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Wed Jan 27 16:56:23 2010 +0000
ae8c17be01291e0ef83a6bbbd4e227aa6cba3671Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 541707 - semi-random failures in test_crashing2.html, probably due to interminism in the crash/crashreport/reload sequence
fe79e788d428e59b425603c0956e05914fccb9b5Chris Jones — IPC socketpair()s should be CLOEXEC (dup2() unsets the flag for the new fd in the child process). irc-r=bsmedberg
3a0f317aa4e9a3922a075ea3375a637ffd44f01eBenjamin Smedberg — Fix bustage from bug 542337, this function doesn't exist.
877d48ef5d8c311820397c6239ce248a4a4329f7Ben Turner — Bug 542337 - '[OOPP] hang in test_plugin_clipping2.xhtml'. r=jimm.
528c0d576acb05592fffa60fbed59e23bae92bc1Benjamin Smedberg — Add a timeout for test_plugin_focus in order for events to be delievered to asynchronous event loops, r=jimm
c6616d33ecb655a7ee7ec7fc3da0a4a9b2b5edc1Benjamin Smedberg — Fix typo in error-handling case that we rarely hit, r=trivial
5207354fa2fe66fcd3c44765555662bb8801f4cfJim Mathies — Bug 541362 - [OOPP] hang closing tab with Yahoo web messenger loaded. r=bent.
6a942d99ce1e3c78a19c877b4622be47eb4bfb8bJim Mathies — Bug 540052 - [OOPP] Test failure in test_plugin_focus.html. r=bent.
844ece3e9dfaf66aa14997a3e113d2123725e5ffBenjamin Smedberg — But 535564 part 3 - don't inherit leak/bloat log handles from parent to child processes on Windows: the Java plugin spawns a process which can remain after our Firefox/plugin processes are properly cleaned up, preventing the log files from being closed, r=jgriffin over IRC
d46a66a8c9176f4beb17def7ae95fffafc916b1bBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 540604 - silverlight doesn't work with OOPP because it doesn't set the stype outparam for NPP_NewStream, and relies on us initializing the value with NP_NORMAL, r=cjones
869030a735da35b28a9597cfe81bab3373e3e145Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 535564 part 2: only open the PID for short periods while we're writing to it, r=jgriffin