5c7bc8b846e4272cGregor Wagner — Bug 807631 - Receiving multi-part SMS doesn't work. r=philikon.
b404d39773907ab0d109dbe6f8b80d5ba054f53fRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 06b998c1100d (bug 664695) due to mochitest-other orange.
a0e9fba17816226e46228d49ae631741ad4d3423Brian R. Bondy — Bug 701613 - Add Win7 as supported OS in updater.exe.manifest. r= rstrong
c65dde5a84b11790422c51f041a78eeacd9480bbKyle Machulis — Bug 791268: Make dylib symbol binding retry, let bluetooth firmware shutdown still work even on error; r=echou
0e791470927907305a37288d118a13bdb37bd265Jed Parsons — Bug 807078 - Clean up message listeners before closing window. r=benadida
ed7fb37591cfdfd8db6e281e42ad6cfa85be8df6Jan Beich — Bug 806139 - Add more supported h264 codecs, used by youtube for 1080p/720p and 240p. r=doublec
ed6074493479a15c95248277c3eff8543741b566Shelly Lin — Bug 803039 - Use TimeStamp instead of PRTime to store the idle time. r=jlebar
b9835e1e6be8eb7395106ad5e54dbe82e32861f7Mike Habicher — Bug 801693 - Plumb video recorder state-change (error, size/length limit) handling. r=jst
12a1b70b2a5a63bcb89fdb1ecb91db2d92c17f0bVincent Chang — Bug 799825 - [wifi] Unable to connect to WPA Network. r=mrbkap
5fb99507203104187976d486cb239a9ac04f6d39Vincent Chang — Bug 799825 - [wifi] Unable to connect to WPA Network. r=mrbkap
2b55937c8352cc19f259ca27e04b7edab5501463Andrea Marchesini — Bug 703612 - Make DBUS calls asynchronous to prevent slowness because of DBus daemon being overloaded in Battery API UPower backend. r=mounir
fb8e7b959173f9c90db8f4f01aae3feded542ebaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
06b998c1100dfe5a794d68e38728b653e2d3f7f4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 664695 Improve signature of nsIConsoleService::GetMessageArray r=bsmedberg
37018544448dcbc3b462432691a538cc18443688Neil Rashbrook — Bug 797988 Focus outlines for compact menulists on Linux r=enn
34137da41cbb0aa9bba8461ae4af13dc4fbe409bWes Johnston — Bug 790454 - Set touch target in touchstart. r=smaug
7f8be1085fdfe20d1f9453d5a9507ec813b7ab05Jim Chen — Bug 807994 - Get rid of IME code raw type usage to prevent javac 1.7 compile errors. r=cpeterson
911fd57f1db2142d4d0e10ecfce92fa6a5d60d1bPeter Van der Beken — Test for bug 798264.
131ff198d8c3a316c343fe3cb6f73a21885159bcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 797039: Update notification icon. [r=mfinkle]
4bb16dfa29b49a26326d6946679f94daf94e592eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 787065: Settings home button should go back home. [r=mifnkle]
bfd2ad69935376f7cd83ea4dcb967990bbf4f260Randell Jesup — Bug 807929: Make DataChannel refcounted r=mcmanus
ff560027a8bace2cf7b2cd872f1e380e6cb6b94cRandell Jesup — Bug 807647: proxy incoming DTLS data to SCTP via the STS thread to avoid locking issues r=ekr
41f7999d2a853fb1ec1400b8d3f4f15d4b8be4d0Bill McCloskey — Bug 739681 - Allow DumpHeapComplete to print unreachable objects (r=mccr8)
2fb08baa4f18f8c8d0705430c54064bf7217584eGeoff Brown — Bug 799863 - Fix paths so check-one-remote can find mozdevice; r=wlach
84a57cb5f5f5271edfa2b05e6d2b0c6f142f7e1cJustin Lebar — Bug 806243 - Fix blob memory reporter's SHA1s on 32-bit by passing a correct format string to nsPrintfCString. r=njn
415dc90118ab262430b62ded492eb043ce460402Ed Morley — Bug 757838 - Make set lastTestSeen so Android crashes are output with the test filename; r=jmaher
10486f492c025568beead93413938b9e0f6519d5Ed Morley — Bug 757838 - Misc cleanup; r=jmaher
51dc263099d4190537d806847243740e15383c66Gregory Szorc — Bug 805835 - Update virtualenv to fix lib64 path issues; r=glandium
1ef4d2e4a07ec04732d0e20be5cf590a0e5bebe3Gregory Szorc — Bug 807861 - Ensure state directory is present before running tests; r=rnewman
0574e555e545df03117c04077faf8effdff88d62Girish Sharma — Bug 800231 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js | Test timed out, | Found a Tools:StyleEditor after previous test timed out; r=msucan
577a6ac727ae731777869c865069af6e192d3341Jonathan Griffin — Bug 807817 - Dump Marionette logs as well as writing to logfile, r=philikon
01f5586d220045283bc9e1d9093be9b93e29dc18Bug 804511 - Use WT_EXECUTEDEFAULT instead of WT_EXECUTEWAITINTHREAD to avoid deadlocks while debugging. r=bent
546e2b61da5779d3f2139426fc106f1725f00e86Bug 804592 - "CreatePipe from Chromium IPC requires Logon Session, fails otherwise" [r=jones.chris.g]
c9c99a2f189c98793b929facdca6aa6139870ec9Benoit Jacob — Bug 784309 - CheckedInt.h Intel C++ compilation issue - r=Ms2ger
49e7c88df1857809868981f0fe090cbc39ccdc0aJosh Matthews — Bug 807760 - Comment followup. DONTBUILD
12ac23e3c313d075d44b1b4da3404ed885e89c7cJosh Matthews — Bug 807760 - Disable OMTC in b2g builds on Windows. r=cjones
5981344041a1465d3d34f03317e4b11331fa5952Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 803575 - Enable preemptive tab zombification in low-memory conditions. r=mfinkle
b095fe02009e02b1798ee68da1ffe42c2c857056Jim Mathies — Bug 750901 - Revert change to nsClipboard and remove ancient crufty commented out code. r=bbondy
57eeca4191dd1d38f7d2351406565105d6fc8e9cEd Morley — Backout 23c9f61a243b & 6ca11f4b470c (bug 805807) for mochitest-1 orange in test_contextmenu.html
5c88f84c75d6d26253d2d9132a3228cb66857a3cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 805331. Only chrome display items that are leaves should be treated as especially opaque. r=mats
bdec21b0103cc83d3621502c3bd6164e2068e5a7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 805331. Part 1: Refactor nsDisplayList::GetList
954d162c91b69de33c77f341188e86dabdee42caRobert O'Callahan — Bug 796452. Add mozpasspointerevents attribute for IFRAMEs in chrome windows. r=mats
519848fd5eaa1575f0205556acbe4f4115ca4c26Robert O'Callahan — Bug 787831. Keep TrackIDs instead of Track pointers to guard against Tracks being deleted. r=jesup
38d7dcc623a5b1f6121cf1aed0ff106e3829e7cfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 807472. Pass WILL_SEND_DID_PAINT when calling PresShell::Paint with PAINT_COMPOSITE. r=mattwoodrow
e89f3933239117e7cadc2dc7618aaf4bb78f1b50Robert O'Callahan — Bug 807237. Add 'data' parameter to JS_StealArrayBufferContents. r=sfink
4d0cfc4fd49f0c7356cd34af8188002089a44957Robert O'Callahan — Bug 807212. Call TypedArray methods instead of accessing slots directly. r=sfink
95187d8e170c6df98ca83267a65667a9bff92118Robert O'Callahan — Bug 807223 - Implement JS_ArrayBufferViewBuffer. r=sfink
23c9f61a243b4bbb833b9ac139d425c1805a6660Bobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Rearchitect filtering policies so that check() doesn't throw on denial. r=mrbkap
6ca11f4b470cf2c0cb331100eec7189548dc926dBobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Make Components wrapper throw on denial. r=mrbkap
6ac4bb259db3be313d5128a6a96b20d86faf5dd3Jim Mathies — Bug 750901 - Elm to mc migration work - metro related changes to Windows widget src to support building metro winrt bits (nsWidgetFactory, nsWindowGfx, nsToolkit, WinUtils). Also landing nsIWinMetroUtils.idl. r=bbondy
b032c4cc9d7dc684bb112424e9d07dd4be8dd046Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 724513 - Part 3 - Add telemetry for the invalid disk cache situation. r=taras
6ec71de7ba2d66438d9ee4ee03628ada27999c3cGraeme McCutcheon — Bug 724513 - Part 2 - nsAppRunner shouldn't assume the deletion of invalid startup cache file succeeded. r=mwu
eb5c570b8a0bf064a26b46cb6e8274b52b75eaa0Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 724513 - Part 1 - Add StartupCache method for disregarding disk file. r=mwu
e692328bf6a33db14810fa19c51d7ba105db386aHannes Verschore — Bug #807380: Report to the compiler the function is constructing when entering at a branch, r=dvander
7af1c24612bb1ab7618f582f1c7fccdfd4871efbJonathan Kew — bug 803030 - convert display to device pixels before creating the popup child view. r=smichaud
772a4bb004ad52596004d4aaf3f0a7003041e4d5Chris Lord — Bug 797021 - Allow unsigned start parameter in NS_FOR_VISIBLE_BACKGROUND_LAYERS_BACK_TO_FRONT_WITH_RANGE. r=me
324d0fbac2fd588185ffdf37fcdddf92e47e7b3bChris Lord — Bug 797021 - Reftest for multiple background content/border box clipping. r=roc
da40e6f951472ad1aadd24da19dcf5dc425a9198Chris Lord — Bug 797021 - Fix border clipping with multiple background layers. r=roc
b92109c50c1c1b8ed754bc5a6e340da68f5c47e1Chris Jones — Bug 807142: Make containers for DisplayRemote behave like leaf layers when we're resolution-scaling. r=mattwoodrow
d74f2e8a34f260c15a4580f7d9a99b9146578d1cShu-yu Guo — Bug 807525 - Have append newlines when not present. (r=till)
8bf2f8cb5e73f166ee32153fd51820b27185c3b5David Anderson — Update Yarr to WebKit rev 130234 (bug 740015, r=dmandelin).
9b495a47e51d5de318b5ab9a841946434cb99259Luke Wagner — Bug 805294 - Don't use the RegExpShared cache to track all live RegExpShareds (r=billm)
728b0b12eb7fc32bbb32c8d017007e831a53a6c2Ben Turner — Bug 753981 - 'XHR in Web Workers bypasses Offline AppCache'. r=smaug.
1f3ee212a5f2ec4b98c231f3bcfc5168d24aa698Karl Tomlinson — b=807728 Finish() only Xlib old surfaces r=roc
9b5e96686b9b3d1aa5a76c0b9e2982b51a51915eAnthony Jones — Bug 802787 - Work around misreported stride. r=cpeterson
e17c3f1ca7e38478faac5ce5d75856d18c422cfeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
966f596586fd45f3be977e898f32a5977334710eAndrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 23: Replace LL_INIT and LL_UDIVMOD macros. r=ehsan
0829f3b5c51e6bd9e24bda412dc56665e1538cf1Mats Palmgren — Bug 805153 - Check with the focus manager if our *content* is already focused. r=roc
a718b68248eda3346c94c908634071467784f1ecMats Palmgren — Bug 806056 - Add a frame bit that says if a frame is allowed to have abs/fixed pos. children when the style so indicates (position/transform usually). Copy the bit to next-in-flows. Don't call MarkAsAbsoluteContainingBlock for style changes on an existing frame unless that bit is set (style changes that recreates the frame resets it of course). Assert in MarkAs[Not]AbsoluteContainingBlock() that the bit is set. r=bz
d15d35d7443b3b9e990dc87075d8a9b71245ba22Mats Palmgren — Bug 806056 - Make nsContainerFrame destroy abs/fixed pos. child frames unless a derived class already did so. Assert that there are no abs/fixed pos. child frames in nsFrame::DestroyFrom(). r=roc
2f8306353ae9c3f20f58272524f4b02d23003743Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 806283 - Split up and add native iterators to "object/misc" memory reports. r=jorendorff.
e43a2b8ee8400004348ce7efe61c9b6ae150944aSam Garrett — Bug 771554 - Removing autolog and having tps write-out results to JSON so that coversheet can handle them, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
505785fec80e701751bbf453a64357b50320f316Hannes Verschore — Bug 806793: disable hoisting shape guards after bailing because of a shape guard, r=jandem
8b5fa3dd0a07eb6cd77bfea064ba9ddd97899adfRyan VanderMeulen — Backout e35f252ca573 for mochitest-other orange.
54ef53ee4af9a9a56eee967c1943dd3f0ffed7f0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 807533 - Implement DelayNode; r=bzbarsky
a2351bf10a09e7be384064c94f806d9596af8509Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 807697 - Enable integer to float type coercion in the Web IDL parser; r=bzbarsky
745af560fd8025de4da99acbddcf5174b572f514Margaret Leibovic — Bug 807805 - Remove app.reportCrashes from b2g.js now that we have crash reporter settings in the UI. r=fabrice
7f272ec628b4303c88dff322b6cec53858d1c5f3Jim Chen — Bug 807544 - Add #ifdef to make XUL Fennec compile. r=gbrown
f3de00a4f93a300668b4a1b36664f4e2f7626be4Tobias Schneider — Bug 806780 - PathSkia::ContainsPoint should use SkPath::contains(x, y). r=jmuizelaar
724a3ec3ed48ee82246e17eaa20b8201df4f0794Jed Parsons — Bug 806605 - Replace loggedInEmail parameter with loggedInUser. r=benadida
7f8182a28d3fccbd1a6ed5d2e3071adf6998acbeAl Tsai — Bug 805539 - Prevent effect from default values and network geolocation provider. r=dougt
ded2002105413081671a27092d08682a8193c123Abhishek Rajput — Bug 693808 - Make number keywords in locationbar be searched as normal terms. r=jst
f818459666b292dbe2703e15009f5aef1bd89ffbOonishi Atsushi — Bug 282432 - XPCShell test. r=bz
b027df4ba1e8f2c1ade179f90bbb6cb70bf40861Oonishi Atsushi — Bug 282432 - Calling asyncOpen on a file channel should notify about file not found errors asynchronously instead of throwing from asyncOpen. r=bz
9268740945659fbd43cf25580c7baff9c8c9ecc2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
16772d0c770c53992f62a8790ce82ad5e03e1be8Matt Joras — Bug 798033 - Removes 'using namespace' from toolkit headers - r=bsmedberg
bb9c03d12542a6922d91bd398210b74078acc26fMatt Joras — Bug 798033 - Removes 'using namespace' from widget headers - r=roc